How to display your Antique rug as a wall hanging!

Obviously, any antique rug may be hung up on a wall, but a rug that doesn't weigh so much will be best. See, the issue that often arises with hanging a heavy antique rug is the toll it takes on the rug itself. The weft and warp of the carpet can start to be pulled by the rug's own weight over time, and your prized antique rug will become deformed. Oriental antique rugs, with their beautiful murals and silk are great to hang on your walls. An antique rug such as this, when in good lighting, will reveal the complicated artwork and design very nicely. This insures that your antique rug can be appreciated as much as it should be, all while keeping it away from the dirt and traffic on the floor!

As far as the hanging of your antique rug, there are two methods depending on the weight of the rug. The first way to go, for a light antique rug, is quite easy and effective. It's important to be sure to get a beefy round rod. Make sure it's solid and constructed of either wood or metal.  Take a strip of binding tape or fabric and sew a strip to the whole upper edge of your antique rug. Take care in using small stitches, and be sure they are catching the weft and warp of the antique rug with each stitch. Then, of course you put your rod through your sewn addition. Make sure that the rod is at least two inches longer than the overall width of your antique rug. Then, simply hang your rug on some wall brackets to have a great wall hanging.

Once you have found your very own unique and beautiful antique rug, of course you don't want it to face the daily challenge of being walked on and being at risk for spills. You want to hang your investment where all of it's beauty can still be observed all while being put out of harms way! Antique rugs have years of history and culture in them, and the skill and time that was put into the creation of the antique rug itself adds even more value. Hanging your antique rug out of harms way will keep it just as nice as the day you bought it for years and years to come.

The hanging of antique rugs has been a normal tradition in the Eastern world for centuries. Rugs have been displayed on palace, museum , and homes of Royalty's walls for quite some time now.

The second method will take more time but is still easy enough to do. We want to use this method for heavier antique rugs. Here, we want to sew our fabric or tape into three separate sections with a gap in between them. This method for a heavier antique rug allows for the rug to be held to the wall in three places instead of two for added support. However, you should still take heavier antique rugs down and let them lie flat from time to time so that those antique carpet fibers can work their way back where they should be after having to deal with being hung on a wall for any amount of time.

I hate to be the one to state the obvious, but NEVER sew in curtain rings to your antique rug, and NEVER just attach your antique rug to the wall with nails. This is damage to the rug that can't be replaces, plus will make the end of your carpet wavier and wavier as time goes on. The fabric or tape we added to our rug can be taken off with very, very little damage to the rug if you ever decided you wanted to.

Antique rugs should be displayed in full light areas, but not in the direct sun light where it can fade. This will keep your rug beautiful and vibrant for much longer, and provide years of use and appreciation of it's beauty!

The hanging of an antique rug is very easy, and can be seen as a preventative measure. It would be a shame for such a beautiful, and likely expensive, rug to have to deal with everything our floors do daily. Preserve the beauty, and take the time to properly hang them! You'll always be glad you did in the long run.

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Gypsy Willow profile image

Gypsy Willow 7 years ago from Lake Tahoe Nevada USA , Wales UK and Taupo New Zealand

Useful hub.I recently bought an antique rug that has curtain rings sewn to it , Ooops! I will have to fix it

Romani 2 years ago

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