How to efficiently use water during the summers sitting at your home

Simple Diagram to show Rain Water Harvesting
Simple Diagram to show Rain Water Harvesting | Source

With the growing population, it has been a matter of concern on how to conserve our water resources. The demand for fresh water has been increasing day-by-day, putting extra pressure on the available resources. There seems no way that the population is going to decrease or become stable therefore, there is an urgent need to conserve these water resources for future and use them wisely. Especially during summers, when there is shortage of water almost everywhere, we must take steps to conserve water. We can do it very well by taking just a few measures, sitting at home. All we need is a helping hand from our family members, some household things, (probably) a little investment and a little determination to do some good to the world.

1 drip
1/4 ml
1 liter
1 Liter
1 Gallon
3.785 Liter
10 Gallons
37.85 Liter

What can you do?

  • One small step, one big leap!
    You can start the revolution in your garden itself! Trees and plants are the best helpers to harvest water. You can plant ‘ground water level (or water table) of the nearby area. It is even said that it increases the water level in a circumference of about 50 meters! Besides this, it is also renowned for its medicinal qualities and for the treatment of diseases like malaria.
  • Prepare yourself!
    Before summers, make sure to change all the taps and faucets which continuously drip or leak water. If you can’t, then put a bucket or a tub under such taps. This really helps to save a considerable amount of water.
  • Reuse
    During summers, when we don’t have enough water to water our garden regularly. So, you can use the water from your kitchen. Like the water that we use to wash vegetables, can be collected in a bucket and given to plants in your garden.
  • Reduce

    Make a chart for summers, (depending on the daily water needs of your family) on how to distribute water amongst the family members so that you can make minimum sufficient use of water. For example, during summers, an average person needs about 6-8 liters of drinking water, 10-15 liters to take a one-time bath and so on. Compare the daily usage during the summers with the daily usage during the rest of the times. You’ll see how effective this plan can prove to be! This way you’ll definitely save a lot of water.

  • Recycle

    You can install a rain water harvesting system in your house. It is perhaps, the most efficient way to recharge ground water level. Contact a nearby agency which does such things and you can get this system installed at a really affordable price and it won’t even interfere in the charm of your house.

What all you should not do?

  • Avoid planting trees like Eucalyptus, because it decreases the ground water level of the area.
  • Don’t use the soap water to water the plants, because the detergent can harm them.
  • Don’t go for a car wash or don’t try doing it yourself at your home during summers. These things can be done even after summers, during monsoons, when there is plenty of water around.
  • Wash clothes only when you have lots of them. Fewer clothes washed several times will take more water (in ratio) as compared to more clothes washed once or less number of times.

The little things that you can give away

Meanwhile, you can do a lot good to others besides saving water. Uncountable numbers of birds die every year in summers due to thirst. You can keep a pot of water in your courtyard for the thirsty birds. You can also give a small share from your time to motivate and encourage your neighbors and others to save water. You can play some interactive and interesting games every weekend as who can come up with the smartest ideas of saving water. If you can do these small things, then you can definitely make a huge difference!

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BobMonger profile image

BobMonger 4 years ago from Carlin, Nevada USA

Great Hub! I live in Nevada, a very dry part of the USA with less than 10 inches of rainfall annually so using this natural resource wisely is of the utmost importance. You have some very good ideas that can be put to use here, although we don't have what one would call a "water table" except in a few very restricted areas. All in all a great piece of writing. Thanks!

Abhimanyu Singh92 profile image

Abhimanyu Singh92 4 years ago from Satna, Madhya Pradesh (India) Author

Thank you very Much Sir for taking time to read the hub and making this wonderful comment. I feel really glad that some random ideas that popped up in my mind turned out to be helpful to you. I feel that all of us can do this little favor to the environment and thus, ourselves by giving a small amount of time from our daily hustle and bustle to think over such ideas. I does not need any effort. Anything we can think, can turn out to be useful. :)

Thanks again, Sir.

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