How to fix Loose or Warped Doors

Fixing Loose Doors

With the constant opening of doors, the hinge screws will getting loose. Generally, the bolts are not long enough to grip the wood. This problem, if not resolved promptly, can lead to much bigger problems at the door as the wood around.

Before going to the store, you need to know how many bolts need to be replaced. Open the door and use a screwdriver (usually Phillips) to see which screws are loose at the hinges. Remove all loose bolts and see if the problem is caused by the screw being too short. If so, then this means that all the screws are small and should replace all.

To solve the problem, the best solution is to buy larger screws and a bit of metal mesh to put into the hole that already exists.

For replacement, no need to remove the door. Simply replace one bolt at a time and will have no problem. Use the Phillips screwdriver to remove a screw, cut a bit of metal mesh and insert it into the hole then just put the new bolt and tighten to the bottom. Repeat for all screws.

Fixing Warped Doors

With the change of seasons, there is a difference in difficulty in opening a few doors at home. With damp and wood doors may swell and cause the door warping. This problem can also be caused by poor installation.

If you already replaced the hinge screws and remove any excess ink that could be warping to your door, you'll have to resort to more drastic measures.

If the problem is at the top or side of the door, no need to remove it to solve your problem. But if the problem is at the bottom so it will be necessary to remove the door from its place.

To straighten a door will be necessary to sand the affected area. We recommend that you use sandpaper to facilitate electrical work.

With the door closed, examine the space between the door and wooden frame. If you find that there is an area where space is smaller, so that's where the door is getting stuck and that is the area that need sanding. With some masking tape, mark the area that needs to be sanded on the side of the door.

With the door open, place an old cloth under the door so that shavings and wood dust does not foul the rest of the division. Put something under the door to hold it in place. Now put your safety goggles and use sandpaper to sand the affected area. Be careful not to sand beyond the area marked with tape. After a little sanding, try again to open and close the door to see if the problem was solved. If you have not been, sand some more.

After you finish, wipe the door and apply some polish to the affected area to isolate the wood.

If the problem is at the bottom of the door, the process is similar. Just have to remove the door and sanding the affected area. Keep in mind that, with the door off the place, will not test the result and therefore should weigh up how much you need to sand.

And voila, you have the warped door problem solved. You can remove the cloth under the door and clean up.

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