How to grow Broccoli Plants from seed to transplants for in pots or in the garden.

Different Pictures of Broccoli. First picture Broccoli seedlings being grown for transplanting second a head of Broccoli and third a couple of Broccoli Florets

Young Broccoli Plants Seedlings for to transplant out to the garden.
Young Broccoli Plants Seedlings for to transplant out to the garden. | Source
A Broccoli Floret ready to be washed and cleaned. To be used in a recipe or to be used as a main dish in cooking your meal.
A Broccoli Floret ready to be washed and cleaned. To be used in a recipe or to be used as a main dish in cooking your meal. | Source
A Couple of Broccoli Florets cleaned and washed ready for to be used in cooking your main meal and using broccoli in one or more of your dishes.
A Couple of Broccoli Florets cleaned and washed ready for to be used in cooking your main meal and using broccoli in one or more of your dishes. | Source
A couple of broccoli spears cut fresh from the plant to be used in cooking a cukinary dish.
A couple of broccoli spears cut fresh from the plant to be used in cooking a cukinary dish. | Source

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How to grow Broccoli Plants from seed.

Hi Gardening Friends

Broccoli how to grow Broccoli Plants from seed.

Broccoli is a vegetable of the Cabbage Family.

Best Climate and Site; Zone 3 and warmer,

grows as a winter crop in mild -climate areas.

Where springs are cool, grow as a spring and fall crop;

other wise does best in the fall. Plant Broccoli in Full Sun.

What are the ideal growing conditions for Broccoli.

What you need is well drained soil with plenty of calcium:

pH 6.7 - 7.2.

Common Name: Broccoli

Botanical Name: Brassica oleracea Botrytis group Cruciferae.

6,000 to 9,000 seeds/oz (212 to 317/g), Germinates in 10 days at 70 degrees F (21C).

Cover seed lightly after sowing.

Broccoli a member of the Brassica spp. family is known as a cole crop, and it prefers cool temperatures in growing it. As a early spring and early summer cool weather crop as you can also in the late summer for a early fall crop. It has leafy stalks topped with flowerets which are best when dark green and the buds are tightly closed. You either love Broccoli or you don't but this is how you grow Broccoli from seed. First of all as always is to start with sterilized flats and a sterilized potting soil. That would be a good germinating mix. Take your flat and fill it half full with germinating mix and soak the soil and let the flat drain over night. If you have a greenhouse let it set on the propagating bench. If not let the flat drain in a laundry tub.

Now here are some Broccoli types that you can try from seed?

Now here are some Broccoli types that you can try from seed? Goliath,Captain,Ironman, and Packman. Take the packet of seeds of Broccoli and you can start them indoors during March or April it usually takes 6 to 8 weeks for the Broccoli plants to grow to set out into the garden. Now after you pick the type of Broccoli that you want to grow you can take the Broccoli seed packet and sow your seeds. After that you can cover the seeds with about a fourth of a inch of germinating mix than mist the entire flat. While the seeds are germinating don't ever let the seeds flats dry out keep them evenly misted until they germinate.

Either set the flat or flats on a Greenhouse Bench or on a propagating mat and a grow light in your house.

Either set the flat or flats on a Greenhouse Bench or on a propagating mat and a grow light in your house. You keep them at 60-70 degrees until they germinate in about 10 days. Then you can lower the temperature and when two sets of true leaves develop you can transplant them in cell packs and grow them on until they are big enough and then harden them off and when the weather gets warm enough you can plant them out into the garden. Water the transplants thoughly when you plant the transplants in the garden. Keep them well water until they are well establish. I hope you would contact me after you tried to grow your own Broccoli Plants from seed?

Here how to grow Broccoli in pots or containers.

If you are a apartment dweller or just live alone or are a senior citizen you can enjoy broccoli grow in pots or large containers. Here what you need to grow broccoli in a large container or pot. 3 gallons or larger pot or container and use Pro Mix soilless mix in the container. If you want to grow one in the pot. You could use a 3 gallon pot for that. You can use a even larger container if you would like to grow 3 broccoli plants in a larger container. Fill the pot with potting soil and plant the plants in the soil and water thoroughly. Now keep the soil evenly moist. After the plants are well establish then you can keep on the right track at growing the plants on to maturity and you will have the satisfaction of growing your own fresh broccoli for you and your family. You can also grow broccoli at different times doing the growing season so that you have a succession of fresh broccoli doing the entire growing season. You can start broccoli every six weeks so that you have a succession of fresh heads of broccoli from seed.

Here are different types of Broccoli that you can grow from seed.

Decicco Italian Sprouting-Italian multi-cut type,great for sprouting,long harvest period 48 days.60-70 degrees for it to germinate in 10 days.

Emerald Crown New variety from Sakata specifically bred for high quality and high yield crown cuts. Very uniform,tight heads with beads that are blue green. Nice compliment to Green Magic.95 days to harvest,60-70 degrees for it to germinate in 10 days.

Emerald Jewel A small beaded, smooth headed, clean stemmed, multi-use variety especially suited for crown cut. Performs best in summer/early fall harvest, maintaining head size and color.80 days to harvest, at 60-70 degrees for them to germinate in 10 days.

Ironman New Seminis variety that performes best during long day conditions. Good heat tolerance.Tight head with small dark green beads.harvest period 82 days 60-70 degrees for it to germinate in 10 days.

Packman F1 large,tight heads,side shoots, compact, 48 days to harvest, 10 days to germinate 60-70 degrees.

Premium Crop AAA,F1, fine texture 9 inches single heads. 58 days until harvest, 10 days to germinate at 60-70 degrees.

Here is a Cream of Broccoli Soup recipe.
First of all you can raise your own broccoli and use it to make your soup or you can go to your local farmers market or grocery store to get fresh broccoli florets to make this broccoli soup.This is a very old recipe of Broccoli Soup that was handled down to my mother from her mother my grandmother. I have made this soup and I did it in a crock pot and I left it cook for many hours on low. It doesn't say on the recipe to cook it in a crock pot put the recipe is older than crock pots. So I have done it and it does work so I think if you want to use a crock pot for the soup you can. And you can use frozen broccoli florets that is cut up that you get at the grocery store. If you don't have fresh. I think you will enjoy this broccoli and cheese soup recipe and hope you try it.

Here is the Broccoli and Cheese Soup Recipe.
11/2 Lbs of chopped up Broccoli florets If you don't have fresh you can use frozen Broccoli Florets that you froze from your own home grown garden.

1/2 cup finely chopped onions

4 tablespoons of butter

4 tablespoons of flour

11/2 tablespoons cornstarch

4 cups Chicken Stock

4 cups of milk

1 cup cooked chopped carrots

1 cup cooked chopped celery

Chopped Parsley

1/8 teaspoon paprika

1/2 Lb. package American Cheddar Cheese, finely cut shedded cheese.

Saute onions in butter until tender and glassy. Add flour and cornstarch, blending well . Add stock and milk gradually, stirring constantly. When boiling, add carrots,celery,paprika and cheese. Cook over low heat until cheese is melted. Add salt,if necessary. Serve hot with finely chopped parsley. If you want to do the soup in a Crock Pot you can by putting all the ingredients in the Crock Pot and set it on low and let it cook for a number of hours. Until the vegetables are all cooked and tender. And now you can sit down and eat your soup and enjoy it.

Broccoli with Hot Butter or Hollandaise Sauce recipe.

Cooking Broccoli florets in a rapidly large amout of boiling salt water for 10 minutes in lower half of double boiler leaving part of the broccoli florets uncovered. Cover with inverted upper half of double boiler,and let cook for 15 minutes to steam the broccoli florets. Then you can pour melted butter or Hollandaise Sauce over the cooked broccoli. You can serve it that way.

Hollandaise Sauce recipe.


1/2 cup butter

2 to 3 eggs yolks

1 tablespoon lemon juice

A few grains cayenne pepper.

1/4 teaspoon salt

1/2 cup boiling water

With a wooden spoon, rub the butter to a cream, add the yolks one at a time. Beat well, add the lemon juice, salt and pepper. About 5 minutes before serving add the boiling water , and stir rapidly. Cook over water or in double boiler stirring constantly until it thickens.

Hollandaise Sauce


1/4 teaspoon crushed white pepper.

1/4 cup of water.


2 tablespoons vinegar.

4 yolks of eggs.

1 cup sweet butter.

Juice of half a lemon.

Boil vinegar,pepper and water until reduced to half its volume. To sweeten butter,

place in bowel, cover with cold water,and wash using a spoon. Divide butter into 3 parts; put 1 part in saucepan with yolks of eggs and lemon juice, place over boiling water,stir constantly with a wire whisk until butter is melted. Add second piece of butter and as it thickens, the third piece. Add the vinegar,pepper and water, cook 1 minute and add salt.

These recipes are ones that haves been past down though my family from generation to generation. I hope you try the above recipes and let me know if you enjoy them? I have eaten them many of times and always enjoyed them. And this is a great way to use up your broccoli that you have grown in your own garden.

Gardener Den

Comments 43 comments

Michele Campbell 7 years ago

I have tiny broccoli plants started from seeds, they seem to be very flimsey? Is this okay? Thanks

Donna Regan 7 years ago

Michelle, I actually came on looking for the same answer :-) I have a dozen or so plants started from seed and they are about 4 inches long but droop over and don't stand up...very spindley. Is this just what they are supposed to look like and will they be okay for planting in a month or so? I live in SE Michigan.


Adam  7 years ago

I have the same problem. My plants shot right out of the potting soil but are very tall and thin. Is this ok? is this normal?

gardener den profile image

gardener den 7 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

To Michelle,Donna and Adam What is wrong with your Broccoli seedling is that you didn't give them enough sunlight when they were coming up or germinating. But how you all three can correct this problem is when you transplant your broccoli seedlings put them down deeper in the pot or pack that you are planting them in. Transplant them just right below the seedling leaves. Hope this helps.

Me 7 years ago

If you're starting the seeds under an artificial light you need to keep them as close to the light as possible. With insufficient light they always grow long and spindly.

Rebecca 7 years ago

I couldnt find directions on how many seeds to plant in each pod so I planted several and now there are about 6-8 individual plants in each pod.Im worried that they are draining each others nutrients should I thin them out to only one stem?

chuffy 7 years ago

A lot of places' winter sunlight is just not strong enough, southern exposure or not. Using fluorescent lights, the plants should be within a couple of inches of the lights, and the lights need to be on between 14 and 18 hours a day. You should thin them to one seedling per pod.

kathiresh 7 years ago

i planned to grow broccoli..please explain the step by step instruction for growing the broccoli..please reply to my mail.." "

Elle 6 years ago

I want to start broccoli seeds in a little plastic unheated greenhouse. Do I have to wait until it gets a certain temperature out or can I start them in March or April, as you suggested? I live in Michigan and it still gets below freezing in March and sometimes April.

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Elle

Well what you can do is start your broccoli seeds in your house and transplant them when they start to get their true leaves that is when the leaves start to look like broccoli plants. Then later they can be placed in your greenhouse when there is no more low temperatures? Hope this helps you?

Gardener Den

Paul 6 years ago

I just built a greenhouse and started some broccoli from seed. I have both lighting and heating mats. I planted the seeds on 3/11 and some are starting to emerge. Some of the seedlings look like they are burnt. My question is should I be using the heating mats since this is a cool weather crop?

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Paul

Thank You for the question. You don't need to grow broccoli on a heat pad. But I don't know what your greenhouse is made out of plastic,glass or what. I think the sun haves gotten to your broccoli seedling and that could be your problem. i don't know were you live but if the sun is hot now it will burn your seedling. What to do is get some KOOL RAY WHITE SHADING for greenhouse glass. Or shade your seedlings when the sun s out. With anything that you can fine.Like another plastic flat and take the broccoli plants off of the heat pad.

Paul 6 years ago

I didn't give you much info did I? Sorry! I live in Central Ohio. My Greenhouse is made from polycarbonate. The last couple of weeks have been in the 50's and 60's here and the sun has been doing it's job too. I try to keep the temp around 70 during the day but I'm not heating at night, other than the heat mats. It's been getting into the upper 40's at night recently and I was afraid that was too cold for the seedlings. I'll try your solution and see how that affects things. Also I have the seedlingsplanted in the flats with the plastic domes. Should I remove the domes during the day before covering? They seem to be maintaing a lot of condensation? Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Thank you for what you have already suggested.

Carrie 6 years ago


I just started germinating several vegetables in one of those little, plastic greenhouses that you can buy at a hardware store. It's only been three days and the broccoli has started to sprout. I'm a bit confused as to whether it's supposed to be in sun at this stage or away from the sun. I don't want the stems to be "spindly" as some have said theirs are like and I also have a few that sprouted a yellow color...meaning too much sun? I live in Western, PA and the greenhouse is inside around 65 degrees. I am a first time gardenener and have managed to kill bamboo in the past. Please help! :)

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Paul

Thank You for following up on your question.Well if the temperature goes below 40 degrees at night time you should keep the heat pad on the broccoli. For Broccoli I believe

that 70 in the day time is a little to hot for the broccoli.

remember Broccoli is a cool weather crop. I hope this helps you. Let me know how things are going for you. What kind of Broccoli are you growing? What variety of Broccoli?


Gardener Den

Hi Carrie

Thank You for your question.I think you should take the Broccoli out of the greenhouse and also out of the direct hot sun. Remember what I told Paul that the Broccoli is a cool weather crop so in the 50's is the best temperature for Broccoli.

Read my other answers to the questions that I gav the other people that asked questions.

Thak You for asking me your question. Let me know how you do with the Broccoli. You and paul can both email me back.

Thank You

Gardener Den

Paul 6 years ago

My broccoli is called Premiun Blend from Harriss Seeds in New York. I'll let you know how things progress. Thanks again!

Mathew  6 years ago

Hello den

I am a first time gardener and i thought brocoli would be nice to plant i have them currently indoors in a small sort of greenhouse they are in a bay window which gets lot's of sun and the temperature is about 4-7 degrees celsius i was wondering if there is anything i should know or have to worry about


Mathew  6 years ago

sorry i made a mistake the temperature is about 10-14 degrees celsius my mistake.


gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Mathew

Thank You for contacting me. I would watch the broccoli plants if the heat goes up in the bay window. Because

broccoli likes it cool not hot. Don't let the plants get to tall. If they get to tall you will have to transplant them. Hope this helps you?

Gardener Den

Mathew 6 years ago

Hello again i wanted to tell you that the plants are getting pretty tall so i am thinking about transplanting them i have only had them indoors for 6 days and i dont know if it would be a good enough temperature to transplant them. can they survive a light frost or some light snow? i live in ontario so the weather is unpredictable and if i cannot transplant them what can i do to make them stop getting so long

Thanks, Mathew

Mathew  6 years ago

also what happens if they get to tall?

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Mathew

What you need to do is transplant your broccoli seedling in deeper pots putting the seedling deeper in the pots so that they are not as tall. Don't put them outside because being young they will freeze. I hope I helped you.

Gardener Den

Mathew  6 years ago

Thank you ALOT you are very helpful and you might have saved my broccoli

Thanks, Mathew

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Mathew

Would you let me know how your broccoli is doing?

Also you said that you live in Ontario Canada.

Well I went to college at the University of Guelph

Did you ever hear of that University?

Thank for letting me help you. If you have any more questions just ask and I hope I can help you.

Thanks Gardener Den

Mathew 6 years ago

My broccoli plants are doing fine I transplanted them to individual pots with lots of room and they are doing fine. And yes, I know the university of Guelph I used to live right near Guelph I lived near Kitchener

Naik Rushang 6 years ago

hi this is rushang from india i want to grow broccoli ..and this is for first time i am doing so india summer i about to start and temprature here wont come under 30 degree celsius what do you insist me to do ..i do not mind making greenhouse but guide me how to grow it from seeds.

Dstiteler profile image

Dstiteler 6 years ago from cypress, Tx

Awesome.. I'm going to do this! I love broccoli!

check out my hub?

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Naik Rushang

All you have to do is read my hub on how to grow broccoli from seed. If you have any problems let me know and I will try to help you.

Thanks for contacting me.

Gardener Den

gilles 6 years ago

i plant seed in row (one small enveloppe)

now i have like a hundred little thing with 2 leaves

do i transplant them separetely

thouth i would have about 20 plant

or do i plant many of them

or do i have to wait they get bigger

it seem it is very tight

thank you

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Gilles

Thank You for emailing me about your broccoli seedling.

I wouldn't transplant them until they got their true leaves then I would transplant in bigger pots or containers.

Hope this helps you

Gardener Den

ellie 6 years ago

i have some very spindly broccoli plants and i have read above so i know the best way to transplant them, what i now want to know is, if i plant them outdoors now will i still get a crop this year or would you say that i have left it too late, hope to hear some feed back soon as i am really wanting to know, thank you, Ellie, from York.

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi ellie

You can still start broccoli from seed. and transplant it outside.

gardener den

Kathy 6 years ago

Hi there, I am new at gardening and have decided to plant broccoli, my plants are tall and spindly and the small buds are turning into flowers faster then I can cut them down. I have a few plants that are just huge leaves they all came out of the same pkg. of organic broccli seeds can you tell me what is going on

gardener den profile image

gardener den 6 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Hi Kathy

You didn,t say were do you live?

Its most likely the weather. IS it very hot were you are? So let me know what is your weather conditions?

mistie 6 years ago

Gardener Den,

Hi there, I was hoping to get some guidance on my broccoli attempt. I live in SW Florida, and was advised Oct.was ideal time for planting broccoli here. I have a raised garden in the back with broccoli, bush green beans, tomatoes, and basil (soon I will be planting spinach :) )

Any who, my question.... I planted my broccoli, in a single row... 1'+ apart, about 6-7 seeds each. Within days they broke ground. When do I thin? Do I thin them down to just one? Any advice will be helpful as I am fairly new to gardening veggies, especially here in FL.

:) Mistie

Alesia 5 years ago

Now I know why mine are spindy too. I just tried a little molding around the ones in the open soil this morning. Take your advise to plant them deep in transplanting. I also have some in a tray that come out the same way. Thanks this was helpful.

Brant Addy 5 years ago

I started broccoli, cauliflower and kohlrabi indoors last year and also had tall spindly plants. Most survived, but this year I am trying something different- tell me if its okay.

I sterilized some of the soil from the garden and them mixed it 50:50 with potting soil. I then filled the flats half full with the mixture, and planted the seeds. They sprouted in about 3-4 days, and are already getting tall and spindly. (I wonder if the patio door they sit in front of is low-e and is blocking the UV spectrum they need?) So I plan on getting an aquarium florescent to suspend over them 12-16 hrs a day.

But as to my question, since I only filled the flats half full with my soil mixture (These are just the small 6-pack type flats), my plan was to sprinkle more soil around the stems so as to firm up the plant as it grows taller. Good idea, or not?

Heathcote 5 years ago

i planted my broccoli seeds in pots on my windowsill and covered them in paper like the instructions said and they shot straight out and even when i took the paper off so they were exposed to the light they kept growing up. so they are about 4/5 inches tall with two little leaves at the top and are falling over as they are so spindly, there are about 30 per 9cm pot and I am not sure how to fix them, please help. thanks

ps i live in england and its cold so dont know when to transplant them outside or should i put them into pots first?

Andrew 5 years ago

I was just wondering the amount of time before transplanting from a flat to a larger container? I live in northern Alberta and a late may snow fall isn't unusual.

perchprism 5 years ago

Hi. I grew broccoli this Spring and (for the first time ever) didn't have any cabbage worms. These broccoli were from sets from the hardware store, and I don't remember the brand. Anyway, unlike past broccoli, these put out just a single, large central head, without side shoots. I left one of them alone, to see the entire cycle of the broccoli plant.

This single plant went to seed, and eventually started putting out side shoots, which have also flowered and gone to seed. The pods are about 2" long and look like miniature green beans. I just opened up one of them and it had a single black seed in it.

My plan is to wait until Fall and plant Fall brocolli. I'm in North Carolina near Raleigh. When the lima beans are done (we call them butterbeans), I'll till up that area of the garden for broccoli. But I've never done broccoli in the Fall before, and have never grown them from seed. The lima beans will be done by the end of July, I'm guessing, so the question I have is all about the timing.

Right now it's 90 degrees out, and has been in the 90's every day for a few weeks now. It'll stay in the 90's throughout the Summer and probably into early September. The first frost is about the last week of October. I wonder should I start the seeds now in a Jiffy planter? They would be about a month old when I could transplant them into the garder (after the lima beans are done). They would have to endure a hot month of August in the garden, but there is a little shade provided by a pecan tree. Should I wait another month and put them out at the end of August ( could start the seeds a month later at the end of July).

Another concern I have is that the seeds may not germinate if they are from a hybrid variety. Thanks in advance.

clyde carter 5 years ago

I planted brocilli and cauliflower in the ground. none cmaeup not one also spinish nothing. I planted mustard greens at the same time, they all came up, What did I do wrong covered every thing with 1/2 soil what did I do wrong? i am in north florida.

Anne Harrison profile image

Anne Harrison 2 years ago from Australia

Great hub - not to mention the comments. I learnt a lot just from reading your answers. Thanks, and looking forward to getting back in the garden once the heat fades a little (summer in Australia can be tough on veggies)

gardener den profile image

gardener den 2 years ago from Southwestern, Pennsylvania Author

Anne Harrison Thank You for commenting on my hub hope you keep reading because I am upstating all my hubs so come back often Gardener Den.

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