How to make GREAT coffee with a French press (press pot)

1. Make sure that your equipment is clean.

2. Boil the kettle. Rinse out the Plunger with hot water to warm. Then depending on the size add coffee ( 2 desert spoons per large pot is good for me) Add the water to the coffee.  use the dessert spoon to stir coffee 3 times in one direction then 3 times in the other direction.

3. Heat the cups with the boiling water. Also a nice touch is to heat the milk in the microwave.

4. After five minutes press the plunger down on the coffee. Then prepare each cup as you would like.

I always store my coffee grounds in the freezer as I dont use very much and it takes me ages to get through. Keeping it in the freezer allows me to keep it longer.

I also pour the used coffee grounds on my garden as the plants love it (when they are cooled) and it doesnt block the drain.


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