How to paint a metal roof

Painting metal roofs

paint metal roofs
paint metal roofs | Source

Tips for prepping a metal roof for paint

Just a few years ago, painting metal roofs was not an option at all. In fact, the way to get your home looking new again was to replace the faded metal with new metal. That was very expensive and time consuming.

The problem was also that the faded metal was still in excellent condition for protecting the house from snow, ice and rain, it just looked ugly.

how to paint a faded metal roof
how to paint a faded metal roof | Source

Cleaning the metal

The most important thing that can be done to make sure the paint doesn't peel off after just a short time is to clean the metal thoroughly. If you drag your finger across the metal, you'll notice a rusty layer of oxidation. This needs to be removed before the paint will stick to the surface.

power washer

You can use a power washer to save time, but you'll need to make sure that it gets all the oxidation sediment off the metal.

washing metal roof

The best way to make sure the roof gets really clean is to scrub it by hand with a stiff bristle brush and detergent. This is a pain, but it is a lot easier and cheaper than buying a new roof.

metal roof paint

I like to use Sherwin Williams Duration brand paint. It's one of the best types of roof paint I've seen yet. By the way, No paint vendor will guarantee the outcome of the paint for roofs. They will even try to talk you out of it sometimes. If the surface is clean and dry though, the paint will do just fine.

painting metal roofs

painting metal roofs
painting metal roofs | Source

roof paint

The metal roof paint should keep the roof looking new for about five years and then will need to be repainted.

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