Sell your House fast: Set it out from the rest! Top Selling Tips

How buyers see your Home is important

Simple example of clutter, the way this home is staged doesn't show off the room.  The furniture is a major distraction.  Hard to navigate as well.
Simple example of clutter, the way this home is staged doesn't show off the room. The furniture is a major distraction. Hard to navigate as well.

Tips to uncluttering your home.

Home buyers will view your house differently than you

When you get ready to sell your house, whether upgrading or downgrading, it can be exciting. The thought of the extra cash, moving into a new home, or even a new city can have you giddy. Obviously, to get to that point though, you have to sell your current house. When you sell your home, it can make the life you live uncomfortable and feel unnatural. Sometimes just thought of strangers walking through your house with your possessions still in it is enough to make your skin crawl. This can be just one of the stressors involved in selling your home. One stressor you should focus on, is allowing potential buyers to see is a little of your house as possible. What? Okay, to see as little of your house possessions as possible.

I have compiled a couple of tips to begin the process to stage every room of your house. This will help you present your home to potential buyers in a way that will make you comfortable. Most of all, allow the potential buyers to see themselves moved into your home without the distraction of your everyday lives throughout the house. Let's face it, there is a way your house looks everyday and the way you want present your house when you have visitors. Sure, there are small minority of people that don't live this way. But I would imagine they would not be searching for this kind of material on the Internet, LOL :).

How you Live in your Home should be different from what you want buyers to see.

When you purchase a new car you choose your favorite make and model. You then go to the car lot or some other venue and find that car. Then you get inside the car and smell the newness of the car and then tell yourself this is the one. As an experienced home buyer myself, the last thing I want to see when I walk into a house that I'm interested in buying, is a house that looks lived in. Sorry, it is the truth and I'm not in the minority here. Don't get me wrong, I am not a perfectionist. My house looks lived in, yeah, there are areas of my house that I could unclutter. The point is, I'm not trying to sell my home. So when a home buyer comes in your house, believe it or not, they want to see as little of your stuff as possible. Bare minimum! Even if they absolutely love the house, it can be hard to look past all of your possessions and envision themselves living in your house. The first time I tried it, I found it very hard to separate my life from my house. Training course to stage your home to sell fast.

Unclutter = Sold fast

Your house may be the most gorgeous one on the block.  The set up on the inside will make or break a deal.
Your house may be the most gorgeous one on the block. The set up on the inside will make or break a deal.

A couple examples of this are: I'm perfectly fine with having projects scattered around my garage, and sometimes house. However, if I'm trying to sell my home, I could lose potential buyers. The same goes for the different drop-off areas in that house for shoes. The endless cycle of laundry not to mention, the folded laundry in the basket, begging to be carried back to the bedroom. All the appliances scattered across your kitchen counter-top that looks like you stayed up late one night watching the Home Shopping Network and purchased every gadget. When staging your house to sell, buyers don't want to see your everyday lives. Especially in this day and age where HGTV and all those other real estate network channels show the perfectly stage homes like no one has ever lived in them. Then, excited after watching one of those shows, a home buyer goes out looking for homes and never sees one like they saw on TV. They see your house, and maybe you are not ready for them to come. Sometimes the home buyer is standing in the middle of your living room and 10 min. before, you are minding your own business eating Italian sausage with peppers and onions, watching your favorite TV show. My hope with these home staging tips is that you're able to live in such a way that you could show your house to a potential buyer on a moment's notice. Home buyers need to see their dream when they walk into your home, not your dream.

Bridge the gap between your home and its potential buyer

To do this, find a brand-new home that has no one living in it yet. Get the feel for how a brand-new home should look. Notice how spacious they are, when selling your home you want to show off your space and not your taste. Just because someone's interested in purchasing your home doesn't mean your interior design is of the same taste as well. Notice how clean different areas of the house are, the outside of the house. Take notes, write down anything that sticks out about the house, whether good or bad. How does it feel to walk through the front door, the first thing that comes to mind? Was it bright in the rooms or dark and gloomy? Could you see yourself living there? Do you feel like you're on the HGTV show or are you finding yourself hurdling clunky furniture left and right?

You have to have the same mindset when staging your home to sell fast. This first tip is about how your buyer sees your home. So, you may need to find a good friend and ask them to walk in your home. Have them tell you the first thing that comes to mind when they see the inside of your home.

Set your Closet free from clutter!

Simple example of a cluttered closet that can be a block to selling your house fast.
Simple example of a cluttered closet that can be a block to selling your house fast.

Sofa Storage to hide your clutter from home buyers

Mimic the design of your homemade sofa with this one! Waring Crafty people only LOL :)
Mimic the design of your homemade sofa with this one! Waring Crafty people only LOL :)

How to sell your House fast: Tip #2 Save your closet from your clothes, promote the space!

What is the first thing you look for when you walk in to buy a new house? If you're like most people your answer has something to do with the amount of space in the house. Most the time when people move they are worried about one thing when it comes to the house. "Is my stuff going to fit in this house?" There may be able to afford the home, but if they can't picture of their belongings sitting in the available storage spaces at the new home then it won't get purchased. This can be a major block for people trying to sell their house fast. So, what you want to do is present your storage spaces in your house in a way that promotes the spaciousness of them. No matter how small or large. If your stuff looks crammed into the closets and other storage areas, then that is exactly how they're going to picture their stuff! CRAMMED!

The homebuyers that come by to look at your home need to see the spaciousness of your closets. Now, if you have a small closet, then, you just have a small closet. I mean, I guess it is possible to go ahead and remodel your entire closet, starting with the drywall. Most people don't want to put that kind of money into their home, especially if they are trying to sell it. The popular phrase "the hand is quicker than the eye" comes to mind. You do this by promoting the space, so the potential home buyer can picture their clothes or belongings in the closet.

Room by room and closet by closet: Keep them clutter free | Sell your home Fast

The bedroom closets can be the most aggravating closets to stage. A lot of times our bedroom closets are our lifeblood. Our clothes, shoes, belts, ties, and depending on the size, the woman's dressing room. If you can hang in there and stage your bedroom closet to promote the space then your house will be sold fast. Life will then go back to normal in your brand-new home. When speaking of clutter, keep the bare minimum in your closets, clothes that you're not going to wear, and shoes as well (two pair max). Only wear clothes that you can pull out of your dresser, this may require ironing more than normal :). This reminds me of my time in the military at basic training. We had to keep our locker and our two dresser drawers displayed with certain items. Shirts, towels, socks, and underwear had to be folded and measured so that they fit perfectly in the drawer. I caught on pretty quick that I didn't want to measure my underwear every night. So, I hung up my uniform and made sure all the clothes in my laundry bag were clean. The only clothes that I wore came out of my laundry bag, clean of course. I didn't want to disturb the display that I had worked on for hours. The same should go for your closet spaces. Stage the closet to look like it has more room for storage.

Clutter Free Closet | House sold!!

Make even the smallest closet look like it has the space on this one! Ok maybe not, but show off your closet's space to potential buyers at all cost! No matter where that closet may be!
Make even the smallest closet look like it has the space on this one! Ok maybe not, but show off your closet's space to potential buyers at all cost! No matter where that closet may be!

Clutter Free Closets help will sell your house fast

Closet clutter can be a monster of a task

This is where garage sales can come in handy, heck open an eBay account if you don't have one and just start getting rid of some stuff. Obviously, not everything but if you would admit it, there are a few things that you could get rid of and not even miss. The hoarder in all of us might not like it. If you don't want to sell anything because that hoarding spirit has a grip on you, then you might want to find the storage space away from home to keep your stuff. I prefer to make money off my extra belongings rather than spend money to store them. To each his own. Either way one thing is for sure you have to promote the space of your closet and that is going to involve some staging on your part.

Use tips in video to right to help free the clutter in your closet>>>>>

If you have a spare room, you can stage it by making a long homemade sofa. This long homemade sofa should have a drape or a blanket of some sort going from the seats to just above the floor. If you chose to keep most of your stuff that you pulled the closets. You can now store them in plastic containers and hide them under this homemade sofa. The legs of the sofa would only be on either end. This gives the illusion of a sofa when really it's just the bench. If you can be creative enough this may be all you need to promote your space by reading the clutter in your closets.

As I said before, keep the bare minimum in the closets. If you can avoid it, don't even use the stuff in your closet. The closets in the hallway should be kept as bare as possible. The best case scenario would be not having anything in the hallway closets. The purpose of this closet clutter blitz is to promote the space as I have said before. One of the biggest turnoffs when a potential home buyer walks into a house is the fact that they can't even see the back of the closet. This is important to know so they can gauge how much space is there. Nobody will purchase a home without knowing that they're moving truck full of belongings will fit in that house. Set your closets free from clutter, and take one step closer to selling your house fast.

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