How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

My biggest enemy, These are very tiny Florida ghost ants.
My biggest enemy, These are very tiny Florida ghost ants.

How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally

The battle is on. I am sick and tired of ants this summer. I spent a day doing research and I found some great methods on How To Get Rid Of Ants Naturally.

Living in SW Florida we have ants, and lots of them. I have at least 3 different typs that have taken over my home. Ghost ants, Fire ants and Bull ants.

First let me say We keep a very clean house. There are never any dirty dishes or food left out. In fact ( don't laugh) but I don't even throw food in the garbage. I freeze any trash with food on it until garbage day.

But still we have ants. They come for the water or anything else they can find. I mean anything. Cough drops, gum, toothpaste, a spot of tomato sauce that splashed while cooking. One night we had hundreds of bull ants coming out of a bedroom outlet. It was like something you would see in a movie. I sprayed and taped up all the outlets in the house. Didn't sleep too good that night.

I was buying terro ant bait and it seemed to help even though they ate it like candy and still kept coming. I got to be expensive after a while.

I spent the day learning about ant and came up with some great cheap natural ways to get rid of ants.

First I cleaned everything especially the counter tops and bathroom with vinegar and water, place some in a spray bottle and use it to clean. Ants hate the stuff and it destroys there invisible trails they leave behind. They leave a trail so other ants can follow it.

Next I went to the grocery store and bought some Borax. Take 2 table spoons of borax, 2 cups of sugar and 1 cup of water. Place the mix in a pan and boil it for 3 minutes. It will reduce down and become clear and thick when it cools, Looks just like Terro ant bait.

Put some in a small lid or just place some dime sized blobs where ever you see ants. They love the stuff. After I placed mine within 5 min. I had a steady stream of ants coming to get it. I just checked a spot I did outside and they are all over it.

It will not kill them right away. The idea is for them to take it back to there queen and it will kill her. No more ants!

I will update this in a few days to see how successful I was. The war is on....

If anyone know of any other natural ways to get rid of ants, leave a comment.

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Toni CyanBrock profile image

Toni CyanBrock 9 years ago from Princeton

Yes, please let us know.

Jetman profile image

Jetman 9 years ago Author

My results so far - The first day I put out my mixture the ants swarmed all over it in minutes. The next day I did not see one ant.

In the past few day I have seen a few so I just put out some more homemade ant bait. I will see what the long term results are.

Rema 9 years ago

Boiling water into the ant hole seems to help for a short term, maybe a week, and then they return. New Mexico

Jetman profile image

Jetman 9 years ago Author

I'll have to try that outside, My biggest problem is in the house.

So far my homemade ant bait is really working well. Once in a while I will see a few, nothing like before though.

Shevy 9 years ago

Thanks I am gonna give this a shot--thanks so much!

Mimi 9 years ago

THANK YOU!! After months of war with ghost ants, expensive baits and toxic sprays, this worked. In less than 2 weeks the ants were gone.

Car 9 years ago

Well, I'm on O'ahu and I'm giving it a try; I'll let ya know! Is it safe to eat out of the pan after you have boiled the borax in it?

Jetman profile image

Jetman 9 years ago Author

Well I ate out of the pan I used, Cleaned it very well of course. Didn't get sick.

Would like to know what others think.

BlueAussie 8 years ago

borax is poisenous to animals, I would not use it. Cinnamon keeps them away, but does not kill them

Luis 8 years ago

I'll try the borax...since it is poisenous to animals ( ants are animals too) and I don't have any pets so it should be safe

SANDIE FROM oREGON 8 years ago


Jetman profile image

Jetman 8 years ago Author

I heard cornmeal works good too for bigger ants.

Rhonda 8 years ago

I live in an area much like Florida....Mississippi. We have ants too during the summer. With the last few days being warm..... LOTS OF THEM!

I have 2 stray cats that I feed, and the ants come to their food. What is natural that I can use, since borax is harmful to cats. Also, what suggestions do you have for just spraying your yard? Thanks

Jim 8 years ago

Try Raid ant control.

Anita 8 years ago

Ive heard that either baking powder OR soda works... im not sure which one... it works because the ants cant release gas, so when it gets in their stomach the stomach just blows up?? anyone else heard of this?

I live in Canada, and have a yoga studio, and the ants are all over the front desk!! this is not acceptable, people haven't said anything yet, but its a problem. ive researched it a bit and think they are argentine ants. is the borax solution okay for this type of ant also?

Rob 8 years ago

i used instant grits, and after a day, all gone. just kick over the pile, and sprinkle the grits on top.

matt 8 years ago

i live in canada and have lots of brown ants in my house during this time of year, im gonna try this and take out these guys!

Avikash 8 years ago

I live in Fiji. I have lot of red ants in my house. Gets into food and stuff. Few times even got in my towel and bit me after shower. Mortein spray and hit line chalks kills them but no good way yet. Very annoying.

Johnny 8 years ago

Have a problem in my yard.

So reading about it I'm gonna combine the boiled sugar and borax with corn meal and plce it on the beds and see how it works outside.

Strange but I have none inside.

kr8zee06 8 years ago

what really works for me is air fresher. try it , it really works just spray where you see ants and keep on spraying for at least a day and i promise they go away, but they always try to keep on coming through other places. also, try pepper they hate it! also works

linda madsen 8 years ago

i have ant holes all over my back yard, i have tried a few ant baits not working.

what should i do other then calling someone and paying alot of money i don't have

Niksa 8 years ago

I have ant hole all over the side of my house. we dont want to kill them directly with boiling water or pesticides because we are afraid that they will dig deeper and go into our cold room in the basment. Its already happened once. Please help

sabrina 8 years ago

I use baby powder works well and safe for our daughter and dog.

MRS JAYDA 8 years ago


miss daisy 8 years ago

well i didn't have any corn syrup and didn't do the water and sugar boiling, but i sure used the borax and pancake syrup, put around my kitchen sink and wow are they sure coming out to feast, I hope it works keeping my fingers crossed :}

miss daisy 8 years ago

eureka ! it worked major change from 100's to about a dozen i saw thru out the day, day two going to clean counters with bleach oh want to mention that they hate the scent of bleach when i started to clean the counters, the ants ran for their lives lol.

Sammy 8 years ago

im boiling the sugar and borax now... i hope it works... i got bitten a few times.. and i cant stand it!!!

Debbie 8 years ago

I live in Ft Worth TX. Any suggestions for outside ants runing rampant? No major hills. I have a koi fish pond. Don't want anything with chemicals that might end up in pond. We have frogs that jump in and out of pond. We can't sit enjoy the pond with all the ant bites! HELP!

Lorena 8 years ago

I live in San diego CA, and this past wk i've had ants everywere, today I woke up to find them in my upstairs bathroom. In the kitchen i had to put cereals and others things in ziplocks. i've been gething rid of them with counter top clorox cleaner and it works but they seem to be traveling to other parts. I HATE THEM Im calling an exterminator tommorrow.

Tammyporta 8 years ago

We have leaf cutter ants!! I live on a dune off of the gulf coast and the cutter ants will strip my plants in an evening if I don't keep them heavily dusted with Ortho. It works as long as I keep up the dusting, but, it's time consuming, expensive and it looks as though it has snowed. It's hard to enjoy the flowers through the dust. Any suggestions?? ANY are appreciated!!!

E.J. 8 years ago

This works very well....If you have pets try this....Take a plastic Bottle and cut the bottom off, then trim the edges of the cut a little to leave small rises and falls along the edge so the ants have a way to enter it from the floor, place some of the ant bait in the lid of the bottle cap, place this on the floor and place the bottle bottom over the top of the bait, then place a heavy item on top to keep your pets out and away from the bait. (I used an old 2 lb dive weight) my dogs never bother it. Good Luck!

heather 8 years ago

i live in Ragley,louisiana and i have a 3 year old son that keeps getting bit from all of these sugar ants!! what is safe to kill them and still keep my son safe? PLEASE HELP!!!

cmk 8 years ago

Here are some (but not all) NON-Toxic ways:

KILLS THEM AND A PREVENTATIVE... cornmeal OR 1 teaspoon ofdish soap and water in a spray bottle (this also works with earwigs) - spray/squirt water around foundation or any entry areas or where you see them OR boiling water on the ant hill

A NON KILLING PREVENTATIVE/REPELLANT... cinnamon OR red pepper powder OR put bay leaves in your cupboards and around the house to avoid getting them in the first place (this is the easiest and least messy and works for any number of indoor pests), OR lavendar, peppermint, or spearmint essential oil (mix 30 drops with water in a spray bottle and spray troublesome areas or around foundation and put on cloth and wipe around window frames if this is where the point of entry is).

Hope this helps... they can be such a royal pain

Kitty 8 years ago

Borax is actually safe for humans and pets. (check out It only kills the ants because it dissolves their exoskeleton.

BlairB 8 years ago

I have these pesky Ghost ants, I guess they are also called Pharaoh ants. I keep a very clean kitchen and bathrooms but they have emerged in both places. I made the mistake of leaving a bag of coughdrops out on the counter at night. The next morning there were swarms in the bag so I sealed it and took it out to the trash. I read the reason why it is so hard to kill them is they have several "queens" in the nest. I tried to spray them but after a week, they just showed up in other parts of the house. I read ant baits were the best and bought some Borax today. I plan on using your receipe. I sure hopes this will kill the little buggers!

EmeraldC 8 years ago

I am having little black ant problems too. I am going to do everything you said to get rid of these pests. Also, today, I noticed maggots on my carpet near the kitchen area. I am clean and don't even have garbage in the house. I found about 10-15 of these tiny things on and near my carpet in the dining room/kitchen. They look like grains of rice. My landlord said they are from my daughter bringing them in on her feet, which I find to be ridiculous. I know they are not carpet beetle larva, but I wanted a few suggestions on how to kill it and whether my landlord is right.


Sarah 8 years ago

I just returned to Melbourne FL from Key Largo FL. I inherited ghost ants in my vehicle. I see many suggestions for the home; but, does anyone have suggestions for a vehicle besides baiting stations?

Pestkiller 8 years ago

Borax based ant poisons are now banned in the EU

sunshine:) 8 years ago

Also another idea is cream of wheat. set it on a plate and they will get it, take it how, eat it, and sence cream of wheat expands, BOOM! They go bye bye!

Also for like maybe in the kitchen, never tried it.. but I herd that if you put chalk lines down like in the enerance areas and by the windows you have in there they stay away from in.

But I got ants in my room and at this moment I'm looking stuff up to see what I can do and I'm also just getting stuff up off my floor and I'm already seeing a difference! Of coarse though, I'm homeschool and feel gross because I'm sitting here in a chair infront of a computer with ants all around me. Bluhh. I wish I could spray in here but the smell is soooo strong that I can't stay in my own room so I won't be able to do my school work today if I spray.

heather 8 years ago

this is to Emerald c do you have any dogs because they can bring them in to on there fur. They look sort of like fingernail clippings and i thought they were maggots too but the vet set me straight.

wes 8 years ago

I have aunt destroying honeybee hives need to rid of them with out bothering my bees


San 8 years ago

For Rhonda I have ants come to my cat food to until I used a glass bowl or whatever will not float or rust and put it in the centerof a larger pot and fill with wather and a little bit of dawn and it work great .

mom 8 years ago

trying the grits lame bug guy came 4 days ago and problem worse.. Just got brand new kitchen and I can't use it because u can't even set stuff on the counters everywhere

wish me luck

Angela 8 years ago

I've struggled with these ghost ants for the past year or so and I've used every single spray that's out there in vain!!... I just started researching online two days ago and I came across that borax recipe... They are all over it coming for all over the place_ It is unbelievable! I hope this will be the end of them. I will keep you posted.

Yolanda 8 years ago

I used the Borax and sugar mixture .I found ants on my bathtub wall so I put this mixture and in about twenty minutes they came out to swarm it . But most or some of them got stuck to it . They are still stuck there so how do I know the queen will get it form workers if they can't move ? I am washing them out today and putting out more of the mixture to see what happens .

Lindsey 8 years ago

If you afraid to use the Borax, use Boric Acid instead, its the main ingredient in borax but less harmful. I sometimes gargle with boric acid for throat infections.

mollie 8 years ago

i live in texas and we have the stupid little red ants that seem to get in thru the sink and dishwasher how can i get rid of them?

owned_by_cats 8 years ago

I've used the borax and sugar recipe for roaches in my kitchen. Just mix it and put it on flatish jar lids in appropriate places. Worked great. my adult cats have no interest in it.

ELLIE 8 years ago


Balasomu 7 years ago

I have a HUGE problem with giant brown Weaver ants. I tried cornmeal. First other types of small red ants came and feasted. There were a lot of fighting between weaver and the small ones. For a few days looked like both were gone. Looks like the small red ones ate the cornmeal and all died. Now the Weaver ants have taken over my garden!

I trimmed my teakwood tree because the weaver ants used it as the base. Now they have started to spread to all my other plants in my garden.

I live in India and this is summer. So they seem to multiply in hordes. Out of frustration, I got boric acid today and have kept it with sugar and water. Hope this works.

Balasomu 7 years ago

I have a HUGE problem with giant brown Weaver ants. I tried cornmeal. First other types of small red ants came and feasted. There were a lot of fighting between weaver and the small ones. For a few days looked like both were gone. Looks like the small red ones ate the cornmeal and all died. Now the Weaver ants have taken over my garden!

I trimmed my teakwood tree because the weaver ants used it as the base. Now they have started to spread to all my other plants in my garden.

I live in India and this is summer. So they seem to multiply in hordes. Out of frustration, I got boric acid today and have kept it with sugar and water. Hope this works.

Jessica 7 years ago

I live in Naples Florida and the ghost ants, crazy ants Pharaoh ants drive me crazy. I tried commercial bait and it did not work I tried the borax sugar water mixture and the ants loved it and ate it and left after one day. I know they will be back in another spot but now I am ready for them. This stuff works.

King Rex 7 years ago

I have used california laurel leaves on my counter, dusted the floor with a branch full of leaves, and put leaves around the windows and doors. no ants now, it has been about six months since the last ant seen.

me 7 years ago

im gonna try the borax but does this mean they will just move 2 another room?

XD 7 years ago


Lar 7 years ago

the only thing wrong with using cornmeal..grits..malt o meal for ants is, adult ants do not eat solid foods...for many ants like fire ants, it is impossible for them to feed on anything but liquids. So it is a bit hard for them to eat, drink, then explode.

KAREN BROWN 7 years ago


heather 7 years ago

I live in sw florida and i have ghost ants ALL over the house including my 3, 2, and 1 year olds beds....what is the best thing to use on their beds?

dee 7 years ago

the person that has ants and saw maggots on her carpet. these were not maggots but ant larvas and pupas.

shells900rr 7 years ago

ive heard use the hottest crushed peppers, you can find, that seems to work, spread it every where,outside, try that good luck,

Jackie 7 years ago

Not sure how to get rid on ants in the yard, i have tried several things.

These are the things i have tried and they did not work so don’t waste your time.

1) grits,cornmeal even oatmeal none of it worked, my husband is teasing me saying that our red ants are the best fed ants on the block.

2) vinegar did not work either and boy did I pour it on the suckers. The only thing I accomplishment with this is having a stinky back yard for week.

3) bleach yup that did not work either

And just incase you where wondering I did first try the granulated ant poison.

Next I am going to try the borax soup lets see how that works

doglover 7 years ago

im telling you. ant LOVE

doglover 7 years ago

im telling you. ant LOVE the

doglover 7 years ago

ants LOVE the borax stuff!!

Stephanie 7 years ago

Well I made the concotion with Borax but think I may have overboiled it because it came out like taffy. What is the consistency supposed to be? The ants walked a wide birth around it.

naturalmethods 7 years ago

One day i started noticing little sugar ants in my kitchen along the base boards. After a week there were a ton of them so I bought those "ant houses" and tucked them in nooks & crannies (I have two cats & don't want them to get sick). It seemed to lessen the number of ants, but there were still many. I wanted to find a natural way to get rid of the ants becaue I didn't want to take the chance of harming my cats. So what I have done is mixed 1/2 c bleach with 1 gallon of water and used a cloth to wipe down all the counters and floor. I immediately followed with a cleaning mixture of 1/4c vinegar to 1 gallon on water. I then used Windex, yes windex & sprayed into the base boards and wiped up the excess. I then placed whole cloves in several different locations. Even after 1 day I saw a huge difference. Have only seen a few stragglers and I plan to do the same thing over the next few days. Hopefully this will take care of the problem

naturalmethods 7 years ago

after 2 days of doing the bleach & vinegar washes & spraying windex into the base boards & placing small piles of dried cloves around my kitchen, i have seen no ants in more than a day.

1 mojave desert human 7 years ago

I found my assortment of ants do not like Dawn for dishes. So I mixed the dawn with tobacco chew ( a natural insectised) and water. Let it sit overnight and poured it into the

ant holes at the hottest part of the day when they are in their holes. Am making a second batch today. Will know by this evening when it cools down to see if it works.

justanother mom 7 years ago

Simple exposure can cause respiratory and skin irritation. Ingestion may cause gastrointestinal distress including nausea, persistent vomiting, abdominal pain, and diarrhea. Effects on the vascular system and brain include headaches and lethargy, but are less frequent. "In severe poisonings, a beefy red skin rash affecting palms, soles, buttocks and scrotum has been described. With severe poisoning, erythematous and exfoliative rash, unconsciousness, respiratory depression, and renal failure." [10]

A reassessment of boric acid/borax by the United States Environmental Protection Agency Office of Pesticide Programs found potential developmental toxicity (especially effects on the testes).[11] Boric acid solutions used as an eye wash or on abraded skin are known to be especially toxic to infants, especially after repeated use because of its slow elimination rate.[12]

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abiesgrandma 7 years ago

if they are coming inside thru the drains, will they go back down the drains with the borax bait?? these ants are so frustrating!!

Skilynne 7 years ago

I have had a huge ant problem inside. I haven't used the borax solution yet, but i did find that baking soda and cinnamon worked very well for me. It took a few days, but i haven't seen any ants in my living room in two days now. I left a spot of kool-aid on the counter in the kitchen by accident so some reappeared on my counter this afternoon, so i scrubed the counter down and sprayed with vinegar than sprinkled baking soda and i haven't seen one all evening. I have a small dog, so i'm a little worried about trying the borax stuff, but if i see anymore in the next few days i'll definitely try that stuff!! Hope this helps!!

Nina 7 years ago

All this ant & bug talking got me thinking a bit..., and I remember hearing somewhere that water with citrus peels & garlic works wonders..., come to think of if I don't remember ever seeing an orange or lemon for that matter with its peels damaged by any type of bugs... like some other fruits or veggies... Who knows... I might give it a try and report back later... Good luck to all.

Grace B 7 years ago

I live in Floridas treasure coast and I have been dealing with these ghost ants for several weeks. I can see them everywhere in my kitchen and in the bathrooms. I was going to use terminix but I want to try to solve this problem on my own before its gets pricey and I am in a contract. I will use the Borax mix and I will keep my finger crossed that it works. I have a party in my house in a few weeks and i hope they are gone by then. I will keep you updated!

Katherine 7 years ago

Whole bay leaves. Works like a charm. I lined the wall at the baseboard where they were congregating and haven't seen one since. And they can't harm your pets. You can also use mint. Plant mint around your house will help too.

going crazy 7 years ago

I have crazy ants in my car (air vents). I don't eat in my car so I really don't know how they got in there. They come out when it I don't know to get rid of them. Any suggestions please... need help.

teraulerson profile image

teraulerson 7 years ago

Thanks Jetman, I am going to try the Borax idea. We have Florida Carpenter ants in our house, they seem to be mainly in the kitchen and they seem to be coming from and electrical outlet next to the kitchen sink. Or at least that is where they seem to be coming from. Hope this works. Thanks again will let you know..

MJ 6 years ago

go to the Dollar Store and stock up on BABY POWDER!! Use it everywhere, around house foundation, in pathways that ants take into my house, on the floor around outlet behind my refrigerator. They eat the powder and disappear. I have grandchildren so this is perfect. It's cheap, harmless to humans, and it works!!

AL 6 years ago

I have a problem...I live in an apartment building on the bottom floor and there must be a crack in the pipe in my bathtub or something but every morning when I wake up my bathtub is full of ants! They're coming up through my drain.

Anybody have any suggestions to get rid of them in the drain before they come up?

carol 6 years ago

diatomeceous earth food grade, is great for killing bugs ants, roaches, silverfish and many others! It kills them by scraping off their waxy coating and dehydrating them. It's pet safe and can be used to dust your pets for fleas and ticks. It can also be used for getting rid of parasites in animals and humans, very good for different ailments, good for your hair and nails. Make sure it's food grade, it's made of fossilized sea shells, and not really earth.

Sean` 6 years ago

If you dont want to cook borax mix it half and hald with honey works as well.

annie 6 years ago

I recently moved into a new house, and seeing here in Melb OZ is so hot the ants are dying to find water. They are very thirsty so they come out. If you see Ants ..lots of Ants in certain areas, either in your house or out, its a sure sign its going to rain! Here in Melb we have had very little rain but when it rains its a deluge but most of the time its roaring hot. So no water. Ants come into the house. I tried round things I bought to deter them and it didn't..too many of them but in the other part of the house its worked well. So what to do?

I went to my pantry and did what i remembered and picked up the jar of flour...any flour would work including baking powder or cornflower...just drop a lot on the trail they are making or marching in to and fro and with a short time they will go..if it rains and stops they will go also.

I have/had that many ants in my en-suite that my white floor had a black line on it..that was the Ants! I will leave the flour there for a while..ew to the mess...but it will work and my cat wont get sick. Chemicals will make your cat very sick and Boracic acid is a coagulant so BEWARE of using it near your pet family.

Its Annie again 6 years ago

I forgot to say too that I had the cats water bowl near and they marched over to it and walked up the side of the bowl and into the water and drank it all in a very short time..


Keith 6 years ago

I use Instant Grits to kill ants. First, I dig up the ant hills as best as I can and put the shovel full of hills in a bucket and take the bucket to the land field and empty the bucket. Then I will sprinkle some Instant Grits in the hole. Next I will fill the hole with good dirt and sprinkle some more Instant Grits on top. In a few days the ants are gone. What happens is when the ants eat the Instant Grits and drink some water the swell up and explode. It's safe for animals and the earth.

Vina 6 years ago

I live in Ireland and appear to have a colony of black ants under the fireplace of my ground floor room.I left a cake tin full of leftovers from a party there for ONE DAY and opened it to find loads of them swarming over the cake. Tried cinnamon and lemon juice(NOT mixed)this evening which seemed to bother them.Going to get talc and maybe baking soda tomorrow and will report back. I have two dwarf hamsters so I'm not keen on using chemicals, maybe used teabags? I read somewhere that the tanin in tea breaks down their mouth parts....?

Vina 6 years ago

No sign of any ants today after just the lemon juice,scattering cinnamon and squishing some with a boot(ok ok so I got mad...). Made a mixture of distilled white vinegar and water(1:1/equal parts/500ml of each in a 1litre spray bottle) and using it to clean house today. Also got bread soda so shall see if they resurface....

Chivonne 6 years ago

Food Grade Diatomaceous Earth kills ants, worms, fleas, ticks, flies, and a multitude of other insects and worms. It is safe for animals and humans and can be obtained by going to a local feed store. It is used by giving it to animals, humans; spread over gardens and in animal pins in the litter. It cuts the exoskeleton of insects, but is not dangerous to humans. Some people mix it with water and drink it to rid body of worms and stuff like that they also mix it in pet's water to help rid them of intestinal and other worms. Hope this helps.

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lassabrina 6 years ago

Okay, I put the mixture on my countertops like 10 minutes ago and I did not have the same success rate as everyone ants went up to it and ran the other way...hmmmmm, wish I was successful....I think my ants like my home...

teresa 6 years ago

We had awful ant problems. Big and little. I would come into the kitchen at night and the white floor would be joke. I was about to move out until one of my clients said her grandson was an exterminator and always used Tempo. It's a concentrate you mix and spray on the outside edge of your house. It's safe to spray in crawl spaces and basements. NO more ants!! We live in the Northwest and spray 2x in the spring. Takes care of spiders too. We tried absolutely Everything! Bought Tempo at our lawn and garden store. FANTASTIC PRODUCT!!

rozie 6 years ago

I had a cat about 16 years ago.... and I still have the same house in NY. I've had the house for over 20 years and there are always ants in my kitchen in the spring/early summer!

A peticide put down years ago... and my first cat... that messed him up! .... the little crawl in thangs you buy in the store don't work and I tried another powder too but it didn't work.

My dry food cat dish is/has been crawling with little brown ants. They are coming in from a floor heat vent. I pulled that out and saw that they are coming in..not up the vent but from their 'entrance' from??

I have the the wet/dry vac that is probabl full tonight withover 75 of them! I tried spraying windex and that didn't stop them! I sprayed bathtub cleaner and that didn't stop them!

Reading the past here...I used 'comet' cleaner (which has bleach) with water and cleaned the cat food area and poured some down the heating exchange thang....there hasn't been but two tiny ones back since!

Thanks for the help all..! (I've had two cats for over 10 years now!) They don't like eating with "ants"! ;o)

help please!!  6 years ago

I recently had some damage from a car accident fixed and when I got my car back its like it is infested with small black ants.. I have put out ant traps but it doesn't seem to be helping. When I go out to my car in the morning, or whenever, they are crawling all over the outside and they are all over the seat and I most definatly cannot leave any drink cups or cans in the car (which I have stopped) What can I use in the car that wont leave any kind of residue???

haha 6 years ago

quit being a cheap ass and buy some ant killer. what a fucking thought. I used my shit once and look no more ants. get a clue people

Beekeeper 6 years ago

Go to Rossman Apiaries and order some "beetle barns". Small black plastic, fold-over boxes with a center to hold bait and openings on the corners. I use them for small hive beetles, but since they're refillable, I'm currently using them for Ghost Ant bait traps. Am going to try the borax/sugar recipe (since they go nuts after my honey) and since my cats can't get into them, think that's about as pet safe as I can get. I have a brand new house but they're everywhere and can get through my window screens...little b@stards. It's bad enough dealing with fire ants outside. Ghost ants help elevate living in Florida to "Ant Hell!"

Exhausted!!! 6 years ago

Got up to find BIG Bull Ants all over my exhaust vent in the bathroom!!YUCK,it is over the toilet so some had fallen in! Of course i wanted them gone immediately so i sprayed with ant & roach !It did kill them & i saw some larva also fall down!! What a mess!! Now for my ? Can i put the borox mixture in something & put it up there in the attic? Any other suggestions?

Linda  6 years ago

We have a lot of BIG black ants on our deck...they also bite. Does anyone know what kind of ant this is? Now I'm finding them inside the house. I'm going to try the BORAX Mixture, but in case this does not work, does anyone else have a problem with this type of ant do you have any suggestions. Thanks

Ants in Las Vegas 6 years ago

We have had occasional ants, however today, as the temperature hit nearly 110 degrees, they came out of the woodwork...literally! The final straw was when I found some in my baby's crib! I made the borax solution, and 2 of the 3 spots I set it in are crawling with ants. I hope this works. I am having a strange anxiety that I am just feeding the fire here, since they seem to love it so much. I hope this stuff works and isn't literally just feeding them. I am going to trust all of you who have posted and just let them have at it.

Ants in Las Vegas 6 years ago

Well I tried the Borax solution and like I said above, they swarmed to it. It was rather disturbing to watch (I didn't sleep well). Anyway, it is now about 12 hours later and, minus a few stragglers in my bathroom, they really are gone! It was a sticky mess to clean up, but worth it to have gotten rid of probably thousands. I do think I may have boiled the Borax solution too long, because it would solidify where the ants could walk on it, but I came around and stirred it to liquify it every hour or so. My question is has anyone had to do this again, and generally how often to maintain ant "peace".

Ants in Las Vegas 6 years ago

IMPORTANT: While the ants are swarming to the BORAX mixture, check around the exterior foundation of your house for a crack that they may be coming in through, then seal it off.

So, last night all the ants were pretty much gone, tonight, I put more Borax solution out for good measure, but didn't realize that I was attracting another nest from outside to it!!! There was pretty much a colony marching into my house all the way from my garden(yes, we can grow gardens in Vegas)! I still shudder thinking about it. So, I have now sealed that crack off and am leaving the Borax solution out at my garden. I still think the Borax solution works well, but you should know that maybe it can work too well and attract more ants into your home. Do you think my husband will be proud of me or think I'm crazy when he gets back from his week long (no cell service available!!!) camping trip? I do not wish my past week on anyone!

bob0 6 years ago

He's cheating. Camping with no cell signal ha!

Artie R 6 years ago

Worked like a charm! Made half a batch. Remember it solidifies when it cools. Be patient.

At first the entire colony must have come out. We were swarmed. The next day-nothing!

I had been spraying the door and window sills. It looks like they were going to and from the ceiling. U suspect they may have entered thru the air vent in the attic.

THANKS for your help!

vladaaa 6 years ago

i heard that cornmeal works too

apparently when the ants find it they eat it but cannot digest it.

And then they blow up lol

Jackie 6 years ago

I heard taking a shovel of dirt from one ant hole and dumping to another is most effective.Because ants colonize, and will kill each other off?

rash 6 years ago

wow, three years of ant killing. some people have found borax above the laundry detergents in walmart. will try.

Deb 6 years ago

Comment to haha

I am not a cheap ass. I did buy bug spray(Ortho Home Defense Max RTU) It seems to have worked. I sprayed on the window sill and called their hot line, while I was talking to the operator I licked my finger rubbed on the spray(make sure it's dry) and put in my mouth. It is safe. Some of us worry about bug spray harming our pets. Please tell me that someone like you DOES NOT have any pets!!!! You are harmful to humans!!!!

Ants in Las Vegas 6 years ago

Comment to bob0: Not a chance.

Anyway, five weeks later, the ants are gone still. I can't believe how well the BORAX solution worked. I think I will make up a batch each spring and set it around the perimeter of my property, to draw any ants away from my home and also to kill any colonies that may be forming.

Also, I have tried cornmeal, but it didn't seem to work as fast. They seem to swarm more quickly to the sugar in the BORAX solution.

posy 6 years ago


Meebo 6 years ago

I made up a batch of this 2 days ago and by the second day all but a few stragglers were gone, only thing is i felt the mixture was too running, it would be easier to use if it were just little thicker to stop it from running. Apart from that, this is working a treat.

gntf 6 years ago


greg 6 years ago

will try both they give me the s--ts

gary 6 years ago

oh man those pesky ants, i have been to sw florida many times in the past year or so and man let me tell ya, the motels are not even safe lol went out n bought me some ant killer, but not really super effective tho, but for the anount of time i was there each time i just delt with them lol

Margaret Schmaling 6 years ago

i live in an apartment built on a slab. the wood floors are cracking under my area rug and all around the dining room. these stupid tiny annoying little black ants are coming out of these cracks all the time. its been about 3weeks since they started coming out. we had maintenance in here to put traps around and spray. but that obviously did not help. i tried vinegar and water in a spray bottle and scrubbed the floors with it but that didn't help and i also tried the borax sugar and water solution on a piece of card board and that hasn't helped yet either. i keep seeing a swarm of the ants coming out of the cracks and going back in. ive come to the point where i just squoosh them with my fingers but they just seem to multiply after a few minutes. some one PLEASEEEE help.

Lesley from Oz 6 years ago

Sounds as if ant problems are universal. Will definitely try the borax. Thanks for this site, it is great getting reading the feedback on successess and failures.

keshava 5 years ago

Try squishing several ants, mixing them into water and spraying their places with it. They should be repelled by the smell and leave.

sherry 5 years ago

I need help with weaver ants. They build nests all over my garden. Please help!

stupid ants! 5 years ago

We bought a car that had been sitting for a while in someones back yard and it has a serious ant problem. Anyone find a pretty quick way to get rid of them out a vehicle?

Diane 5 years ago

Someone here said: "Borax is actually safe for humans and pets. (check out It only kills the ants because it dissolves their exoskeleton."

Please read this article before using BORIC ACID, which is not the same as BORAX. Most recipes I've seen for making homemade ant killer recommend BORIC ACID. BORIC ACID is effective as an insecticide but it is poisonous and must be kept away from pets and children:

The following is a material safety data sheet provided by the makers of Twenty Mule Team Borax:


Ingestion: Products containing Borax are not intended for

ingestion. Borax has a low acute toxicity. Small amounts (e.g., a teaspoonful) swallowed accidentally are not likely to cause effects; swallowing amounts larger than that may cause gastrointestinal symptoms.

Signs and symptoms of exposure: Symptoms of

accidental over-exposure to Borax might include nausea,

vomiting and diarrhea, with delayed effects of skin redness and peeling. These symptoms have been associated with the accidental over-exposure to the chemically related substance boric acid.

In other words, DO NOT put borax or boric acid where young children can get their hands on it - especially not boric acid, which is more toxic of the two!

Christina 5 years ago

Oh dear. Having lots of luck with borax/corn meal and garden ants but the inside ants are too picky! We just had an earth quake here and lots of rain which I think made them all migrate inside. Our building is old so it will be difficult to seal up every crack... any other ideas for indoor ants? They are ignoring the borax/sugar mixture and the cornmeal!

Thank you for the super helpful info!


George 5 years ago

if you really hate fire ants and want them to suffer for a long time and die a slow painful death then go to family dollar or home depot!! they have this powder like flakes that you put on top of their mound then just stomp really hard so the little bastards com out and they will try to dig through it and they get it all over their bodies! they start wiggling like crazy and the next day i saw thousands of dead ants and just keep stomping to make more and more come out!

Kaye 5 years ago

For ants that are avoiding the sweet mixtures, try mixing borax with peanut butter or bacon grease. Some ants love sweets, others look for fats/proteins. You can try mixing borax with several things and see what they like best. I've also heard borax works well with canned cat food for some, but I can't try that because I have cats that might like it. I've had good luck with the peanut butter mix.

megan 5 years ago

Using the Borox and sugar mixture, seems to be working started yesterday and there are much less today. Gonna do a round two. I'm about to lose my mind with these stupid ants. They appear out of nowhere!

suresurf 5 years ago

I boiled the water and sugar poured it into a container then added the borax. Then you dont have to worry about having borax in your cooking pots.

Lori 5 years ago

I'm going to try the borax, sugar, water mixture. The ants have taken over the kitchen and I can't take it anymore. I really hope this works!

dan 5 years ago

Sprinkle instant mash potatoe flakes on the mound. They will eat them and the flakes will suck all the moisture from their bodies and utimitely kill the colpny

cynthia 5 years ago

there's a whole bunch of ants in my cats food and im really worried she might get sick because she eats them but im gonna try ur ant bail

.-/-./-../.-././.- -// 5 years ago

My mom and I are trying to kill these little pests. I think boiling hot water destroys an ant nest...

chipo 5 years ago

your stories sound very familiar...we have zillions of RED ants flooding our yard every rainy season...we use Doom--a spray for mosquitos. These ants move very fast, you have no time to use methods like cornmeal, lemons,hot chili, paprika, etc...they move just like in a horror movie...they sometimes take over our house...Our house is extremly clean, no food particle or floods of water in the yard. The house is located about 55metres from the river...during the rainy season, they get to the dry is hell on earth...

Sarah Pike 5 years ago

I have heard putting a small jar lid with powdered cement and a bowl of water next to it works (for cockroaches too) as they eat the cement and it hardens inside them and they die- Sounds very painful though :-(.

hanno vosloo 5 years ago

i just catch them with honey and place it in a jar and take controll of porr life

Rose 5 years ago

Sweet and low sugar. Kills them very fast.have used only that for years.

manja 4 years ago

I tried recipes w/borax but it does not seem it works in my case. I have those small brownish ants in my kitchen near by the sink, but they just go around the borax bait. Any tip?

Logan 4 years ago


Just in case no one else mentioned it:

If you are using borax in anything edible or drinkable make sure that pets, yours or someone else's can't get at the bait. A small plastic container with an opening for the ants placed over the bait and weighted down works well. Monitor i daily. My neighbor lost his cat to kidney failure after it ate bait with borax in it.

Tracy 4 years ago

I live in Ireland and have had a bad infestation of ants this week, its only early March yet so I am dreading the summer. I'd love to try the borax solution but cant find it in the supermarkets, does anyone know if I mixed ant powder instead of borax would it work. Please answer as I'm going to go mental if it keeps up.They are in the living room, hallway and bathroom, no where near the bedrooms or kitchen. The house is vacuumed once or twice a day and all surfaces are washed down several times a day. There is no visible signs of an ant mound in either of the gardens. I would appreciate any suggestions.

yall are idiot 4 years ago

y'all are idiots. eatshit for wasting my time

jo 4 years ago

hi tracey i have the same problem, but in my kitchen! i have no idea where the nest is i kep findint them on my work tops and some had got into the cuboards where i keep the biscuits ect, my house is immaculate and i clean my kitchen constantly, i mixed vinager and bleach into a bottle and sealed poured bleach into the cracks where i sawthem come from,but eventually they found other ways to come in, i bought some ant bait (u can buy from most places such as wilkinsons and other diy stores) the bait has four holes for the ants to enter and they eat the bait that is sweet and carry it back to the nest to kill the queen, i put the bait down today and they have been all over it they seem to have dissapeared now but i will need to see what happens in the morning,they might come out for more tonight. i put the bait in a corner on the floor of the kitchen and drew a line of white chalk around it so the ants would stay around the bait and go back to the nest and not wander around my kitchen, for some reason ants will not pass over a chalk line,not sure why but it seems to be true because these haven't. hope u get rid of ur...........i itch just thinking about them!

Wendy 4 years ago

I did speak to an exterminator who said that the borax in terro is designed for the ants tiny sized stomachs and will not hurt dogs and cats who have much bigger stomachs. Personally I would not want my animals to eat it but if they did accidentally eat some they should be ok as long as the bait amount is small. Just FYI....

Merylkissimmee 4 years ago

I took as many ingredients from what many of you said, I took an empty bucket and mixed in dry ingredients of sugar, grits, cream of wheat along with lots of powdered borax and mixed it up pretty good until every granule is coated then placed spoonfull hills all through out my lawn. it was so fun to watch them go happy on this mix. Never saw them for six to eight weeks. Then I continued to mix again. Love it

bellpepper 4 years ago

i did similar thing. ants just change their behavior. instead of coming out during the day, they now come around when the lights are off at night.

Cody Merryman 4 years ago

cornmeal they cant not digest it so they take it back to the nest give it to the queen and soilders they eat it and kill them selfs

momof4 4 years ago

This is just so disgusting.! I Have lived in my home 14 years now and on one side I have a wooded dense tree lot (not mine) and the other side of me a home with over sized tree's with people that come up maybe once a year. About 8 years ago right after my first child was born, we started getting ants here and there in the house and did not think to much of it just that maybe my step kids were leaving crumbs all over or something or spilling drinks and such. Well the ants started getting worse year after year, like in the kitchen and step daughters room mainly back then. Now... we have black Carpenter ants and they are boring holes out of the bottom of the drywall pulling insulation out. I am about at my whits end, I mean seriously. Not many people have money laying around to tear down drywall to see the damage. I called an exterminator they came out and sprayed and returning in 2 weeks, they said the problem is worse than they thought on account of we have like 5 really large tree's in our yard that the ants are taking home in also. We have never been able to grow grass in our yard, we have some moss. Its expensive to remove the trees, and now when our children run outside our ground sounds hollow, I was told the ants are or could be underground also. I also notice we have been having weakening spots in our floor inside our home but never really was understanding all of this. We have a low income home and it was newly built and we have it almost a little more than half paid off. We just been experiencing unemployment issues at least once a year for the past 5 years it seems like and I just want to cry..! With no money, and ants everywhere inside and out. It makes me sick to think like this but I even thought about just letting our home go because I really do not know what to do anymore. Insurance companies should have to help with things like this I mean it is an act of nature after all... it is not like we ask for it.

Kathy Yunger profile image

Kathy Yunger 4 years ago from Ellenton, Florida

I had a bad ghost ant problem getting underway and, as said above, the spraying only makes them come out in other places.

I bought the Terro ant bait (with Borax), put it out yesterday and I haven't seen a LIVE ant since I put it out! Yay! I have seen and cleaned up bunches of dead ants so the stuff works! Yay! Somehow, they got into a leaf-shaped bottle of real Canadian maple syrup and I had to throw it away! Can't stand those tiny critters!

jcrply 4 years ago

Eradicate fire ants with fire ant nematodes. It is not an immediate fix and will take about a year for the nematodes to spread out over an entire large yard, but it gets rid of them for good. It is non-toxic to people, pets, earthworms, plants, etc.... You can find sources online. Arbico Organics is one supplier ( and is another and there are other sources.

Sean Patterson 4 years ago

Had big ghost ant problem in Cape Coral Florida. Multiple nests behind wall sockets and door jambs. Pest control company came four times in a month and could not get rid of them. I saw the home-made bait formula on the Internet: 1 cup sugar, 0.5 cup water, 1.5 tablespoons of borax (we used 20 mule team). Boil, then simmer for 2 min, cool. Put this syrup out and boy they went for it like crazy! 10x greater attraction than to MaxForce granular bait. Next morning, one nest had dead ants on the trail leading back to the nest. Other nests were still on it like crazy and carrying it back home. Expect this will cure the problem.

TS 4 years ago

No response from Jetman in 4 years. I guess it wasn't safe to eat out of the pan - LOL!

Thanks for the recipe! I have some cooking on the stove right now :)

Debbie 4 years ago

I am trying the Borax with honey. Thank for all your comments. I saw one ant and I followed her until I found were they are coming from, so I place the mix right in front of the trail (were they come from) and they were going crazy. I blocker their trail with the mix and they are dying and I can see them coming back to were they came from. So hopefully I can get rid of them. Yea Yeah!

Hi from Fl 3 years ago

My kitchen recently became infested with ghost ants. Being originally from the north I was disgusted by them. Both pest control companies acted like having them was a way of life in Fl. I'm not happy with the results from either company as the ants are never gone long and my kitchen is clean. Anyway, the problem got worse just before I left for vacation when I noticed they started a nest in one of my kitchen plants. I read cinnamon helped get rid of them so I sprinkled it all over the dirt in the pot. There were no less ants when I got back and I'm pretty sure there were more of the disgusting buggers. Two days ago I stuck a few bay leaves in the pot then sprinkled the dirt with cayenne. I didn't notice a difference right away (they didn't run for their lives like humans in a movie). When I woke up this morning, there were just a few stragglers. Because of my pets I'm very cautious about using pesticides so I was thrilled when the bay and cayenne combo worked. I haven't noticed them migrating to another area but if they do I'll try some of the other great suggestions on this page.

Sed 3 years ago

Just bought a condo on east coast of Florida. Infested with ghost ants. I have been spraying with Windex. Helping but not totally. I have a small dog so am concerned with pesticides. Going to try bay leaves tomorrow, baby powder outside.

Kathyrn 3 years ago

I am trying both the sugar one and the peanut butter with borax to see if it works! I had borax already because they say it works good for fleas and I am in Florida and they are really bad here.

Johnc365 2 years ago

I know this if off topic but I'm looking into starting my own blog and was curious what all is required to get set up? I'm assuming having a blog like yours would cost a pretty penny? I'm not very web savvy so I'm not 100 positive. Any recommendations or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks fkcegcdddeaa

William Koller 2 years ago

I hate these pesky little buggers. We have these big bull head red ants. I have dug up and caught the hive on fire and they would be gone for about a week and then they are back again. I would dug the hive deeper and catch the dang thing on fire again. Again they would be gone for a couple weeks and then back again. Damn you would have thought they would have gotten the hint to relocate somewhere else. Nope back again. I have noticed if you fill the holes with bleach, it brings a crap load of them out including the queens. Then spray the hell out of them with bleach. Hell not even the gasoline would bring them out like that.

Natasha 10 months ago

This may not get rid of them permanently but I can tell you that if you put water and peppermint oil in a bottle and spray in all the places they are, it helps tremendously! I just tried this and it shows an immediate effect!

Cheri 7 months ago

I am going to try the borax method.

But if you have nests, I was told that if you several nests to dig some up of each nest and put on top of the other nest. It is best to have two people at the same time do this and spray the handle so they will not go up it.

What happens is that they will attack and kill each other off within days.

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