How To Kill Bedbugs

Bed bugs are small insects that have a flat body with oval shape. An adult bed bug’s size is one-third of an inch, while its larva is of the rice grain’s size.

They usually live in the dark crevices and cracks of our homes and feed themselves on the warm blood of pets and humans. They come out in the open area when we sleep at night and draw blood from our body. 

The bite of bed bugs cause irritation, and if they are faultily scratched then it can conduct to other skin infections.

Those people who are probing to know how to kill these bed bugs at home, I would like to tell them at the very starting that it is a tough job, and you have to give a lot of time and exertion before you can see any pleasing results. 

Bed Bugs killing in Clothing

Wash out all the polluted clothing and bedding with hot water (with at least minimum temperature of 110°F) and then dried out under the heat of the sunlight in order to kill the bed bugs.

If the clothes and bedding can be only dry cleaned then heat them for about an hour in a clothes dryer for the same kind of effect.

Bed bugs can give in to a very low temperature as well rendered they are below the cold condition for around one to two weeks.

For this reason, you need to stuff all the impacted garments and bed linens in a plastic bag and then seal it up very well. Then keep it in the cold place that is freezer. After one week, carry them out and wash them in a washing machine as usual.

Looks scary! But this how they feast on our blood.
Looks scary! But this how they feast on our blood.

Bed Bugs killing in Carpets

The carpets and rugs require to be cleaned by using the steam cleaner. The heat produced by the steam cleaner will definitely kill the bed bugs as well as their eggs also. Steam cleaner are available commercially on rent basis.

If you cannot acquire a steam cleaner, then keep them in hot and sunny place for a day or two. Horde those in plastic bags before you place them below the sunlight. When the bags’ temperature will go beyond 110°F, then the bedbugs will die. You can apply these two techniques on the furniture and the fabric as well.

Killing Of The Bed Bugs Using Different Products

Spray pesticides into the breaks of the floors and the walls to kill the bed bugs resting inside them.

Carefully read the instructions which are given on the label before applying them. Do not attempt to use them in mattress, cloths or any such things that will come in direct contacting with your body. 

Bed Bug Insecticides

Different insecticides that are available in the market, can aid you to efficiently get rid of these bed bugs.

Insecticides, also known as pesticides, intended to kill bed bugs, are accessible in the form of sprays, powders, liquids or solids. Many of these pesticides have the components listed on the product.

A concise look at these ingredients will aid you in selecting the correct insecticide, to kill the bed bugs in your home. Few insecticides have pyrethrins, a neuro-toxin which arouses the bed bugs’ nerves, and paralyzes them to bestow them a slow death.

Hence another chemical called hydroprene that stops the development of bed bugs by keeping them from reaching the maturity age or reproduction.

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