How to Sell Your Home


Before you call the moving company, you need to sell your current home first. This can often be the trickiest and most frustrating part of the relocation process for many people. Buyers usually know what they want when they walk into a home and if they do not see it right away they usually will not come around to see it at all.

Many experts have many different kinds of advice when it comes to selling your home either on your own or with the help of a realtor. However, there are many things that each expert has in common. These areas are listed below:

  • Personal items and photographs: no buyer wants to see your home as your home. Buyers want to see your home as their home. By taking down your personal items and photos the house essentially becomes generic and the potential buyer will be able to see themselves living there easier.
  • Curb Appeal: If the yard or front stoop isn't appealing to the buyer they will likely not have much of a reaction to the inside. Cleaning up outside and maybe adding a pot of flowers on the stoop can increase the likely hood that the buyer's first impression of the property is at least a neutral one.


  • Upgrades: Buyers typically do not want to buy an outdated home. If this means you have to buy new appliances in order to sell the property then you may just have to do it or be willing to take a loss. Of course, all you will likely need is a cheap replacement that will be modern enough to ease the buyer's mind.
  • Pets: You should always consider the possibility that your buyers do not want to see, smell, or know that you have pets. Deep clean the carpets and send your pet on a vacation while you host open houses or push to sell your home.


  • Hit the Reset Button: If you are a fan of bright colors and coordinated schemes you may want to consider repainting your home walls in a neutral color. While the walls and colors may look good with your personal furniture and style, the buyer may find that their own furniture won't match or they simply do not like the color. While it is just as easy for the buyer to repaint as it is for the seller, the buyer will subconsciously take into account the paint job when they consider whether to buy or not.


Remember that buyers are particular when it comes to their future homes. They are looking for a place they will feel good about investing in, the same as the seller. This means that they will scrutinize everything. If you make the buyer feel as if the house is tailor made for them rather than you simply passing it on to the next family, the buyer will be much more likely to return for a second look. And with that second look is often a buyer willing to buy. The goal of selling your home isn't technically about selling your home, it's about selling to the buyer their home.

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