Importance of slow release fertilizers

Types of Slow-Release Fertilizers

There are many different types of fertilizers, for both lawns and gardens. An important thing to keep in account when selecting a fertilizer is if it's immediate release or slow release. Immediate-release fertilizers will give your plants or lawn a quick burst of nutrients, while slow release fertilizers will slowly feed your lawn or plants for several months. Most fertilizers now-a-days will have a mixture of immediate and slow-release nitrogen. The reason why many people are switching over from Scotts fertilizers is because they contain a lot of immediate release nitrogen to make your lawn look good for a short amount of time, but does not do much after that.

Other Important Factors

Another important factor for choosing a lawn fertilizer is whether it contains weed killers also. It is important to pick fertilizers WITHOUT weed preventers/killers. Companies like Scotts will claim that their weed and feeds are effective, but applying them together the way that they do is counter-effective! Stay away from the marketing gimmicks!

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