Important Moving Tips for Women

Single women moving alone into a new house or apartment need to take extra precautions to protect themselves and ensure a smooth move. Planning ahead is one of the best tips for moving, as you’ll save yourself from unnecessary stress and have the time to find someone to help you with the packing and heavy lifting. You should also consider the following tips from a moving and storage company in Chapel Hill, to ensure a safe and smooth moving experience.

  • Plan your move weeks in advance, noting down the things that need to be done on paper. Sort your priorities; make lists, compare moving and storage services to find the best prices.
  • Don’t tell everyone that you are moving. It’s better to be discreet about it to minimize security risks. Nobody needs to know apart from your friends and family. You should be especially careful to avoid giving details to the third parties you have to deal with while preparing to leave your old home.
  • Don’t try to do all the hard work yourself. Enlist the help of family and friends, and assign them tasks. It’s your stuff and your home, so you have the right to give orders. But of course do it in a friendly and appreciative way.
  • Consider thinning your wardrobe before packing it. You’ve probably been collecting clothes for years. Do you really need them all? Probably not. So now is as good a time as any to filter your wardrobe, throwing away, or better, giving to friends or donating to charity the items you stopped wearing years ago. It’s a good time to go through your cosmetics and toiletries and throw out anything expired or empty.

  • Carefully pack all your jewelry and other valuable accessories separately and keep them in your purse or in your car during the move. You may also want set aside any mementos and knick-knacks that have a person value to you and carry them yourself to be sure they are safe.
  • Write on the boxes the room where the contents belong instead of providing a description of their contents. No one needs to know what is in your boxes but you. You can even use a color code system, one color for each room. And of course, you should always write ‘fragile’ on the boxes for fragile items.
  • If you’re a single mom, either get the kids involved, or find a babysitter. Children can either help or hinder you while you’re packing and moving. If they are old enough then provide the boxes and instructions they need and put them to work packing up their room. If they are not old enough to help, it will save a lot of time if they are away with grandparents or with a babysitter for the day so you can stay focused and get more accomplished.
  • Change all the locks in your new home the day you move in. If this isn’t something you have the tools or knowledge to do yourself then get a friend or professional to come do it for you. Whether you are a single woman or not, you don’t want strangers having access to your home, and you don’t know how many spare keys were made and passed out by previous owners or tenants.

Even if you put to good use all the tips above, moving into a new place can still be a lot of work for one person. And while family and friends have good intentions and are generally more than willing to help, they are hardly moving experts. They are more likely to damage your belongings by accident than a professional moving crew, which is why you may want to hire a reputable moving and storage company and let the experts handle the packing and moving for you.

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