Increase Your Houses Value Before You Sell

Need to improve your homes value before you sell?

Are you looking to sell your home but need to know what to improve before you post it for sale? First you need to ask yourself; do I own a Fixer-upper or a Dream Home?

What kind of house you are trying to sell will be key in trying to increase your houses value.

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house values
house values
house values

Fixer Upper

Here's what you want to look at:

  • Kitchen - make sure its spotless. Paint the cabinets and add new handles if needed. Are the counter tops cracked or broken? Replace them with inexpensive ones if possible. If you need a new floor, lay down inexpensive linoleum.
  • Bathroom - a fresh coat of paint (neutral color) and a good floor will go a long ways towards selling the house. If you need a new floor, lay down linoleum or inexpensive tile
  • Bedrooms - just freshen up the pant as needed. Is the carpet ok? Steam clean it and call it good. If the carpet is torn, replace it with an inexpensive replacement
  • Dining Room - Your best bet would be to use a wood floor (or laminate wood) with a neutral color to really offset the room. Woods like Walnut or Oak Skirtings really give any room a feeling of elegance.
  • Living Areas - paint it neutral and clean, clean, clean. If your flooring is terrible, replace it. Otherwise let it go
  • All over - clean everything! Scrub it good. Even if the house needs work, a fresh smelling clean house will sell faster then a dirty mess
  • Outside - Power wash the exterior of the home. Keep all bushes trim and the gas mowed. Make the sidewalks look great. If the house has no curb appeal from the outside, most people wont get out of the car to look at the inside.

Dream House?

Trying to sell a dream house? Dont put much money into it since chances are you have already. The main thing you want to do is make sure the house is clean and that all the paint matches a neutral decor as much as possible. Arrange furniture to give it a sense of space and remove as much clutter as possible.

As far as the outside, the rules are the same as the fixer-upper; power wash the outside and keep the yard tidey and neat.

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