Inflatable Hot Tub, A personal review.

The many good reasons to own one!

Picture this!.....Your at work, it`s a sweltering hot day, and your running around like an idiot.

The end of the day draws near, and your feeling hot,sticky and bothered. The thought of stripping off your clothes when you get home (especially your shoes and socks!) is shear relief! So what could be more satisfying than sinking your whole body into a vat of bubbling warm water, the twilight hours drawing in, and your favourite glass of (excuse the pun)Bubbly to hand! Then at that point, stimulated by the easing and massaging effect of the spa bubbles, your stresses and woes of the day just seem to fade away!

If the thought of this makes you feel relaxed, then just imagine doing it!

The inflatable hot tub is just one of these great inventions, that seems to have taken off. I brought one 3 years ago, and I have to say, it was definitely money well spent!

When my wife and I set about looking for a hot tub, we didn`t realise that inflatable ones existed. We started looking at acylic 5 seater versions that were costing anything up to £5,000 and more! we looked at quite a few, and in the end we decided on one that ticked all the boxes. Bearing in mind it was one of the cheapest we could find at the time, it was still in excess of £3,000! We just couldn`t decide whether we would use it enough to justified the cost of owning one. This seemed to be a real dilemma! We really wanted one, but we also wanted to be sure we were getting the most out it, and getting our moneys worth! We had hit Stalemate!! So we decided to shelf the Idea.

Then a couple of Months later we were out shopping at a DIY store, when we stumbled across the inflatable hot Tub! Eureka! What an ingenious concept! priced at a Mere £500! It was a fraction of the cost of a acylic version, and if we didn`t like it, or use it, then we could sell it on ebay and not take too much of a lost. At last we had found the answer to our hot tub dilemma! Unfortunately, they had sold out! Dammit! But no hassle, for at least we now knew what we wanted. So after a little trolling around on the internet we found a Hot tub centre locally that sold the Camaro Inflatable Hot Tub. So without hesitation, we made the trip, and purchased one! Job done!! And I have to say, we have no regrets!

The camaro is a doddle to set up. It takes just two minutes to inflate, and when inflated, It measures a 180 cm in diameter, with a height of 72cm. There is more than enough room for four adults to sit comfortably, and with its compact dimensions and circular shape, it can be positioned in the garden without taking up too much space. You then add the water to the level line. (This may take a while! There`s going to be 800 litres in there!) Then you switch on the heater and the pump. making sure you have attached a filter and added the required bromide. (More on this in my next hub)Then all you have to do is wait until it hits the required temperature, which is approximately 2 degrees per hour.

THAT`S IT!! put your cossie on, and enjoy the soak of your life.

The camaro is certainly robust. The inflatable sections are not of the conventional rubber ring type. But Horizontal individual air sections that the manufacturer calls The 'Ibeam structure'. This is constructed in a heavy duty PVC vinyl material that is coupled with a very touch exterior cover. This is what makes the camaro very sturdy indeed. After 3 years of use, with some abuse from the kids, it has certainly held its own!

The lid is of the same PVC material and also has the same tough cover to protect it. This ensures that no contamination gets in, and also retains the heat. There are straps to hold the lid down, with combination locks to stop those naughty skinny dippers!

The tub has an intergated heater and pump, which effectively, serves five ingenious purposes. To inflate the tub and the cover, filter the water, heat the water, create the spa bubbles, and also pump the water out with the supplied hoses when the water requires changing! Clever stuff!!

The camero can stay out all year round, but we have found that in the winter its fine getting into the tub, but getting out can be a little on the cold side! If you're quite thick skinned, then that's fine, but for my wife and kids it a definite no! no! So if you get to the point were the tub is getting a little negleted towards the winter Months, no problem, you simply pack it away ready for next season!

This of cause saves you money over a permanent version, as you are not heating something unnessarily.

So if you are also are faced with the same dilemma about owning a hot tub and justifying it. Then I would strongly recommend the Camaro. I wouldn`t do without one now.

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Casey Ollson 5 years ago

Sounds like a great time! I'm always surprised that there aren't more inflatable hot tubs for sale in the show rooms. They really are amazing with their quick set up and I love being able to take it down. Thanks for sharing!

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