Inflatable Hot Tub; The Guide

If you are looking to buy an Inflatable hot tub but don’t know where to start then look no further because this hub is for you.  Not only will it provide information on the benefits of an inflatable hot tub but it will also help you decide what are the most important features to look at when buying one.  After reading this hub you will have the peace of mind to go out and buy that all important inflatable hot tub.

The main benefit of buying an inflatable hot tub is its price. You can pick up one for a quarter of what a permanent fixture would cost; somewhere between the $600 - $1000 mark. This makes an inflatable hot tub very cheap and affordable to the masses. No more saving up for long periods of time or getting a loan as one of these bad boys can be afforded with a single months salary.

Not only are they cheap but they are also quick and easy to install, making them an attractive proposition to many. The portability aspect of an inflatable hot tub is arguably its finest marketing factor; not only can you have it set up in the garden or the house, but you can take it over to a friend’s house or on holiday with you, providing entertainment wherever you go.

There is a myth that inflatable hot tubs do not provide the same hydrotherapy benefits as a permanent hot tub but this is definitely not true. Imagine taking the strain off your body in the warm soothing water with the massaging jets lightly pounding your body. Relaxing after a hard day at work with beer in hand and loved one opposite. This is possible in both an inflatable hot tub and a permanent one – just the cost is the difference.

When you have decided that an inflatable hot tub spa is what you are looking for try to bear in mind a few things when deciding on which model to purchase. The most important factor has to be an automatic air pump. The hot tub may be a great invention to aid relaxation but what would be the point if you had to manually blow the thing up in the first place? An automatic pump does exactly what it says on the tin – blows the tub up by itself. This is dependent on a power source of course but a portable power supply is another great addition to go with your inflatable hot tub. Once you have one of these you really can take it anywhere you want.

Look at the material type when purchasing also. Durability is the key here so you don’t want to skimp on quality otherwise you may find that your inflatable hot tub no longer inflates because of a large hole in its side. Look for a material similar to that of a white water raft when selecting a model; if it costs a little more than just think of it as a sound investment!

The inflatable portable hot tub is a great alternative to a permanent hot tub. If you don’t have the necessary cash or room then it provides a brilliant alternative to adding a little luxury and relaxation into your life. Don’t delay buying one of these if you can help it, you certainly will not regret it.

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leo & Pat Kingston 6 years ago

Could you please give us a rough idea of the cost of running these hot tubs.

Many thanks

Leo & Pat Kingston

John Bentley profile image

John Bentley 6 years ago

Nice hub. I didn't even know there was such a thing as an inflatable hot tub. How do they compare with regards to energy efficiency to regular hot tubs?

Karen Reader 6 years ago

How long do these last Ashley? It seems like the water would burn through the plastic.

Brumnick 6 years ago

Wow, might have to get one of these for the GF!

Marikxon Manurung 6 years ago

Yes, I agree with you about the price, but how about the quality of the material of tubs? does it durable? I think we need to compare it to another kind of hot tub. Anyway thanks for sharing it, really useful.

anthonycoburn profile image

anthonycoburn 6 years ago from UK

interesting if you haven't got the biggest patio

paulkimelecu profile image

paulkimelecu 6 years ago from philadelphia, pa

This is neat. I never thought to look for one Korea. I wonder if they're around??

Casey Ollson 6 years ago

Paul, what do you mean look for "one Korea"? Do you want to purchase a hot tub for your house in Korea?

Newdad0610 profile image

Newdad0610 5 years ago

Very helpful hub... Thank you!

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