Inside Awning

Creating an Awning on the Inside

 Sometimes you make the best of what you have by getting creative.  I bought a home with a country kitchen.  The appliances are up-to-date, but not stainless steel.  Rather than make the kitchen a deal breaker, I used a french inspired design.  Instead of ripping of the bulberry wallpaper, I complimented it with a berry burlap kitchen awning to give the small area a french bistro style.  The window is 54" wide and 64" long.  Using one yard of berry burlap fabric, styrofoam, and fabric glue an awning was made on two existing curtain rods.  There was no pattern or special design for making the awning.  I just "winged" it.  Now there is a design I can share.  Simply contact me at for instructions.

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Linda Campion 6 years ago

Could you please email me the directions to do this?

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