Interesting Wall Art For Your Home

Digital photos printed and face mounted to clear acrylic
Digital photos printed and face mounted to clear acrylic

I'm a bit of horder. Yup, I admit it. I find myself going down to the local second hand store a little too often trying to find that cool vintage painting of ducks or sailboats or really anything that has a lot of kitsch appeal. I've collected many of these treasures over the years in the hopes that I could turn them into my own pieces of artwork.

I have taken a few of these old crusty paintings and jazzed them up a bit by either painting over the entire thing and re-framing it or just painting certain parts and keeping the rest of the painting as is. Another fun thing to do is to actually take a needle and thread and sew patterns through out the painting (of course, this can only work if the painting is on canvas or linen ).

You can get super creative with these, just let your imagination run wild. Making these kinds of paintings are fun because they're framed and ready to hang on your wall once finished.

Another cool way to come up with interesting wall art is using digital pictures. First, go out with your digital camera (needs to be at least 5 mega pixels) and take a bunch of pictures of things that would look great on your walls at home. These pictures can be of nature, textures, or really anything that you think would look great hanging in your bedroom or living room.

The second thing you want to do is sift through all your shots on the computer and save your favorite one as a .jpeg file format (most camera files are already in this format). Once you've done that you can do a google search to find a large format printer or specialty site that allows you to upload your photo directly to them online. Next step is to pick the size you want. You can probably get at least a 18x24" print from a 5 mega pixel camera and much larger the higher the megapixel camera you have. Some of these e-commerce printing sites have different options of mattes and frames to choose from. Others sites have substrates like aluminum panels, MDF board or clear acrylic which your photo mounts directly to. I really like the look of this last option, it gives your photo a real modern/gallery type of finish.

Happy hunting out there!


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