Interior D├ęcor and Decorating with Teal and Orange

Orange and teal create an exciting color combination in interior decorating. These two colors add vibrancy and energy to a room and provides a lot of visual appeal. Learn how to use these colors in your next decorating project.

For a subtle approach, paint the walls in your room a soft aqua color. This gives a cooling, soothing backdrop on which you can place an array of more vibrant and deeper tones. Pair soft aqua walls with a bright white wood trim for a timeless look.

Sisal rugs provide a neutral tone underfoot and also add an element of natural texture to a room, another way to add a neutral tone and texture is to make burlap curtain panels to cover windows. These two additions will prevent a teal and orange room from becoming too drenched in color.

Walls that are painted a pale gray also pair well with teal and orange tones. Again, gray may be combined with white wood trim for a totally classic look.

Orange hued or rust toned wood furniture or wicker works well when paired with teal or aqua colors. Look for rustic pieces that are aged or weathered for a unique look. Likewise, neutrals like taupe and tan work well with aqua tones as well as orange tones. Think about incorporating a couple of upholstered pieces in taupe or gray to soften the effect of orange or teal hues in a room.

Add bedding in various prints in oranges, rusts and teal for an eclectic look. Fabric prints that look great in teal and orange can be paisley,chevron, checks, stripes or solids. Olive green provides a strong counterpoint to orange and works well as an accent color. Consider adding olive green pillows to your bed, or soften windows with an olive green window treatment like pleated shades.

Include accessories in the teal family such as candles, mirrors, window frames, handmade pottery and fresh floral or dried floral arrangements. Rust or orange colors occur often in nature, look for the addition of natural stone pieces, rattan or wicker furniture, or even stone sculptures. Brick tones may also be incorporated in this color scheme for texture and visual interest.

The sky's the limit when it comes to decorating with teal and orange tones. Look for decorative accents and paint at most home improvement stores, interior design or craft stores.

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Cathy Fidelibus profile image

Cathy Fidelibus 4 years ago from NJ

Thanks, I love the idea of teal and orange together. Makes me want to paint my walls and redecorate.

Green Art profile image

Green Art 3 years ago

Wow, what a beautiful color combination! I agree with Cathy I could easily see doing this in a room in my house. Voted up and beautiful!

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