Ironrite Mangle Ironer

Ironing Is Restful and Relaxing

Until the last forty years or so, a particularly onerous household chore was ironing. First, irons were heated on stoves, then elctric irons (with no thermostats!) came along followed by the irons in the 1930s with thermostats. They were heavy, still, and required the user to stand. The heat rises, so on a warm day, Tuesday's ironing was a hot, draining chore.

The rotary ironer came along in the 1920s. A roller pressed the dampened cloth against a hot shoe ironing the cloth flat and dry. Ironrite was considered the premier maker of these machines because of their design and quality. One edition of the owner's manual proclaimed that ironing with the Ironrite was restful and relaxing.

Some unique qualities of the Ironrite are the placement of the shoe -- under the roller, the fact that both ends of the roller are open, and, most importantly, its high quality and durability. A law of physics is that heat rises, so it makes sense to have the source of heat under the cloth being ironed. The roller turns toward the user, so the released heat comes from the far side of the roller. In ironing with such a machine, it is convenient to have access to both the left and right side of the shoe, for it to be open. The Ironrite was the only maker to have this feature. Lastly, these machines were so well built (I have seen estimates of how much it would cost today to produce this product, and it was thousands of dollars!) that many have worked for fifty years with nothing more than a changing of the oil in the gearbox and new roller pads and coverings. What other appliance can make such a claim?

Ironrite Mangle Ironer

Model 85 -- The Most Common Model
Model 85 -- The Most Common Model

The Official Ironrite Chair -- Comfortable and a Classic Design

Ironrite Natural Gas Back Label

Ironrite Gas Back View

Ironrite Gas Bottom View

Ironrite Gas Control

Ironrite Gas Front View

The Demise of the Automatic Ironer

The Ironrites were expensive; in fact all of the Ironrite competitors such as Conlon, General Electirc, Thor, Maytag, Sears, represented a large expense for the buyer. And, these large machines required space. It wouldn't do to put it in a garage, as were many washing machines, because the user wanted to be indoors and comfortable. So the buyers had large enough laundry rooms, and probably not only housewives, but also housekeepers used this machine. It required a coordination of hand and knee movement, and some people just couldn't manage it. Practice was required to learn to use this behemoth. Still, the lure of easily completing this chore was a huge draw. Eventually three things came together to kill the Ironrite Company. The federal government placed an excise tax on these machines, thus raising the price. Secondly, permanent press in clothing was devised, and ironing in general declined. Thirdly, as housewives went to work, dress shirts were sent out. Manufacturing ceased in 1961, but the inventory of new Ironrites lasted into the 1980s when new Ironrites were still available. Even today, new rotary ironers are available from Miele, and used Ironrites can be found in antique stores, garage sales, and on eBay.

Beautify an Ironrite

Isn't this beautiful?  A Hub peruser sent this to me .  The art form is called rosemaling, which is a European folk art.
Isn't this beautiful? A Hub peruser sent this to me . The art form is called rosemaling, which is a European folk art.

If You Want an Ironrite

The mangle model that was most common was 85. The last model was 95, and I think the model 95 is the best. It has a built in light, the best thermostat, and it is newer and in my experience, quieter. What is a reasonable price? I'd say about $50.00 is fair. Most people don't want these machines, and as I said, they do take a lot of room and a little expertise to use. I did learn how to use this machine very well, and I have instruction manuals, too. Contact me if you need some help.

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Iðunn 10 years ago

interesting hub

onefrankee 10 years ago from San Luis Obispo

George, I could not agree with you more. I remember watching my mother press everything from bed sheets, curtains and of course my jeans. My mother loved ironrite but am sure she would of enjoyed the newer model as hers was a beast.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 10 years ago

George,What a great post. I have several of these machines and you are correct when you say that the model 95 is the superior. Ironrite was a fascinating company and they produced a product that was a fine piece of engineering. I have a copy of the service manual that the repairmen used. I am always happy to copy the document as it can really help someone that is inclined to repair these units. I wish I could find someone to repair my model 95 as I use this machine several times a week for most of my household ironing.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Mike, thanks for the offer of a copy of the service manual. Yes, I would like it -- I may be able to pass it on to others.

Jim Shipe 10 years ago

Dear Mike or George (thanks for the article, George!),

Ditto for me on the REPAIR

Jim Shipe 10 years ago

Trying again...

Could either of you or anybody send me a copy of the REPAIR manual (I have the operating manual). Am trying to work on my daughter's "new" model 85.

Happy to pay what you tell me.

James (Jim) Shipe 131 South Main Street, Mercersburg, PA, 17236 (Phone 717 328 9328)

Lawrence Reble 10 years ago

I need to know how the wires hook to the small transformer on a model 95. I was trying to replace the power cord and when I pulled on the connector all the wires came off at once. Thanks.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Lawrence, , a site devoted to ironing, irons, and automatic ironers, has a pdf file of the IronRite repair maaual. You will have to email them, and they will respond with it attached to their email. It is 33 pages long. Post a comment here to let us know how the repair went.

bob 10 years ago

I have an Ironrite Model 75. Works great but, unfortunally was stored in a basement for a lot of years. Exterior cabinet has some rust but, still in fair condition, (Ironrite decal still intact and, all there). Interior is in great shape. Does anyone know anything about this model? I can't find any infromation about it.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Bob, I suppose that the model 75 was the main model that preceded the 85, which preceded the 95. I have dealt with cabinet rust before by using some fine cleanser (like Bon Ami) and then applying some wax. I don't know if Jubilee appliance wax is still made, but it was a good product for such a situation. Keep me posted!

Damye Hahn 10 years ago


My mother has an Irinrite 85 that she has used for years. It just stopped working a few months ago and she's lost without it! The problem is that she doesn't have a manual to figure out which part need repair. Can you help?

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Bob, see comment #8 above. Go to and you will find some instructions for you to email them, and they will email you back with the manual as a pdf attachment. Keep me posted on your repairing your Ironrite!

Pat  10 years ago

We have 2 Ironrite ironers and are desperate to find a replacement heating coil for the one that burned in two. Anyone have any suggestions of a source? I really need it repaired Thanks

gredmondson 10 years ago

Pat, your best bet is to find another used Ironrite and take the heating unit from it. I supppose that you have a model 85 (the most common one). Keep me posted on your progress here in the comment section.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 10 years ago

George,I promise I will get to a Kinkos and get the service manual copied. The book has to be taken apart and then reassembled each time I do it. I made 15 copies last time and they went like hotcakes. as for the people needing parts, there is a guy on Ebay called "Ironrite Man" and from what I can deduce he may have parts available. I know he sells pads and covers. You were correct when you replied to Bob about the model 75. It did preceeed the model 85 and 95. From what I can remember about the history, it was produced in the 1930's until the mid 40's then the 85 until the late 50's then came the 95

Sarah 10 years ago

My husband and I moved into a house built in 1950 and found an Ironrite model 85 in the storage area under the stairs. I don't know how to use it and would really like to sell it to someone who would love to have it in their home. Any suggestions on price for something that is in, what i would call really good condition with intact unfrayed cord and all parts? I would appreciate any info you can provide.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hi Sarah,

Where is your house (you may call me at 805-720-6178)? I have heard from some people who are looking for parts. It sounds like your Ironrite is in good condition. You could try craigslist or ebay. Craigslist, my first recommendation, attracts local buyers, and ebay exposes it to everyone. But, if you find someone fours states away who wants it, who is going to crate it to ship it? And, it is heavy! The number of people who wants these machines is low (it's not like collecting tea cups), and, since you didn't even know you had it, I suggest you ask $40.00. That's a good deal, and you'll get it out from under your stairs. Please leave me a comment, or call me, to let me know what happens!

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 10 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hello Mike,

Gee, that is really kind of you to volunteer to make those copies, but I did get it from emailing as instructed in the site. There is a place for you in the Ironrite Hall of Fame!

Tim 10 years ago

Hello if any one would like an ironrite mangel for free to pick up please e mail me i garentee its in good shap just needs a home [not mine ] thanks

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Bill, (#20) I didn't get your comment. Please leave it again.

Monta Burt 9 years ago


We're looking for real help finding a replacement (new would be best) element and ceramic posts for a model 95.

We actually use it at our B&B every day and the laundry is piling up!

Help! If you'd like to call, please do so at 352.373.4535


Jim 9 years ago

I am looking to sell an Ironrite Mangle Ironer. It looks like the Model 85, great condition and still works great too. I have no idea what the market is. Can anyone help?

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hey Jim,

I hope that you called Monta Burt (comment 22 above). She may be interested in your model 85 if she is unable to repair her Ironrite.

jim 9 years ago

Actually it is a Model 95 that I am selling in Michigan.

NANCY 9 years ago

I have 2 ironrite ironers model 95 that I would like to sell. One was my mother's and the other was mine. I have one book of instruction, ironrite oil, and even and extra roller cover. I also have an ironrite chair. They are both in working condition, altho one has some rust marks on the outside which could be touched up with some porcelain paint. Let me know by e-mail if you know of anyone who would like to by these. They must be picked up at my house as I have no way of shipping them. My address is: Nancy Beckert, 44208 Meadowlark Lane, Cadiz, Ohio 43907. Phone 740-942-2995. I will accept the best offer. Thank you.


Jim 9 years ago

Model 95 Ironrite , excellent condition, chair included. email is Detroit area. I can help with loading and possibly shipping too. Open to offers.

Tracey 9 years ago

My parents have a model 55 in good condition. Could you let me know what we sell it for? e-mail is

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Tracey, if that model 55 were mine, I'd be happy to sell it for $20.00 or even give it away -- as long as it wasn't going to scrap metal. Yes, perhaps there is someone who really wants the Ironrite you have, but the likelihood that he is close to you is virtually nil. QAnd, you know these unts are heavy!

Jim 9 years ago

Does anyone know the approx. weight of a Model 95 with chair???? Thanks,

George 9 years ago

The Ironrite Health Chair changed very little over the many years it was made. I just weighed min on our bathroom scale and it weighs 9.5 pounds.

Jim 9 years ago

The weight of the Model 95 is also needed???

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

My guess is 175 -- 200 pounds. I don't really know.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

This email was sent to me: I tried to post this at you ironrite site but my computer was being uncooperative, so I hope it's OK to contact you directly. I'm a fiber artist and I dye yards and yards ...and yards of silk each week - and then I have to iron it. The ironrite mangle looks like the answer to my prayers. If you hear of one that's available in the Boston area for a reasonable price, could you let me know? My phone number is (978) 256-8879 and my email address is Thanks so much!

Jennifer 9 years ago

My mother-in-law has a gas ironrite iron. I'm not sure of the model number. The iron belonged to her mother. Her mother was told at one time that this particular gas iron was one of only 3 made. I am wondering if this could be true and if so, how much this iron could be worth as she is interested in selling it. Thanks!

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

I have read a lot about Ironrites, and I have never heard of a gas model. Are you sure this is an Ironrite? If so, I bet that you are right that it is one of very few that were made. Do you have any literature with it? Could you take a digital photo and send it to me? I'd like to include it on my Hubpage. Email me at

Andy McMahon 9 years ago

I'm trying to find a replacement thermostat for my Mothers Ironrite model 85. Any idea where I might find one?

Linda 9 years ago

Would like to put in use a model 75 that was just given to me. No pads, rusty iron. Where do I start?

suzette 9 years ago

Thanks for the great site, gredmonson!  I got my ironrite for free last year... after a short ramp-up in learning I use it every week and will never hand-iron again if I can help it.  I don't have the chair, but use a fold-up camp stool which stores right underneath the roll for me.  I just did my first oil change and sewed a replacement cover.  A warning for those looking to ship/move/buy/sell one of these! Keep them upright at all times. If tipped on its side, the oil will leak out of the gear housing. At best, it's a mess. I've run mine for a year with almost no oil left in it... but it seems to be chugging along fine anyhow.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

To Comment #44, Linda: The first thing to do is to see if it heats. Check the cord (does it look s afe?), plug it in, turn on the heat switch and check to see if the shoe (that's what theheat source is called) heats, and then cycles off when it reaches the desired temperature. If it doesn't heat, just stop -- unless you know something about heating appliances. If it heats, and it appears that the thermostat works, then turn on the motor switch. Does it sound like a smooth electric motor running? If yes, then check to see if the knee controls work. Put a large terry cloth towel on the shoe and activate the knee controls. You know, most likely, everything will work fine. Then, when it is cooled off, use steel wool to clean the shoe, Buy padding (the width of the roller and about six feet long) at a fabric store and make your own cover (or buyt these on eBay) out of muslin. Change the oil in the gear box. Use 40 weight engine oil. Then start practicing using your Ironrite.

Linda 9 years ago

Thanks for the help. I will start on it this weekend.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Linda, keep me posted!

Jean 9 years ago

I have a Model 85 (my mother's) and a model 95 (my aunt's), both in working condidtion. If you want them you can have them for parts or to use. I am in the Baltimore area. 410-879-7424.

Terry 9 years ago

I just bought a Model 85 that is almost in new condition. However, the roll padding and muslin cover are missing. Does anyone know where I might buy these. Or maybe instructions on how to make them. They don't look too complicated.

Also, mine did come with the original manual if anyone needs copies.


George 9 years ago

I've seen NOS (new old stock) padding and muslin covers on eBay for Ironrites (check the width of the roller). You can also buy padding and muslin at a fabtic store. Ironrites came with a piece of burlap glued to the foller that held the padding (it is explained in the manual). I've made a few covers, and they have worked fine.

Ann Graybeal 9 years ago

Thanks so much for this web site and all the work that I know goes into it.I'm looking for an Ironrite chair in good condition.  I've looked on ebay and craigslist w/no luck but perhaps I'm not looking in the right places.  Anyway, what price do you suggest and is anyone who's mentioned owning a chair willing to sell it to me?  We'd have to work out shipping...

Linda  9 years ago

re #41, Gredmondson, Need more help. Made a pad out of and old sheet and a cover out of an old pillow case, they seem to work fine but…. I am trying to iron tulle and one side seems to feed thru faster than the other. Any ideas? And also, may be I’m not working it right but they left knee is the break? And the right knee makes the roller come down and start (then you let up?) some times it come down and start rolling and then after a while it stops rolling and I can not get it rolling again. What am I doing wrong. I tried to down load that manual on the Jitterbug site, but I never got the e-mail. Any help out there? and how much gear oil was I suppose to put in? I have the tank about half full. Thanks againg for your help.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hi Linda. A sheet won't make a good padding. The padding should have resilience, and the pillowcase is too short. But you do say that it seems to be okay except that one side seems to feed faster than the other. That can happen if one side of the roll is thicker than the other or if the pressure is not equal on both sides. It can also happen if the shoe is too hot and grabs (and melts) the meaterial. Tulle is usually made out of nylon which takes low heat.

Yes, the left knee control stops the roller. The right knee raises and lowers it and starts it rolling. It should keep rolling but if you inadvertently pressed the left knee, that would stop the roller. If the roller stopped with no action from you, something is broken. I checked in my manual, and it says 5 ounces of oil is needed for the gear box. It sounds like you used a lot more, but I don't think it caused any harm.

I hope this helps!

CHUCK 9 years ago

just purchased an old house .. left with all belongings... found an 'ironrite' i think model 89 in wood cabinet w/ manuel inside.. looks to be in good condition.. curious about what the worth of machine would be ??? any ideas ??

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Chuck, I find the wood case Ironrites interesting. Does it work? Heat cycles on and off? Motor runs smoothly? If those answers are positive, and you find someone who wants it, I'd be happy with $40.00. But, it is difficult to find people who have room for these appliances. If I were you, I'd give it to someone who wasjust interested in having it and wouldn't send it to the landfill (I have actually given Ironrites away to people who would use them).

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 9 years ago

Hey George, Mike Sakowitz here. what an interesting find, the Gas Ironrite. Out of all of the units I have seen and owned, never a gas model. Looks like a Model 75 that is heated with gas. Linda, do not run the machine while it is low on oil. There is a person on Ebay by the name of "Ironrite Guy" I know that he can supply the pad as well as the roll cover. Remember what George advised, that the burlap is glued to the roll and then the pad is "worked" into a warm roll. Most editions of the owners manuals give the details on replacing the roll cover. They also advise that you can take the pad off and place it in a dryer to fluff the pad up. BEWARE, the older pads can desinigrate in the dryer and make a mess in the drum of the dryer.

Ron 9 years ago

Just to say Hi ...I have Conlon that I have been using for 16 years now for flats....It needs some new padding and cover I suspect it is a different size than Ironrite...I have some muslin but am not too sure what to use for padding.Ron

Tim 9 years ago

This is an interesting site. It helped me price my Ironrite to list in my local buy-sell-trade. I see models 55, 75, 85, and 95 mentioned, but the envelope for my manual is marked as Model 880. Not sure what that makes it. I'm listing it for $50 in Cedar Rapids Iowa, in reasonable working condition. e-mail if interested.

Kathryn 9 years ago

What about the oil it takes for these machines? Can they be purchased today so the machines are again useable? I have a model 85 and the manuel clearly states do not turn on if oil is low, but I can't locate the oils.

George 9 years ago

Tim, if I remember correctly, your model number indicates that your Ironrite is in a wood case.


gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Kathryn, use five ounces of #40 automobile oil for your Ironrite. Remove the drain plug to get rid of the old oil, and pour in the new. I learned about the oil and amount from old Ironrite manuals.

Tim 9 years ago

Geroge, you're right, it is a wood case. So I guess it's a model 85 in a wood case, with black metal legs. Thanks!


gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

The wood case Ironrites i have seen have wood legs, so your model is one I haven't seen. Or, perhaps the wood legs were replaced with the metal legs.

Mike Robertson 9 years ago

I have just purchased a Model 85 and need an owners manual. I see from the postings that is the site but where on the site? Thanks this looks like the right place to ask such questions.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hi Mike, you have to go down to the Ironrite part (keep scrolling down), and you will come to it. If you can't find it, give me a call (805-720-6178) and I will guide you to it. There is also video at about Ironrites.

Jean 9 years ago

If any one wants an Ironrite Model 95 call me now. Otherwise it is going to the dump. It is in excellent condition. Baltimore area. 410-879-7424.

Bob K. 9 years ago

I have an Ironrite, Model 80 Ironer, machine No. AC9076, with a broken Thermostat. If anyone has a replacement thermostat they would like to sell, please contact me at

CWW 9 years ago

My father was in the natural gas business from the early 1930's until the mid 70's. We had an Ironrite ironer that was heated by gas. In fact until I went on the internet I did not know they were also electric. The company had women who visited the gas companies (and probably stores) to demonstrate how easily one could iron using the Ironrite mangle that was open on both ends. One of the secrets in using it was that the clothes should not be too wet. They also need to be evenily moist so it is best to sprinkle them the night before, roll them up then iron the next morining. Or remove them from the dryer at the proper dampness, roll them, let them sit a while so there are no dry or overly wet spots. Mother just made her replacement covers from old sheets. The pads were bought.

Mila 9 years ago

It's great! I learned something new!

Bob 9 years ago

Thanks! I wish more people knew that!

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

I have given a son an Ironrite chair that was taken apart, and I don't think he wants it. i would be willing to ship it to someone who wants to put it together. (cell 805-720-6178).

Den 9 years ago

Good post! It was really useful!

Hal 9 years ago

Good job! It really helped me!

Jeannine Diemer 9 years ago

I'm a B & B owner in Grass Valley, CA desperately needing a heating coil for a model 85 Ironrite or a parts Ironrite with a working coil in the Sacramento area. Any help would be very much appreciated. I also have a model 88 Ironrite, wooden case, in beautiful condition except that it is unusable because the brown paint on the interior has oxidized to the point where it rubs off onto the clean linens. We have tried color back but that has not solved the problem. Any suggestions? Thanks so much for the wonderful site!

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Jeannine, have you thought of painting the interior of the wooden case with an enamel paint? Or you could spray it with a clear lacquer after lightly sanding it if you wanted to retain the color you now have. After rereading your comment, I think that you mean the paint on the metal has oxidized. In that case, what do you think of getting some rubbing compound (like what is used when you are waxing a car to remove oxidation), and then using an auto wax on it. I think this will work! What do you think?

Jeannine 9 years ago

It is the metal and I did try the color back, which is a rubbing compound, but the color just keeps coming off.....I have not used the auto wax but it's sure worth a try...perhaps it would seal the color? I'll let you know if it works. Thank you! As of this afternoon, my husband removed the heating coil from the wooden cased 88 and moved it into the model 85 so at least I have a working unit! Not a perfect answer since the 88 was the nicest one but at least I can provide ironed sheets to my guests!

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Jeannine, keep me posted. The rubbing compound will keep taking the paint down (the color would keep coming off) as long as you use it, but you want to remove just the oxidized top layer that has been rubbing off on your clothes. But, it looks like the heating coil is out of it anyway.

jeannine 9 years ago

Hi gredmondson,

Hi gredmondson, Taking out the heating coil to put in the other Ironrite was a move of desperation since I have about 16 sets of sheets and about 60 napkins to iron before tomorrow!! We're looking for a heating coil or parts iron so we can get the good one going. I'll let you know next week how the car wax works out. Again, thank you.

Christopher Liberatore 9 years ago

I have recently come across various original ironrite replacement parts including heating elements, thermostats, manuals, switches, roller pads, covers, etc. Feel free to contact me via email and we can maybe arrange to supply with some hard to find replacement parts.

cdawg429 9 years ago

I have a few heating elements still in the original iron box's and have never been opened. The part number is S 8505. Does anyone know which Iron or iron's that will is made to fit. Thanks.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

To Christopher Liberatore and cdawg429, send me or post your email address. I have had people ask me if I have any parts. I don't have any.

cdawg429 9 years ago

I am Chris Liberatore. I signed up after my first posting. So my user name is Cdawg429. My email address is Feel free to email about parts or accessories for many ironrites. Hope to hear from you soon.

cdawg429 9 years ago

Does anyone know if model 88 and 880 are one in the same? I have a heating element that my service maual says is for an 880 and I have someone who says he has a model 88. We are trying to figure out if the element I have will work in his iron. Thanks.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

I think the heating element should work. Are they the same size?

cdawg429 9 years ago

Does anyone know what a 48inch x 80inch muslin cover would have been made for. I obtained a number of these covers with the other ironrite parts and accessories I got. It doesn't say ironrite but it does say IRONER COVER 48x80. It has the draw strings and is the same material as the ironrite covers. I was wondering if they made a very wide model that I was not familiar with. Thanks.

Nate  9 years ago

I have an Ironrite #S44MW-917. Here is the problem: The drum spins, but it keeps going up and down without the pedels being pushed. How do I fix that? Can you respond to this e-mail address?


Jeannine  9 years ago

Hi Chris, I'm looking for a thermostat and heating coil for my wood cased model 88 Ironrite.....will contact you via email. Coil for the 85 and 88 seem to be the same.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

To Nate: You might try wiggling the control arms under the top (the knee controls). They are adjustable.

cdawg429 9 years ago

To Nate: My trouble shooting manual says IF ROLL KEEPS GOING UP AND DOWN: "1. Thrust Stud Screw might be too tight, 2. Bent Knee Control, 3. Broken spring for clutch trigger rod.

I would try what Gredmondson said and adjust the knee controls first and if that doesn't work let me know what model you have and I could see if I can tell you where to look for that spring and see if I have one to replace it. Let me know,

Margaret 9 years ago

I would like to purchase at least one (or two if I can find them) Ironrite's in good working condition and also an Ironrite chair(s). I live in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks so much for your help!

cdawg429 9 years ago

Margaret I have a few ironrites in good working condition and I am also from the Pittsburgh area so if you are interested give me a call on my cell and we can talk about it. My cell is 412 292 7076 and my email is Thanks.

Kathy Gaskins 9 years ago

Jeannine, Get in touch with Chris L ref parts. I bought a new thermostat from him on eBay for my model 95. Have not received it yet, but will be delighted if this works out. I have found a guy here in Sacramento who was willing to work on mine. He figured out the thermostat problem and is excited about working on this "really cool" machine. Call me at 916 783 1968 if you'd like his name and number. Ironriters have to stick together! Kathy

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 9 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Does anyone remember the now-defunct website You can find it through the "wayback machine" -- -- . Operated out of Oregon by Brad Hanna, last listing for the site is Feb '06 -- he had lots of data and things related to Ironrite's and mangles in general, including access to parts, manuals, and a classified page. Nice guy, very helpful. Sorry to lose track of him. Glad to have found you all. I have a B&B and three Model 85's which I rotate into service when one breaks down. Looking for a new source of parts and suggestions.

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RickyRob48 9 years ago from Half Moon Bay

I'm new to this group, but not to Ironrite. I have three Model 85's (at this moment), one of which works and the others are either awaiting my finding parts or being used for parts. I'm always on the lookout for a Model 85 nearby (San Francisco area). I have a bed and breakfast and we use our Ironrite a couple hours a day for ironing our all-cotton bed linens, napkins, table cloths, and more. We can't get a long without it. It's great to find this group. There used to be a dedicated web site -- -- but it went off line sometime last year. They even had a classified page. If anyone is interested, you can view that website by using the Wayback Machine -- -- just put in the URL where indicated.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 9 years ago

HI George, The flatironer manual is off and in the mail to you. We are in the process of building a new house and will be able to "display" the flat ironers and the 4 models of Ironrites. I think it will be a fun room.

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gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

RickyRob48: Have you tried contacting Chris L who is listed above? He does have some parts.

Mike S T: I am anxious to see the flat iron manual. I just returned from the Kitchen/Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas (which wss so interesting!) and saw Miele's rotary ironer and Asko's which irons without heat -- just pressure!

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RickyRob48 9 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Has anybody else had a problem with response from I've sent them three emails in the past two weeks requesting the .pdf file for the Ironrite Repair Manual. No response. Has anyone else been sent that .pdf? And if so, could you forward it to me at Thanks.

gredmondson 9 years ago

Hi Ricky Rob48, Jitterbuzz esponded to me right away. Maybe they are on vacation. I printed mine, but after checking my computer, I don't think I saved it.

beadedtiara 9 years ago

I am so excited to have found your forum! I just acquired a model 85 from a 93 year old lady who used it every day for years to iron her husband's dress shirts, and everything else. Haven't even plugged it in yet, but she said she used it a few months ago. So much helpful information here, in case I need it.

I, too, have not gotten any response from jitterbuzz after requesting the .pdf files for Ironrite manuals. I guess it's been about 10 days now.

Janice Faustin 9 years ago

I have an Ironrite 95 plus an Ironrite Health Chair both in good condition. I also have a new iron cover for it to, plus the instruction book. Would like to sell it. They can contact me at I live in Bay City, Michigan.

Tami 9 years ago

I have a Thor Model 61 Mangle. It was produced by Hurley Machines Co. in the U.S. It is in good condition and works perfectly. The top of the case has some discoloration but otherwise it is also in great condition. We are in the process of getting ready to move and I need some information that would help me know how best to sell this item. Thanks!!

Leonard Patterson 9 years ago

I have a Model 85. My wife used it daily until something in the gear box broke. The roller keeps cycling, up and down, while it rolls. Any chance in getting a copy of the repair manual? The Ironrite was an invaluable tool for her.

karen sturm 9 years ago

Years ago I owned a g.e mangle.. it was a fold down model on a stand.. but with knee control at both ends.. very easy to use and I don't think it weighed nearly as much as the ones described in the letters here. We had a flood and it was lost...have missed it so much... probably more for sentimental reasons.. but I still iron my sheets even...and would love to have another one. Can anyone help?


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gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

To Tami (above),

I'd list it on Craigslist and I'd just about give it away as far as price is concerned.

Tto Leonard Patterson (above),

I have encountered that problem, and it was fixed by adjusting the knee control arms underneath the top. Also, at you may email the site operator for a repair manual for the Ironrite. He responded quickkly to my request.

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gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

To Tami (above),

I'd list it on Craigslist and I'd just about give it away as far as price is concerned.

Tto Leonard Patterson (above),

I have encountered that problem, and it was fixed by adjusting the knee control arms underneath the top. Also, at you may email the site operator for a repair manual for the Ironrite. He responded quickkly to my request.

Carol Mulholland 9 years ago

Mr. Gredmodson,

I recently sent a note relating that I had an Ironrite Mangle Model 95 , chair and insturction booklet that a party is interested in. I have been trying to find out what price is fair... The Party quoted your page as saying the Ironrite was worth maybe 50.00, I had seen a site that listed the Model as "a rare vintage find and $399.00.... but when I went to the site couldn't confirm this.

I have quoted the party 50.00 for the mangle since that is what she said you quoted as fair.. and 20.00 for the chair and manuel combined. Are the latter items over quoted?

Would appreciate your input....


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gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hi Carol,

(I will also email this to you). Well, this is capitalism at work. It is true that I have said that $50.00 is a fair price, but then if you have high demand, you may ask for more. First of all, are your model 95 and chair in excellent condition? I did hear of brand new, never used model 95s selling for $200.00 just two weeks ago. That was without the chair. And, a few years ago I heard of a model 95 (in the original pink color from the 1950s) selling for many hundreds of dollars. If your Ironrite works well and the chair is in good condition, your combined price of $70.00 is very good for the buyer. How good iit is for you is up to you. I do know thst many very good condition ironers have gone to scap metal. Where are you located? You may email me at .


jt7 9 years ago

I was'nt sure what a mangle was until I stumbled across an Ironrite inside my friend's mother's house. She recently died and she had lived in her mother's house. Anyway,if anyone is interested in a model 95 in mint condition I have no use for it. I doubt if its been used in the last 40 or 50 years. It looks new.

my e-mail is

Sandi 9 years ago

I just bought an ironrite ironer from a garage sale, i am so excited to use it. I even have the instruction book, but there is no muslin covering the roller. Any suggestions? Also, I am looking for a chair if anyone hears of one.



Judy 9 years ago

We have a Ironrite Model 85 made in MT. Clemens, MI

115 volts, 12.AMPS

Do you know what year it was manufactured? and $$



Wendy  9 years ago

Just received an ironrite in mint condition model 85

I'm from Ohio anyone interested can email me at

Chris Liberatore 9 years ago

Anyone in need of new irons, roller pads, roller covers, and many other parts feel free to contact me or check my ebay listings under user name "9054christopher". Most of the parts I have are for the model 95's and I have some still in the box model 98's that I am willing to sell. In addition I do have some still in the box vintage ironrite lighted signs for sale. Feel free to contact me at 412 292 7076.

Eric West 9 years ago

My mom passed away in December and the Ironrite Model 35 (Machine #1146) that has been a fixture in her garage all these years appears to be in very good shape. If anyone is interested in purchasing and pick up (Kansas City area), e-mail me at I will be glad to e-mail photos.

kathie 9 years ago

my grandmother passed away and i got her ironrite 85, but no manual

if any one can send me a copy

thank u

Heidi 9 years ago

I have my Mom's Ironrite Model 85. I have fond memories of her using it to iron everything, even Dad's boxers. It is not working properly. The right knee pedal does not do anything. As near as I can tell, it should lower the roller and the left one should stop and raise it. I have a friend who is willing to work on it and has some mechanical experience with older appliances although not with an Ironrite. Iwould love to get a copy of the repair manual mentioned by Mike Sakowitz Twomey in his posting of 27 weeks ago. I would gladly pay both copying and mailing costs.

Sandi 9 years ago

I tried buying a new pad and cover for my garage sale find mangle, but they cost 3 times the cost of the mangle!!!! So, i am going to try and make my own. I have the muslin for the cover, what do I get to make the pad?


Dawn Cunningham 9 years ago

Looking for a mangle. phone 978-546-7053 or cell 978-853-1076

Peggy 9 years ago

My ironrite just quit heating all of a sudden last night - there was some smoke coming out of it earlier and then that quit and then the heat just is gone. I emailed jitterbug like you suggested for the repair manual. I dont have time to wait for a long reply does anyone have one they could fax to me?

I love my machine owning a bed and breakfast also I have enjoyed all the previous comments that were posted.

email me at if you have any suggestions or remarks on what could be wrong with my machine.

signed desperate in washington

Sandi  9 years ago

Hi George,

Thanks for this site, all the info is great. I learned how to make a pad and cover for my garage find Ironrite thanks to you, put it all on and it looks great. Turned on the iron and when it heated up it scorched the cover and pad and started smoking. So now I am afraid to use it! All my hard work for nothing. So, I am looking for another Ironrite, one that works this time. Anyone have one for sale please e-mail me:

Joseph Wiley 9 years ago

We have an Ironrite Model 95 (w/chair) that has never been used (paper still on the roller). If anyone is interested, please contact us at our email address. Note: Shipping would be cost-prohibitive, so you'll need to come and pick it up - we live in the "Thumb" of Michigan.

We're glad we found a site where hopefully we can find someone that can put this item to use - it seems like a waste letting it sit around gathering dust!

Joseph Wiley 9 years ago

Oops - thought it would pick up our email address its:


Linda Holley 9 years ago

I have had my ironer for about 10 years - bought it an estate sale because my Mom had one and my husband and I had just bought a B & B. Knew it would come in handy. I have just started using it again after moving 6 years ago and wonder if anyone knows where I might find a new cover for it. Kathie, have you found anyone to send you a manual?

Fred 9 years ago


I have a model 85 in near perfect condition. I live in central Ohio and my number is 614-477-9376 or you can e-mail me at if you are interested. Thank-you.

Sandi 9 years ago

Linda, You can either make a new cover, just buy some muslin and stitch the sides to thread a string through, or go on ebay they have them for sale.

bill hatchett 9 years ago

We are in the process of cleaning my Mother's garage and found a Maytag Automatic Mangle.  I wonder if there are any people who collect 60 year old antiques like this.  While it is still functioning, we have no specific use for it, but I would be willing to give it away.

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gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Bill Hatchett,

Please leave a phone number or email address so someone may contact you. You never know who may want what you are willing to give away! I've heard that there is a Maytag musuem in Newton, Iowa.

Jim Koerner 9 years ago

Looking to find a heating element for a model 95 called part number,#S41010 and Thermostat 405-50.

Jim Koerner 9 years ago

I apologize for the second posting - but just noticed it did not catch email. Please respond to above posting via jtkoerner at - thank you

gredmondson 9 years ago

I'm no electrician, but an electric plug that gets VERY hot should be replaced. Does anyone have any other ideas?

Ann Chafin 9 years ago

I want to change the oil in my Ironrite 95 model.

I can't tell whether the oil plug screws out or just pulls out. Could someone advise me on this? Thanks.

gredmondson 9 years ago

The oil plug unscrews on the model 85. I bet it does the same on the 95.

Bobbie Cameron 9 years ago

When we bought our home 25 yrs. ago there was and Ironrite in the basement. Now we are selling and wondereing what to do with it. It is a model 45 and I have not seen that model number mentioned in any of your postings. Can you tell me about how old it is? Thanks

Gredmondson 9 years ago

I haven't heard of a model 45! I'm guessing that it is from the 20s.

Ann Chafin 9 years ago

Changing the plug did resolve the overheated plug on the Ironrite. Thanks.

Also, we did find that the oil plug unscrews. Got the oil changed, and the model 95 hums along like a sewing machine! I'm ironing everything! Thanks again.

Jenny 9 years ago

I just purchased an Ironrite model 85. I haven't plugged it in yet, but I read that many people recommend replacing the cord. The cord on this unit isn't frayed, so can I just keep it? If I need to replace it, what kind of cord do I use? Also, the lady who owned it tipped it when moving it from the basement and the oil leaked. What should I do about that?


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gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hi Jenny -- I say that if the cord looks like it is in good shape, go ahead and try it. I have tried older cords on many appliances, and most have worked just fine. As above, if the plug heats, replace it. If you do replace the cord, make sure that you use a cord rated for the watts used by the machine (I think it is 1480 watts). YOur hardware store can guide you to the right cord. I, too, have received an Ironrite that was tipped on its side, and some of the oil leasked out. In my case, it was about a teaspoon (a teaspoon of oil covers a lot of area), and it didn't cause a problem. I did eventually change the oil (use five ounces of 40 weight automobile oil).

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Ole Number One 9 years ago from Louisiana

Stephen King has written about "Manglers". I have never realized exactly what they were until now. Nice Hub...


EJW 9 years ago

If you have a well working mangle for sale and are located around Seattle, WA area, please contact me -

Thank you.

Marzanna Krupp 9 years ago


I cherish my Ironrite Mangle ironer. My father bought it for my mother in the spring of 1950 when she was pregnant with my sister. We were a farm family and it made mother's work a lot easier. Think of could sit down to do the family ironing! Daddy drew the line on the things mother could iron when she began putting his socks and underware through the ironer! You can actually turn a sock that fits a man who wears a size 7 shoe and turn it into the size needed for aGlobetrotter basketball player! I'd love to know where I can find a new fabric cover and padding for it. It still works like a charm. My husband has tried to get me to get rid of it, but it holds too many fond memories of a childhood on the farm in Ohio during a gentler more sane time in our country's history.

gredmndson 9 years ago

Marzanna, the cover and pad have been discussed above. You do need some simple sewing skills if you want to make your own, but they are often availabe on eBay.

RickyRob48 9 years ago

Regarding cord replacement, you shoud immediately replace the original cord on your Ironrite, no matter how good it looks. Not just the plug, the whole cord. The main reason is that you'll want to have a three wire plug -- with ground. Connect the black and white ends right where the old wires come off the unit. Somewhere nearby you'll find a place (a screw or bolt) where you can secure the green wire (ground) to the metal chassis. It's so much safer that way. Less chance of shock from old electrical parts.

Regarding the oil leakage when transporting, the main thing I've found is when oil leaks that way, it often goes through the motor. This can cause smoking for a while (no real danger) and can drip oil on the materials you are ironing. You just have to wipe off the bottom of the motor and the chassis nearby regularly to get any oil before it ruins something. After a while it will stop.

Try to use 20 weight NON DETERGENT oil (hard to find these days) as replacement.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 9 years ago

Hello all, have been out of commission for a few months. One thing that people frequently forget is to clean the shoe (metal iron) of the Ironrite. I raise the roll and use a tube of the Faultless Iron Soleplate cleaner. The shoe must be very hot and I apply the cream to an old terry cloh (all cotton) towel then rub off any starch or debris that has stuck to the shoe. So many times things will stick to the shoe and prevent the roll from working properly. Also for the folks that asked about the oil changes on the units. You will see a cardboard type of thing in the gear box when you open it to pour the oil in. Make sure you replace this as it does help prevent leaks from occuring around the top.

gredmondson 9 years ago

Hey, Mike, thanks so much for the shoe cleaning update. Can I use that cleaning solution on the GE flatplate, too? The instruction manual suggests beeswax.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 9 years ago

George!..HI!...Yes I have used the Faultless Soleplate cleaner on the flat plate as well. Intrestingly the flatplate has a bit of texture on it. (both of mine do) the Ironrite is quite slick until it picks up a bit of debris. Make sure you heat the ironer up to cotton/linen and then use an old terry cloth towel (no synthetic fibers in that terry cloth!) you will be amazed what comes off of the iron/shoe.....

Lin 9 years ago

This site is fantastic. Thanks for all the wonderful info. A friend has a mangle and I've been interested for a couple of years and have finally decided to try and find one.

I'm located in SW Vermont and am looking for an Ironrite 95. I'm willing to travel the New England area for pick-up. Email:



Mick McMahan 9 years ago

I'm desperately seeking a thermostat for a Model 84 Ironrite. My wife is going nuts having to iron shirts, pants, etc. by hand. If someone could help me out, it would save my marriage (just kidding folks). But the thermostat is REALLY needed.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 9 years ago

Mr Wiley..I have tried to contact you via email....not sure if you are rec'd my emails or not. Please email me at Thank you in advance. Mike

gredmondson 9 years ago

Hi Mike,

One of the HubPages people told me not to put exact email adddresses in comments (and I have done this) as they pick up spam.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 9 years ago

Hi George, Do you have any idea how to reach Mr. Wiley? Thanks in advance, Mike

beadedtiara 9 years ago

The model 85 I got for free is working like a charm!

I immediately replaced the entire cord and plug with a new one, and drained and replaced the oil. That was all pretty easy. The pad and cover had a terrible musty basement smell. I took it all off. Soaked the pad in vinegar and then hand washed it (VERY gently!!), which went fine, and put on new burlap. Made a few new covers from some muslin and rolled it all back on the roller. Voila! Good as new.

I subsequently found a model 88 for sale in a nearby town and aquired it for $60. The machine part was in not nearly as good condition, so I made a hybrid. I put the 85 machine inside the lovely mahogany wooden cabinet of the 88. A marriage made in heaven! The plus side is that I can keep it handy in the main part of the house, and hubby doesn't object, as it's a nice-looking piece of furniture. And I have the other machine for spare parts.

There is a definite learning curve when it comes to operating the ironer. One thing I discovered is that a high heat setting for a cotton shirt will turn the black nylon size/brand tag at the back of the neck into plastic goo! Had to resort to a razor blade to get the cooked-on black nylon off of the soleplate. Guess they didn't have to deal with nylon tags in cotton clothing in the 40s...

But the hybrid Ironrite and I have come to a happy relationship and are ticking along just fine, ironing everything but the cat (tempting though that may be).

I did, by the way, finally get a response from and got the pdf files of the manuals. They were down from spam for quite a while. This is a fantastic resource for use and repair info.

Iron On!

jamestedmondson profile image

jamestedmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco

As the son of George R. Edmondson, I didn't realize mangle ironers were unusual until age 12.

Pam 9 years ago

I just found a model 85. It is in good working order except that it is missing the red dial for the heat setting. Any idea what I could use, as it is I can't tell what heat setting it is on.

Also, there is no burlap, padding or muslin cover on the machine. I looked on ebay and the prices were a bit high for me so I would like to make the replacements myself. The width is easy enough to figure out but I'm not sure what length they should be. I was thinking of cotton batting for the padding, how thick should it be?

If anyone has an Ironrite chair that they are willing to part with I would be very interested in buying it.

Thank you so much for this webpage, I can't wait to use my machine!!

Selma Mehrman 9 years ago

I have an Ironrite Mangle that I am willing to give away.  It dates back to the late 1920s. I live in Beverly, MA.  Phone # 978-922-4043.   

David White 9 years ago

We had a ironrite model 95 for years. Dad brought it home, new, in 1965, He must have found it in someone's inventory in tulsa, ok. Anyway, I am looking for a good or one that can be repaired. Mother sold our home and no one has a clue what happened to the iron. Please send me a note or call if you can help cell 336-972-4332

Selma Mehrman 9 years ago

Five days ago I wrote that I have an Ironrite Mangler that I will givs away.  Too late, it went out today. 

ervin 9 years ago

I still remember very vividly my first restaurant with loads of dirty table cloths and napkins, which needed to be washed and ironed by my mother or myself so many times...

Dana 9 years ago

I just purchased what I think is a model 88 ironrite, with the wood case and legs, which is great for me since it has to be kept in a dining room. Closed it looks like a nice piece of furniture.

My ironrite came with a Users Manual, but not the Service Manual, and after reading all the wonderful discussion on this site, I realize I should probably change the oil before doing much else. But I have no idea where the *plug* is you are talking about (to drain the oil) or where I put the oil once it's drained.

I did write and ask for the service manual to be sent via the site that offers them, but in the mean time I would love to get the oil changed and feel safe to use the ironer.

Thank you so much.


gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author


There is a little plug at the bottom of the gear box on the right side (if I remember correctly). Unscrew that plug after you put something to catch the oil (about five ounces is the recommended amount). Replace the plug and refill with five ounces of 40 weight nondetergent automobile oil. Let us know how it goes!

Dana 9 years ago

Is the *plug* a hexagon nut looking thing? It's all I can find on the bottom right side of the gear box, on either side for that matter. Once the oil is drained out, where do I add the new oil?

Although the service manaul came this morning, via email, it doesn't tell me where to put oil. I think possibly my owners manual isn't complete, it has no cover and goes up to page 22, so perhaps the oil changing area is gone?

Thank you so much for your help.


gredmondson 9 years ago

Hi Dana,

yes, the plug is the hexagon nut looking thing. The top of the gearbox comes off (it's been years since I did this, but I think it slides back after you unscrew something). That is where you add the oil.

Dana 9 years ago

Thank you so much!

Okay, off to buy some oil! Will let you know how it all goes.

Can't wait to start ironing!


Dana 9 years ago

Wow, it's a good thing I decided to wait to use this until I drained the oil and replaced it. There was almost nothing to drain, replacing it was simple once I learned where it went (thanks again gredmondson).

Once the oil was in and okay I realized the pad was thicker at one side than the other. I unrolled the cover and the pad, as instructed in the user manual, and then decided to add a bit of new padding for good measure. A yard of new thin, cotton batting under the original padding seemed to do it. I put the muslin cover back on, with the newer looking part on the outside this time. The cover was in very good condition but a little scorched... Now it looks perfect and I can't believe how great it is to iron with this machine.

I'm a rag weaver, so I cut material into long thin strips for weft and I like to have the material very straight, pressed nice and tight for my cutter. The ironrite is absolutely perfect for this job. (Maybe I'll even press some table clothes now and I'm eyeing the pillow cases as we speak...)

Thanks again,


caroniaguy 9 years ago

I recently purchased an Ironrite 85, I have changed the oil, fluffed the pad and washed the muslin cover, all seems in order.....until I tried to reinstall the pad and cover. I can't get the right knee control to function, when I press it nothing happens. The roll will not go up or down, but when I use the red release and then manually move the roll down nothing happens. If I gently pull the roll down further it will roll and eventually engage, but I am unable to use the right knee control to raise the roll. Instead, if I pull the knee control in the wrong direction, the roll will release and pop up. I have the service manuals and instruction manuals, but can't seem to figure out the problem. I have even tried watching the gears with the oil cover off to see if I can see something wrong. I can see the rod that is supposed to operate the up and down does move but does not appear to do anything inside the gear box. Any suggestions? This ironer is a beauty and I'd love to get it working properly. Thanks 

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hi Caroniaguy,

You may try this: On the underside of the deck, you will see that they knee controls are adjustable. Try adjusting the right one in both directions. Other people have written about having this problem. Did it work properly before you renovated it? Let me know how it goes.

Susan D 9 years ago

I am now the proud owner of two model 85 Ironrites. The first one I found at Goodwill last month and the second I bought yesterday from a woman who was the original. I bought the second one so I could get the health chair and the orginal clothes rack that came with it.

The both work fine but had roller covers that needed to be re-furbished. I am using the old cover as a pattern for the muslin and here are the dimensions: 60" long X 30" wide. The ends are pinked and the sides cut an inch longer than necessary (included in the measurement) for the turning under the hem to form a casing. The length of the lenghth of the cotton string/braid is about 68" long.

I hope this helps those who want to make there own covers and save money.

caroniaguy 9 years ago

Thanks for the tip! I did try it and still doesn't work. I did discover a ticking sound in the motor when I press the right knee control. I am not sure if it worked before changing the oil, but had not adjusted anything prior to this. It feels like the control (or the rod in the gearbox) isn't moving far enough.....I just bought a model 95 this afternoon so I have had a chance to compare how they "feel". If I can't fix this one, I might try taking it to our local Mr. Fixit nearby.

Jim Beucler 9 years ago

I have a Ironrite Mangle - Model 95. The thermostat switch assembly is broken. Can anyone give me advise on repairing/replacing it?.. i.e. Where to get another?

Thanks, Jim Beucler

Mary Toomey LoGra 9 years ago

I grew up using a mangle. I loved it. I now have a iron-rite featherweight. For about 10 years it worked well, then the roller started to freeze and not turn when it was lowered. Neither petal would release the roller and I had to use the red bar behind the roller to lift the roller away from the heat source. After finding your site I opened up the iron again and it worked fine for a little while. Now its back to its old trick. Any words of wisdom.

Diane Villano 9 years ago

Anyone interested in an Ironrite DuFold Ironer? My mother used it in the 40's and 50's and it's been up in the attic (New Haven County, Connecticut) since then. According to the achived site, it was made between '26-'40. It does not have legs and looks like it's in good condition. I'm planning on putting it out at a tag sale this Saturday. For digital shots, please email me at Dianev_scpcg at


Diane V.

caroniaguy 9 years ago

Finally got the 85 working the right way! Thanks for the suggestions. Had to futz around with the gears a bit, and slowly everything came back to life. I attribute the problem to the fact that the mangle hadn't been used in nearly 40 years so it was likely to be slightly gummed up. Had it running for an hour today with no problems.

leona 9 years ago

I have 2 ironrites that I would like to find a home for - one is a model 85 in a metal cabinet and the other is in a beautiful wood cabinet. Would like to know where these can go before I have to move and pitch them in the trash. Thank you for any help. Leona

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Leona, Pleasew leave some information about contacting you and where you are. I hope someone can use your Ironrites . . .

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 9 years ago from Half Moon Bay

All you folks who are refurbishing Ironrites -- changing gear oil, replacing power cords with grounded versions, etc. Please don't forget about lubricating the electric motor. The inner bearings are oiled by the gear lube, the outer bearings must be manually oiled regularly (by you). This is especially important if you are restarting a machine that hasn't been used for many years. Chances are the oil in the outer bearings has dried out, and you could be running your machine on dry bearings. They will burn our quickly, and motors are expensive and hard to find. I suggest slowly putting about 8 drops of oil into the oiling tube (a little pipe, maybe with a hinged cap, on top of the motor) every six months or so. I use Armite "Zoom Spout" turbine lubricating oil (available in most hardward stores). For heavens sake don't use 3-in-One oil -- it's made from vegetable oil and will fail dramatically in this type of application. Happy ironing!

leona 9 years ago

I live in Ferndale Michigan. My home phone is 248-542-9208 I am hoping to find homes for these two ironrites both complete with manuals. Need an answer soon for the one in the wood cabinet. Thanks for any help with this

leona 9 years ago

Hello....IF anyone is looking for ironrites, I have 2 available. One is in a metal cabinet and the other is in a rare wooden cabinet. Have manuals for both.. Need to move these before winter sets in.... $175 buys both...give me a call...248-542-908....I am located outside Detroit Michigan.....HURRY>>>

Allen  9 years ago

It seems that Ironrites were used predominantly in the northern parts of the U.S., I haven't come across any in Texas yet. I wouldn't mind driving a few hours to pick one up if I could find one under 500 miles and in good condition.

gredmondson 9 years ago

Ihave acquired from my mother,an Ironrite Model 75 machine no. K-20724 115A.C. 14.1 AMPS. This Ironer belonged to my Grandmother. While moving the Ironer oil got in the motor. When plugged in the motor started smoking. What a smell!!!! If I plug it back in, is it o.k. if I leave it smoke for awhile(outside)? Before my mother passed away last December she told me she had used this ironer to iron curtains within the last year. Please answer this as soon as you can.

Many Thanks, Cindy

Eevi 9 years ago

I have a Conlon Rotary Ironrite, Model R. It works, but the outside paint of the case is in fair condition. I don't use it anymore and would like to sell it. Is it worth anything? Thanks.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Eevi, the old Conlon is not worth much. I hope that you will be able to sell it for $5.00 (or give it for free) to someone who wants it to keep rather than to senditto the scrap yard.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Leona, you left a blank comment. Was there something you wanted to say?

LEONA 9 years ago


Shelly 9 years ago

I've wanted an ironrite mangle for years but just found this site - Its great. I'm looking for a model#95 in the east Nebraska/west Iowa region if anyone hears of one!

Laura 9 years ago

I have an Ironrite Model 88. Had it in storage for awhile, now it's inside. I am unsure of the maintenance and would like to know before I run it again. It's a very pretty orange/black mottled color in perfect condition. The outside of the cabinet needs to be treated as it is dry but am afraid to apply anything. Any information you could throw my way would help.



Alberta 9 years ago

Okay! I've decided to part with my Ironrite mangle ---- it is a Model 85. We purchased it new "when we were up on the ranch in WY" - back in those days we ironed everything. The original manual is with this appliance - it shows a copyright date of 1948 - so, that's probably when we bought this. I DO NOT IRON ANYMORE! I'm 87 YO and finally retired from domestics! Everything is working - this model has two switches, one for the heat and one for the motor. The electrical cord is still in good condition. It was originally white (the cabinet) but in the 70's or 80's we had it professionally re-enameled to match the washer/dryer set we had in the laundry room. So the cabinet is what I would call "goldenrod" - maybe "harvest gold". The cover on the drum is still in good condition, but I would recommend an oil change and lube before running too much since I haven't really used this machine in at least twenty years. I just turned it on - the heat works, the motor is running quiet, the levers work, the roller rolls, etc. I am located in Colorado Springs - make an offer on this.

Alberta 9 years ago

Sorry, forgot to give my contact info for the Ironrite Model 85 available for sale:

e-mail me at


Jim 9 years ago

Where can I find parts such as replacement pad and cover plus oil for our ironrite?

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Jim, that is information is covered in the comments. I know, there is a lot to read. I may edit it, and put the information in the actual Hub.

Jim 9 years ago

Thank You. I would really appriciate that.

ray guy 9 years ago

I am interested in acquiring a model 95 or 95 in good working condition. I am located in the Niagara falls area and could drive to pick up. My email is and tel no. is 905-468-5362

For gregmondson, great site ,enjoyed reading the comments and suggestions.

ray guy

Debbie 9 years ago

To Allen: I have discovered an IronRite Model 85 in our recent purchase of the McBirney Mansion in Tulsa, OK. You're right...seems all posts are from the northern states. I know that it has been used in the fairly recent past but don't know of the working condition to date. If you're still interested, I'll fire it up and see if it is still in working condition! Thanks Deb

Joann 9 years ago

Hi everyone!

I am looking for a mangle in the southeast (GA,SC,NC,VA,TN etc.) If you know of one, please send me an email (insert @ for the word "at"). Thank you!


Barbara 9 years ago

I am looking for an ironrite ironer. Any model will be fine. It must be in good working condition. I live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Please contact me: or my phone and fax # is 610-454-7888

Vincent 9 years ago

I just picked up an Ironrite model 95. Its fabulous. I'd like to replace the pad and cover. Any ideas where I can get this?

Harold Johnson 9 years ago

I have an Ironriet Dufold Ironer. Serial Number 20867. Don't know the model number. Perhaps I can find it if you need to know. Anyone want to pick it up at Walnut Ridge, AR for $15.00. The roller turns. That's all I know about it. It's dusty. Call 800-584-5575

leona 9 years ago

I wish to thank all the people that inquired about my ironrites. I left behind one and was able to find a home for my original ironrite so I have no more to sell. This is a tremendous site and I truly appreciate the opportunity to have sold my ironrite. Thank You again

John Goolsby 9 years ago

I'd sure like to buy a rotary ironer, Ironrite preferred but the brand isn't really important. My wife and I are doing flatwork for a couple of caterers and I could really use the help. I'm just south of Denver. 720-851-0367. Any help will be deeply appreciated

mrs.kimball 9 years ago

I can't believe I found your site. I just aquired a Ironrite 85. I'm going to love it!!

The only drawback is it didn't come with a user guide/instruction manual and needs a new cover which I can make. I will search your web site for info on roller pads and covers, but I could really use the instructions....Thanks for being there.


Craig Wade 9 years ago

I have an operating model 85, serial no. AB50850, in excelent condition with the instruction manual, Ironrite Guarante Bond, Guarantee card and the chair. It was my grandmothers years ago. I would like to give it away. I live in the Nashville Tennessee area if anyone is interested. E-mail me at

jon simmons 9 years ago

My mom used an ironrite all the time when I was a kid. I'm 55 now and she still wants to use it except it won't get hot. I'm assuming everything else still works but I didn't have a chance to check it out over the Thanksgiving holiday. I'm thinking it's an easy fix but I would like some expert advice. Anyone care to point me in the right direction?


Barbara Lahr 9 years ago

Tate 9 years ago

I also have a mangle that I would like to sell. It looks like a Model 85 by the description above. I don't know anything about it. We plugged it in, turned on the switches, and it didn't smoke or anything. It was my wife's grandmothers and has not been used in ~10 years. It is in great shape. We have the manual as well. If anyone in the New England area is interested in obtaining this Model 85 email me at Thanks. Tate

posterazzi 9 years ago

3 IRONRITE IRONER Factory Badges








#’s 114, 170, 385

The Art Deco design at the bottom of the badge would suggest late-1920s to early-1930s.

2 1/8” x 1 3/8”.

Weight appx 0.8 oz.

Very sturdy pin-back fastener on back of badge.

Mr Nice profile image

Mr Nice 9 years ago from North America

Interesting topic, well written. Keep up the good work.

Mick McMahan 9 years ago

I'm still looking for a thermostat fr a Model 85.

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 9 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi George,

Some time ago (7 months) you mentioned that you had heard of someone selling new (never used) Ironrite Model 95's. Is it possible that you could give me a contact for that seller? Failing that, is there any source for heating elements for a model 85? I have three units, all with failed heating elements. Thanks, Rick

Jeff Levin 9 years ago

I have what I believe to be a model 85 in excellent condition for sale -- on ebay now!

Jim Koerner 9 years ago

Looking to find a heating element for a model 95 called part number,#S41010 and Thermostat 405-50.

Jim D 9 years ago

I'm looking to buy an Ironrite Model 85 roller cover. The original cover is worn out and falling apart. Does anyone have one they would be willing to sell? My Mom still uses it after all these years and is lost without it. We live in Fairbanks, Alaska

Initially I thought we could just go to the fabric store, buy some muslin and use the worn out one for a template. But I read Sandi's posting about doing just that and when she turned on the Ironer it burned and scortched the cover. Is there a special treatment used on muslin to withstand the heat of ironing, or did the Ironrite just overheat?

georecarolyn 9 years ago

I am looking for an ironrite, I think I am getting this one 85 I will know on wednesday. Keep your fingers cross for me. I do tablecloths and last week it took me 3 hours to do 8 tablecloths 90x90 and 54x120. I remember my mother and grandmother and that ironrite that sat in the corner, and came out early before I went to school. I never use it, she was finished before I came home. I loved life back then iron sheets a thing of the past. Am just rumbling on I am so glad I came across this web site. You will hearing from me for all your help. Thank you

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Jim D -- It is possible to make your own roller cover just as you wrote, using yours as a template. I have done this quite a few times.

lucinda 9 years ago

Dear Jim,

I have an ironrite and love it. However, I have been doing linens for our church and now need to do the altar cloths. I am not supposed to fold them. The problem is that when I run the cloth through the ironer it leaves a wrinkle down the middle where the end of the roller "hits". Am I doing something wrong? Is there anything I can do to keep this from happening? It works great on anything that is small enough to fit into the middle of the roller or if it is something like a sheet or tablecloth that I can fold. I have a cloth waiting as I type.

Happy New Year and thankyou for hosting this site.


Lucinda 9 years ago

Oops! Sorry about the wrong name...I was looking at the post from "JimD".

Sally 9 years ago

I have an Ironrite model 80 for sale, it is in great working condition. It has 2 switches, one for heat and one for power. It also has 2 knee levers, one to close the roller and one to stop it from rolling. My mother used it when I was growing up to iron everything! I am located in Michigan if anyone is interested in this purchase they may contact me via email.

This is a great site. I never knew so much about Ironrite mangles!

Bill 9 years ago

I have a model 85 that just stopped heating up. Anybody have an element or know where it can be purchased?

georecarolyn 9 years ago

Well I got a ironrite 85 and I am very proud of myself. Now I need all the help I can get on the 85. I have tablecloths and they are 54x120 and 90x90 what are the best ways to do them without the crease.

Laura 9 years ago

I have an ironrite 88, in wood cabinet. I hear these are more rare, what would you guess as to value? Do you know where to find someone interested in buying?

georecarolyn 9 years ago

where do I find the 40weight non-detergent oil? for the ironrite 85

georecarolyn 9 years ago

T o:RickyRob48, How do you do the tablecloths? I have #85 and the top doesn't not come off and everything gathers inside so how do you do it. Or does the top come off I just got my ironrite today, also I find the oil anywhere The tablecloths are 54x120 and 90x90

georecarolyn 9 years ago

Please help, How do take the top off. when I open it, the top just goes back and I see no way to take it off everything is in tack. This ironrite looks like new. I can't figure this out and my husband died 12 years ago.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 9 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Georecarolyn, You should be able too find the 40 weight non-detergent oil at an automotive store -- like Kragen or Pep Boys.

georecarolyn 9 years ago

Thank you so much I found the oil and I got the top off. This is a wonderful site thank you again.

georecarolyn 9 years ago

to cdawg429: I need the black flap in the front that says "ironrite" for #85.

Caille profile image

Caille 9 years ago from Michigan

I reside in the metro Detroit, Michigan area and would love to have an Ironrite that is clean and working. I am also looking for an Ironrite Chair too. I will be happy to pick it up. Please email me at and I will contact you. Pictured is our dog: Caille...cute!

Shannon 9 years ago

I have a model 80 Ironrite ironer that I am looking to find a new home for. It was my grandmothers & we are expecting a new baby and the room it has sat in the last 8 years is turning into a nursery. I don't want it to end up in a scrap metal pile or at the dump. It still works, we used to use it on our jeans. It has been in AZ almost its whole life, so there is very little rust, the roller cover will have to be replaced. Please contact me by email if anyone is interested at

Thank you

Brenda Lydecker 9 years ago

I have a model 85 Ironrite that is in good working condition that I would like to sell. Also a chair. Serial # AB246515. If interested, please email at Complete home instruction manual. Located in Stamford, CT.

Matt 8 years ago

Hello, I am looking for an Ironrite Health Chair with a wooden seat and back.  gredmonson, I see that you posted a chair almost a year ago.  If you still have it and it's the wood seat, I would love to get it.  Anyone else with a wood seat chair they would like to sell, let me know.  I'm in San Francisco so you'd have to be willing to ship it.  Thanks - mrichmond3d(at)gmail(dot)com

KarenW 8 years ago

I have some SAE 50 that I was going to use as replacement oil on my newly purchased Ironrite 95. But discussion on this site indicated SAE 40 should be used. Will the 50 work just as well?

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Hi Karen,

No, I would not recommend your using the SAE 50. I usually try to follow the directions about lubricants, and it is neither difficult nor expensive.

Diane 8 years ago

I have a model 95 ironrite that I love and use all the time. I wonder still why everyone doesn't use them. Anyway, mine is very low on oil and I was wondering if the 40 wt non-dtergent oil is recommended for all models?

gredmondson 8 years ago

Hi Diane,

The early instructionj manuals said to use 40 weight automotive oil (they didn't mention non-detergent, but I don't think there was detergent oil in the thirties and forties). Later instruction manuals said to use "Ironrite Oil." In fact, I have an Ironrite with one of the later manuals, and I have used 40 weight non-detergent oil in it, and it has been fine.

adi 8 years ago

Hi everybody,

I'm looking for an Ironrite mangle (good condition) in Ontario or Michigan.


caroniaguy 8 years ago

Hi Adi,

I do have an Ironrite I'm looking to sell. Model 85, I have cleaned it up, changed the oil, tinkered around with everything and it is ready to go. I do recommend a new roller cover although the one on it now is servicable. The unit is in very good shape. I am in Michigan (Detroit Area). Let me know! Thanks

Adi 8 years ago

Hi Caroniaguy,

How much are you asking for it and wich area of Detroit are you living in?Is it working? Can I see a picture of it?


caroniaguy 8 years ago

Hi Adi,

Please shoot me an email at and I'll give you the specifics with pix. Thanks

qizus 8 years ago

My mother lost her Ironrite 85 in Katrina. I would love to replace it for her. If anyone in mid to lower Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, or Florida has one I'd love to negotiate.

Barb 8 years ago

We need to have an Ironrite model 85 serviced. Would major appliance repair people be qualified to service these ironers? What type of service repairmen (appliance, electrical, machine, etc.) have readers been successful with? Any contacts for repair personnel in the Philadelphia area would be appreciated. Thank you!

ltp123 8 years ago

I have a model 89 and a model 95 which I recently acquired. I have a question regarding changing the oil. On the 89 I see the little cap w/ hinge on the left which RickyRob48 said to place 8 drops of oil into. I also see the the hexagonal oil plug on the right side of the 89 and 95 (no hinged cap on the 95) I also have the original owners manual for the 95 SO... here is the question, After reading the Oiling Instructions on page 26, the last sentence reads Electric motor does not require oiling.... What does this mean??? I would be most unhappy if my motor burned up...

gredmondson 8 years ago


The directions for the 95 are correct; the electric motor is permanently lubricated, so the consumer never has to oil the motor. Does the motor sound smooth when it is running? Most Ironrites -- especially 95s -- have a whole lot of use still left in them.

I am interested to see the model 89.

ltp123 8 years ago

I will try to email you a picture both the inside and outside. The cabinet has squared corners,

which leads me to believe it is a late 50's or early 60's. It came with an ironrite chair. The chair has a metal seat.

ltp123 8 years ago

I need an email address to send the pictures. I am taking them with an Iphone.

I appreciate your prompt replies... Do I change the oil in the 89 and add the 8 drops of oil?

I am also having the metal cabinets and chair re-finished at a bump shop owned by a friend. Any suggestions on how to take it apart would be appreciated!

ltp123 8 years ago

I double checked the model no. on what I called a model 89. The complete model number is:S44MW 891. In checking on the now defunct site ironrite (via the wayback machine) I see that the 890 is from the late 50's. There is no mention of the 891... I am still thinking it is one of the last models made because of the metal cabinet design.

Also, I need to know about changing the oil in both of my ironrites. I am a retired teacher (special ed.) and not exactly a left brainer! I do however LOVE my Ironrites!!!

Vincent 8 years ago

I just found the wayback site, thanks to itp123. Thanks so much! Here is a site you all might like:

quotations profile image

quotations 8 years ago from Canada

What an interesting article!

Peggy 8 years ago

I am looking for a model 95 in the north florida area. I currently have one but the person who repairs it said it would not be able to be fixed again because the ceramic block the heating element feeds into has disintegrated. If anyone has a model 95 for sale within 200 miles of Gainesville FL, please email me at Thanks

Dave 8 years ago

Thanks for doing what is clearly a labor of love. Yours is the kind of site which makes Internet access worth having.

My mother used her Ironrite extensively, almost exclusively, when she was a young woman of 40 or 50. She still used it well into her 90s, saying it was so much easier than using a hand iron. She passed away last month. I am not sure I whether I will try to learn how to use it or not, but seeing the video reminded me how quickly and effeciently she was able to iron most everything. While I would not call the wooden cabinet beautiful, it was presentable enough to be in our upstairs for many years.

Linda 8 years ago

Hi, I am in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and am looking for a working model 95. If you have one or know of one in the area please contact me with the asking price and location. Just love reading all the posts. I restore old linens constantly and the ironrite would become a member of my household, I cherish the older items and still use a 1940's roaster to this day, I have 3 old ones and 2 new fangled ones and the the new ones certainly do not hold a candle to the old ones. 8 years ago

Cleveland/Akron Ohio I have a model 95 that needs a good home. good conndition with chair and origial manual. if interested contact me

Donna Hablutzel 8 years ago

I am disabled and need an Ironrite (or any brand) ironer so I can continue to do my ironing and still feel useful. I can use the knee or foot pedal. I would like it to be in the northern Ca. area.We live north of San Francisco and are willing to pay a fair price ,dependling on condition of ironer and ,of course the freight and packing expense. If it isn't over 500 miles we may consider coming to pick it up.

I am so happy I found this site. I have been looking for a mangle for over a year. I have had 16 back surgeries and still want to do what I can of my household chores.

Feel free to call me at 707-275-3237. or e-mail at

Upper Lake, Ca. area

Donna Hablutzel

Laura  8 years ago

How can I find an iron rite roll cover? Mine is gone. emailme


Ronda Venece 8 years ago

I am looking for an Ironrite 95 in good working condition to help out my elderly mother. I live in Chicago and am willing to pick it up. I will pay a reasonable price. Please contact me at 847-209-6123 or at



Lois 8 years ago

I am looking for a model 85, 89, or 95 in or near north central Illinois. I will use it for ironing so needs to be in good working order or easily fixable. You may e-mail me at Thanks.

cia 8 years ago


I just purchased a model 95 Ironrite and I was wondering if the 85 and 95 are similar. Also is it possible to interchange parts, like the heating coils and thermastates? Great site by the way!!

mangler 8 years ago

I came across a mangle and having never seen one before, I was amused when I found out what it was. I always thought to mangle something would be to destroy it. No wonder the mangle iron was rendered obsolete, it's title is the opposite of the definition!

Anyone heard of these being applied for any use other than iron curtains?

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

cia, I am guessing that the heating coil is interchangeable between the 85 and 95,. but, I think the thermostat is different.

lynn Perenic 8 years ago

You can get the patent drawing from the U.S. Patent office for $ 3.00, With the patent drawing you would be able to see if parts are interchangeable.

B&B_guy 8 years ago

Hi All-

What is the width of the ironrite 95? I run a B&B and would like to be able to do king size sheets - if I fold them twice (in thirds), then they will be about 30" wide - will that fit? Will the ironrite do a good quality ironing job on something with 2 folds?

Do you think that the ironrite would hold up under a heavier use? We would probably run it daily...


gredmondson 8 years ago

Hi B&B Guy, The standard width for an Ironrite roll is (this is from memory) is 25 inches. The 95 is the same size as the 85. This would work. Some of the instructions say to fold the sheets as you wrote. I haven't tried sheets in a long time. I'd be interested to hear from anyone who does this.

Cia  8 years ago

Hi All,

I got my Ironrite, its an 85, for some reason I thought it was a 95. I love it. I had to clean it up and replace the roller cover, then I turned it on. I wasn't afraid to plug it in because our house was built in the 40's and we haven't changed any of the wiring. I fired the unit up and it heated up beautifully, also the motor sounded smooth. I thought I would keep looking for another 85, so I went on Craigslist and low and behold there was a unit for sale two hours from me. I asee Ironrites for sale on EBay, but they are on the East Coast. I'm in California and the units are few and far between around here. The person I purchased the second unit from also had the chair and the manual and the original receipt. How cool is that!! My brother picked it up for me, he loaded it upright of course. It isn't in that good of shape. It had been in the garage so there is rust on a few areas and the switches in front is chrome not black and has some white stuff on it, also one of the wheel sockets is broken, but the cord is fine and when I turned it on it also sounded pretty good.

I must mention when I looked in the manual I tried to find the instructions regarding oiling the unit. The only thing it said about oiling was to call a service person and not to open the unit at all. Also the manual showed three other units but not the 85, I guess one manual fits all. Also this was from the original purchase. The person's Aunt was the owner and she passed away, so it went up for sale. Once I get both units in good order I will have spare parts I hope.

RickyRob48, hi if you see this comment, would you recommend that I change out the cord? When I used it I checked to see if it heated up and I was surprised to see that it was fine. Also I saw a posting that said that using the unit without changing the cord might be dangerous, how do you feel about that? Also you said that we should lube the electrical motor. If you can could you discribe just where and what that is. I have the repair manual but it doesn't show a picture of the motor or the electrical motor with the places to put the oil or what to open to lube what needs to be lubed. I think I will just keep looking and see what I can see. I just don't want to put the oil in the wrong place!!! If you could explain it in depth it would really help a lot. Thank you thank you thank you.

This site is great thank you all for your help and information. Also thank you Mike Twomey, its your copy of the service manual I downloaded. Also if any one wants a copy of the manual I can copy it or scan it. Let me know what you need and I will try to help.

Happy Ironing!

Tabikat 8 years ago

Hi, gredmondson, this has been a very education hub for me for the last few days... through the necessity of cleaning out my grandmother's estate, I have her Ironrite 85. You've helped me figure out how to check the works...

So if anyone is interested I am in the Pittsburgh area, I need to re-home this mangle. Mom wants to get $50 for it. It heats, and it runs. I'm told there is an extra roller cover here, I just have to find it... the mangle may need a little work, when I push the right lever, it picks up the roller but it doesn't stay up. It also comes with a little chair. I don't believe it's an Ironrite chair, but it's the right height. Granny used it.

Please email me at if interested. I will also be posting on Craigslist so I'm hoping it finds a home soon. Thanks!

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Cia, where are you in California? I am in Arroyo Grande, adjacent to Pismo Beach. email me at gredmonds(at) .

RickyRob48 8 years ago

Responding to CIA's questions, the reason I suggest replacing the cord on your Model 85 (or any 60+ year old large appliance) immediately is that, regardless of it's age or condition, if it's the original power cord, it isn't grounded. You really should have a three-prong grounded cord. If your house is all original 1940's wiring, maybe you don't have recepticles for three prong plugs. In that case you should consider running a single strand grounding wire (16 guage or bigger) from the Model 85 to a radiator or other water carrying pipe. Make sure that wire is in direct contact with bare (not painted) metal at both ends. There are grounding straps you can get to put around a pipe, such as a radiator, and you can secure the wire to one of the large screws on the chassis of the mangle.

Regarding oiling the motor. I have three Model 85's, and each one has a hole on the top left end of the motor (not sure about other models -- some may be permanently oiled --though I doubt the manufacturer planned on a service life in excess of 60 years!). One of my units has a little dust cap that can be opened and springs back closed when released. The others just have open holes. Since I use one of the units several hours each day, I lubricate the motor twice a year by putting 6-8 drops of Zoom-Spout turbine oil (very high quality small motor oil, available at your local hardware store) in that hole. If you don't use your unit like I do (I have a B&B with all-cotton bed linens and napkins to iron every day) you might only need to lube the motor once a year. If the unit has not been used for a long time, oil the motor as soon as you can after restarting it -- over time the bearings may have lost the last oil put on them. Buring up a motor is expensive -- and they are hard to find. Those with motors with no lube hole, I guess you have to trust the manufacturer when they say they are permanently lubed, keep your fingers crossed, and be on the lookout for a spare replacement motor.

Regarding gear lubrication (in the "gear case" that the motor is attached to), I have always used 20 weight NON-DETERGENT motor oil. It's a bit hard to find but it's out there. You don't need much (less than 1/2 cup, if I recall). What you don't want it to overfill, because the only way for excess oil to escape is through the electric motor. And that's a mess! Gear oil in these machines is distributed by the turning of the gears, so all there needs to be is some oil in the bottom of the gear housing for the gears to pick up as they turn. There is a drain plug on the right side of the gear case, toward the rear. When you remove that plug, catch the old oil that drains out and measure it. Assuming the unit has not been tipped on its side, the proper amount of oil is about the same as what you drained out. Replace with the same quantity of new oil (plus a little bit more -- maybe a table spoon -- to allow for oil still on the gears that didn't drain). Do this every few years, depending upon how much you use the unit.

For "B&B Guy" we use our Model 85 every day, and have for many years. I do have one working model ready as back up (you really get to count on this machine, and it's a real pain when it breaks down) and another unit for parts. They were significantly over-designed (at least the Ironrites were), but that's the way a lot of appliances were made back then. They'll stand up under hard daily use, as our have. How many other mechanical devices can you think of, built in the 40's and 50's, that are still so much in demand and used like mangles are?

Cia 8 years ago

Hi RickyRob48,

Thanks for the info, when I got my first 85 I looked under the unit to check out the controls. I saw a bit of oil on a small paddle shaped piece of metal. This piece was pointing to the rear of the unit and it looked like it was there to catch any leakage from the motor. I am going to take the hood off and investigate. My husband hates it when I do things like that, silly him! I will also see about changing the cord, but I hate to mess with a good thing. Is there a special gage of cord I need. I think it was mentioned but I can't find the comment. Keep in touch, and thanks for your help.

By the way, if my Grandma wouldn't have gotten rid of her ringer Maytag it would still be used on our place in Idaho. We used that machine for years and it never broke down. Also my Moms Ironrite died in a fire three years ago, before that it was working fine! I sold appliances for eight years and its true, they don't make em' like they use to!!!

zinnia 8 years ago

I live in the OKC area, and would like to acquire a model 95. Currently have an 85 & love it. I periodically go to estate sales, but haven't seen another since I bought the 85 several years ago. My email address is thanks, and enjoyed reading all the comments people have sent in!

creed rollins sr 8 years ago

I just bought a model 95 yesterday,,would love to have a service manual and a owners manual,,if someone could mail me one or a copy of both I would appreciate it,,I got it for my mother,,she is 79 and still Irons for people,,she has always wantedone and I finall found one,,,,Cool,,,Creed E Rollins Sr 19531 Stonyridge Rd Pemberville Ohio,,,43450 419-833-3544

mallardONE 8 years ago

For Gredmonson and/or anyone else who can help:

Tried to e-mail you from this site but it might not have worked.  Our primary Model 85 Ironrite has stopped heating.  We have the service manual that has several steps for troubleshooting this (wires, thermostat, heating element).  Before we get into that, do you have any advice on this process before we tear into the machine?

We have two other Model 85's that operate but the one that doesn't heat is in the best overall shape.  Thanks.  Reply here or directly to us at

gredmondson 8 years ago

Mallardcove, I'm sorry that I don't have any advice. I have never dealt with the heating element. I do hope, however, that you will post your experience/success as a new comment.

Cam 8 years ago

HI! I have a friend who has an ironrite mangle, either model 95 or 80. She changed the oil in the gear box and everything is fine but for a noise coming from the shaft that turns the drum. She says there is a chain that turns the drum and the chain turned by a gear. This gear runs in a shaft and the noise is coming from inside the shaft. She needs to know how to oil this shaft and gear part of the machine to stop this noise. If any one has any idea what she is talking about please contact me at and I will pass on the information.

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi MallardOne,

Regarding your heating element problem: sounds silly but make sure you have power to the unit -- does the motor run? If it doesn't, you may just have a broken power cord (heave a big sigh of relief!). You do have power? Turn the temperature control knob left and right several times. Does this make any difference? Still no heat? The next step involves removal of the thermostat element face plate to get to the two wires inside it -- they are connected to the heating element, which runs around the periphery of the shoe. FIRST UNPLUG THE UNIT!!! You'll have to unscrew the two wires in the thermostat and continuity test the wires themselves when they are no longer touching the screws. Be careful not to lose or drop those screws. If you have an electrical continuity tester (they're real cheap when you just get a basic one), check to see if there is continuity -- that means you'll see if there is a break in the heating coil (a break will mean no continuity). No continuity? Now you have isolated the problem to the heating coil itself. You have a challenge: trying to find a replacement heating element for a 55+ year old appliance that hasn't been manufatured for 45 years. I'll give you a hint -- they aren't out there. My best advice is that you relegate one of your other functioning units to parts. Remove the entire shoe assembly (it's not really that hard, but be very gentle with the good heating element -- heating coils get brittle as they get older) from both -- and swap one shoe assembly for the other. Now you have a fully-functional unit, and you still have a third unit for when the one you've just created fails (and it will fail). That's what I did -- I have three units, two that work fine and one for parts. If you have the Ironrite Service Manual and Parts List, you'll see sketchy "shoe removal" instructions on Page 36. Wiring diagram for the thermostat assembly is on Page 43. If you don't have the manual, you should probably get one before undertaing this work. Plan on spending several hours "under the hood" and having ample opportunity to practice "colorful" language. Keep band-aids handy. Let me know if you have other questions. Good luck!

npalm 8 years ago


I have what I believe is a model 95 electric mangler that is for sale in a NE suburb of Detroit. It is excellent condition and has been lovingly used over the years. It was a great Aunt's and worked the last time it was turned on about 5 years ago. It has been stored in the basement all this time. I have pics. If anyone is interested let me know. Thanks

Mildred Richter 8 years ago

I have a M/85 Ironrite Ironer in excellent condition. Used only about 25 hours, comes with an extra roller cover, two operating manuals and with the Ironrite chair. This was given to me after my old model woren out and at my age I seldomn used it. First $50 takes it. Detrit area only

zinnia 8 years ago

Ms Richter,

would you email me re your M/85? I'm definitely interested, been looking for another one! thanks, hope to hear from you soon.

Jo  8 years ago

I have an Ironrite 85 that was my mothers. It seems to be in good shape. Free for the taking. (In Montana)

Catherine 8 years ago

Thanks for all of this great information. I am ready to jump in and become a mangle user. I am currently looking for one in the Seattle area oor kitsap county. My email is

Many thanks! Catherine

catherine 8 years ago

looking for information on the Bendix automatic Iorner. Just bought one that was used was tipped in moving and even with all that I have learned about Iornrites, I have not been able to locate where to put the oil...Thanks for any help!

Gena 8 years ago

My Mother-in-law has an Ironrite Model 95. She is very interested in selling it. It is in beautiful condition! Comes with chair, oil, brand new pad, and owners manual. Located in Utah. If you are interested in it or would like to receive pictures, please e-mail:

Mary Joyce 8 years ago

I have a beautiful Ironrite Mangle Ironer for sale. Model 95. Absolutely great condition. Very clean. I have been the only owner. Works great! Comes with Ironrite Chair, New pad, Oil and User manuals. Gently used. Please call Mary Joyce if interested at: 801-266-8666. Located in Taylorsville Utah. Please see my ad here:

Constance Levi 8 years ago

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement pad and cover for my ironrite machine? We use it weekly and love it. Thanks for any help. Constance Levi

mallardONE 8 years ago

For RickyRob48: Reference your post above about a bad heating element: Thanks for the tips. We must have different versions of the service and parts manual. Mine ends on page 28 and does not contain any shoe removal instructions. Can you e-mail or fax me the appropriate page/s? My e-mail is . Fax number is 360-491-9646 (usually on between 8:00 AM and 9:00 P.M. Pacific time.

So far all I've done is confirm power to switch and confirm heater switch works. Next step: The thermostat.

Thanks again for the help. Don M.

mallardONE 8 years ago

Hello, gredmondson:

Yes, I will post a journal of my repairs efforts on the bad heating element for Model 85.  Since there seems to be a dearth of Ironrite repair pesons out there, I thought it might be nice to compile a step-by-step online pamphlet, with photos, of this and other repair jobs.

When I am done with this job, I will post on this forum a link to a web site where the pamphlet can be viewed.  Also have oil draining/refilling Model  75/85 and belt replacement photos for Model 75. 

Wish me luck!


mallardONE 8 years ago

For RickyRob48:

Should have used the spell-checker! Sorry, my e-mail is

Don M. aka MallardOne

amsolomon3 8 years ago

Check out this beautiful Ironrite Mangle Model 88 up for bid on ebay only $49.99!!!

Here is a link:

Thanks for looking!

mary Kay 8 years ago

I am cleaning out my 89 yr old Mom's house. There is a mangle in the basement in a possibly mahogony case. She was a whiz at using it. I can remember watching her in amazement when I was little. What is one worth in the nicer case? $100?

Gredmondson 8 years ago

Unless you find the special person who is looking for a mahogany case Ironrite and it is in excellent condition, it is generally worth less than a metal case Ironrite. If this were mine, I'd give it to any friend/acquaintance who waned it to use. Beyond that, I'd advertise it on craigslist for $40.00.

Mike 8 years ago

I have a model 34 does anyone know what year it was made and what it might be woth mikee_44 @ is where I can be found

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi Mike,

The model 34 was made in 1934-35. Not sure what it's worth. Does it work?

nampajackson 8 years ago

My grandmother recently passed away and I am trying to value some of her "antiques" One thing we found was a Bendix Automatic Ironer Serial # 104944 Model # jcd. Can you help me out and tell me who actually manufactured it and what the value amount might be? Thank you.

gredmondson 8 years ago

nampajackson, the Bendix is not worth much. What kind of condition is it in? Bendix was a major brand, and I suppose that that company did the manufacturing. I am not aware of Ironrites having other brands.

grace lebow 8 years ago

Who can help me? I have Ironrite model 85 that I use weekly and it suddenly stopped working. It needs a heating coil.

grace Lebow 8 years ago

Here I am again - posting a post comment: If anyone has a model 85 Ironrite and is willing to take out the heating coil and send it to me. I will be so hapy to pay you for the effort and time and the precious coil. I live in Maryland. D.C. area.

grace lebow 8 years ago

My e-mail address is I am eagerly awaiting a message about my request above.

yo bink 8 years ago

Hi, I have a 95 Ironrite. I have a replacement cover and I think I need to replace the pad. What do I use? I am guessing something cotton. Any information would be helpful. Thanks

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

For Grace Lebow

If you remove the heating coil from one of these old units -- that is, take it out of its little channel inside the shoe -- it will most likely break into a million pieces. This type of metal gets very brittle with old age, and the average Model 85 is over 50 years old. From my perspective, your only chance is to remove the whole shoe from a working (heating) Model 85 and install it in your non-functional unit. And anyone who has a working unit is probably not going to want to sell it for parts. They are too hard to find. The shoe is steel, weighs 20+ pounds, and the instructions in the Owners Manual are not very helpful. (see my notes to MallardOne, about 2 months ago). Good luck!

for RickyRob48 8 years ago

Thanks, rickyRob for your enlightening comments above. Based on them, I have decided to get a new ironrite if I can find one near where I live in Chevy Chase, Maryland.

Do you have any guidance for me about selecting the best machine with a heating element that will live longer than my last one? How does one know?

Gratefully Grace

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi Grace,

Sadly, Ironrite went out of business in the early 1960's.  As far as I know, the only machines out there are used ones.  There is only one company that makes a mangle for residential use today: Miele -- -- (look for "rotary ironer"). It costs about $2000, and can be found at Amazon and a lot of other sources.

You can keep your eyes open on eBay for an Ironrite for sale, but my experience is they always seem to be many miles away from where I live, and shipping is prohibitively expensive:  the unit weighs about 100 lbs.  Maybe check Craig's List for one for sale locally.  Otherwise, think Miele.

 Good luck,


scottaus 8 years ago

i have a ironrite model 85 and wanted to know if you could tell me how much it is worth? my email is

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 8 years ago

Grace, Did the gentleman on Ebay that sells the pad covers and pads help you with the heating element? His handle, if momory serves, was Ironrite Guy. He actually makes a heating coil out of a ceramic that fits into the 85/95 units. As for the purchase of a "new" unit. Pfaff and Miele both make ironers. Pfaff actually looks very much like the Irorite as they used the patent that was issued for Ironrite. The Pfaff unit is only sold aborad and would have to be converted to 110......the Miele is readily available but the roller is connected on one side of the roller unlike the double open end on the Ironrite and Pfaff. I went on a mangle buying phase and now have a storage unit full of them thinking I would part out some of them. Trying to find somone to work on these, even when you have the parts is dificult at best.

Ironrite Parts 8 years ago

I was emailed by someone one the list to let you folks know I have several parts from my old ironrite for sale on Ebay, cheap! I still have the old girl if there is something you need that I don't have listed. I just couldn't take her to the dump all intact :)

dori ann

gredmondson 8 years ago

dori ann, leave some contact information.

Dori Ann 8 years ago

Guess that would have been a good idea! The only thing that sold was the pad and cover. I have a motor, a heating shoe the dial is broken, we tried to repair it but couldn't get it glued back together, but the shoe heats well, I also have a forming board, and a front switch. These are from a 85 and all in good working condition except where noted. I can send pictures, I am asking 10$ for each except 25$ motor. You can reach me at I expect the shoe will be expensive to ship, but the motor although heavy I am sure will fit in a one price priority box. I take paypal,check or mo. Hope these can help someone out.


alicet 8 years ago

I've just bought a model 85 that seems to work ok, heats up, everything seems to move the way it should, it's pretty quiet. I've learned a lot reading past posts.I wonder if someone could email me a file of the service manual.( I've got the owners manual, but sounds like I need to figure out how to change the oil and the cord.Although the cord looks to be in great shape, I can see how a 3 prong cord would make me feel safer. We are just about to close on a great house built in 1945, ao the Ironrite should feel right at home. I'm a quilter, so I plan to put the Ironrite to use on fabric lengths, and sheets and tablecloths. I can barely wait!! Thanks.

alicet 8 years ago

I've just bought a model 85 that seems to work ok, heats up, everything seems to move the way it should, it's pretty quiet. I've learned a lot reading past posts.I wonder if someone could email me a file of the service manual.( I've got the owners manual, but sounds like I need to figure out how to change the oil and the cord.Although the cord looks to be in great shape, I can see how a 3 prong cord would make me feel safer. We are just about to close on a great house built in 1945, ao the Ironrite should feel right at home. I'm a quilter, so I plan to put the Ironrite to use on fabric lengths, and sheets and tablecloths. I can barely wait!! Thanks. 8 years ago

anyone with a repair book please email me,,,419-833-3544 phone # 8 years ago

I have a model 85 my parents bought new in the late 40s or early 50s. My mother absolutely loved the thing. Anyway, my wife doesn't want to use it and it is taking up space, so I have it on Craigslist. I live just north of Baltimore, in Timonium MD. An extra pad and a couple of booklets go with it (sales brochure and user guide, but no repair manual, as I recall). I've tried it out several times and it seems to work perfectly. I listed everything for $149.00. Anyone interested? I'd be willing to help with delivery within say 100 miles.

Thanks, Jim Pappas

SuzyQ 8 years ago

I bought an Ironrite at an Antique store several years ago. All my friends died laughing saying they never iron and why would I want to? I am a quilteer and wanted it to iron all those long legths of fabric. Newer irons just don't get hot enough. Lo and behold, my friends devoped this habit oor bringing me their tablecloths, napkins and BOLTS of fabric to iron! Mine is an 85 and was in god shape althougohthe cabinet was a little chipped and has some glue stuck on it. I made a lovely cover for it for my new luandry room I designed so it has a good home. Isn't it amazing how people suddnely realize how handy these things are and YES new appliances can't hold a candle to the old ones. My washing machines break down constantly. Why can't appliance manufacturers make 'em lilke they used to? Thanks by the way for this valuable site. I live in central Texas and if I ever find another Ironrite I will buy it as I cannot live without one!

alicet 8 years ago

Hi suzyq I'm moving toTaylor on Sat live in Austin today, any chanced you have a good repair guy who can rewire and change the oil onmy mangle? Or a copy of the repair guide?

robin  8 years ago

hi all. i'm very excited to have discovered electric ironers and purchase my first ironrite all in the same day! i found an ironrite 95 for sale nearby and am fixing it up now but none of my local stores carry the 40 wt non detergent oil only a 30 wt. will this be okay? thanks.

gredmondson 8 years ago

robin, lucky you to have gotten a model 95! Keep looking for the 40 wt non detergent oil. Try an automotive store. That is where I found mine.

robin 8 years ago

thanks! i searched in the 3 automovitve stores that are in town i guess i'll head out of town then. my goodness, this old oil is as thick as peanut butter, leterally, any advice for cleaning it out besides the scrapping i'm already doing?

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi Robin,

I've been using 20-weight non-detergent motor oil in the crank case of my mangles for years. I don't think you have to go to that heavy 40 wt. goo, when 20 wt is sufficient for gear lubricant. These gears do not run at high speed or under great stress. Try the 20 wt NON-DETERGENT -- it's a bit difficult to find these days, but easier than 40 wt. And you don't have such a hard time cleaning it out when it's time for an oil change.


gredmondson 8 years ago

RickyRob48, thanks for the information.

robin 8 years ago

Thanks rickyrob48. I’ve searched hi and low including online and the only non-detergent I seem to be able to find is a 30 wt. which I now assume will work since it’s in between the 2 weights being used. Thanks so much for the info, I’m so anxious to run this girl I can’t stand it! J

Rcoach1 8 years ago

Help! How much oil is needed when replacing old oil in an Ironrite 85? Or... is their some level in the oil canister to reach?

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

If I remember correctly, the manual says 5 ounces, about 3/4 cup.

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi Rcoach1,

See my comment, posted 5 months ago, for info on changing gear oil in model 85. Manufacturer doesn't state suggested quantity in users manual, but it is VERY important not to over fill.

robin  8 years ago

In the jitterbuzz website they show an old can of ironrite oil and it is a 4 ounce can.

SuzyQ 8 years ago

Hi Alice T. Sorry it took lme so long to respond as I haven't been checking this site lately( building a house) . You can get a copy of the repair guide from Look under "ironing" and he will email you the file on PDF. Then you can print it off. I putout a notice on Craig'sLIst for another Ironrite ( to pick up locally near San Antonio area) but haven't found one yet. My husband put in some 15 wt. oil ( in that thing on top) and it ran right through. Any clue, anyone about what might be wrong. Do I have leaky gasket and if so where do I get one? Thanks so much! SuzyQ

regencyreader 8 years ago


I am in the process of purchasing an Ironrite Health Chair, the type with the bent plywood seat and white metal legs. The legs have paint damage (chipping and rust) and the seat has some spots where it looks like it's worn down to some dark wood. Any suggestions on what paint to use (to restore it to white) for both of these surfaces and what process I should use to get a good result?

SuzyQ 8 years ago

Oops, I am so sorry, AliceT! I forgot to respond to you about anyone who can fix your beloved Ironrite. I do not know of anyone. My husband is my repairman and just changed the oil yesterday. IT seems when he added oil recently, he added way too much and that is why it was leaking. He also had added 15 wt. I hadn't run it since he changed it so we drained all of that out (what a mess THAT was because there was a smidgen of something black clogging the drain hole and when it ran out it made a huge oily mess on the floor, the ironer, etc. Okay, we are all cleaned up and ready to go. He did purchase a new cord and was wondering how to install it . I have to go back through the blogs and see if there are instructions on how. I cannot find Ironrite Guy on EBay at least with any parts for sale, just DVD's. Does anyone know of any source for gaskets, etc.? Sorry I cannot help you , Alice, but you may find someone who can work on these magnificent inventions! I cant get along without mine and it has a place of honor in my new laundry room. I built a niche just for it and made it a very nice cover with piping and self covered buttons to cover the "gusset" on the side. Long live Ironrite!

mallardONE 8 years ago

Hello fellow Ironrite users;

For all of you who are struggling with oil type problems, I will tell you what my wife and I use, based on some on-line instructions we got five years ago from a forgotten source. We go to an auto parts store and buy hydraulic jack oil. If we are uncertian about the oil quantity, we drain it and put in five ounces. If we need a gasket for the oil cap, we make it ourselves from material purchased at the auto parts store.

On another subject, about three months ago, I promised to post photos of a Model 85 shoe/heating pad change-out procedure. My issue was shoe had stopped heating. I got all sorts of nice help with old instruction manuals to troubleshoot and see if it was the thermostat or the heating element in the shoe.

After blowing several fuses in my house trying to check the thermostat, I finally went ahead and removed the old shoe and re-attached a shoe from a spare Model 85. This was a very quick and trouble-free operation. Of course, you have to have a spare shoe assembly to use!

I'll try to post a link on this forum within a couple weeks that will have detailed, step-by-step procedures for this and some other simple maintenance of Model 85 machines. Meanwhile, if you need advice and do not see what you need on this forum, you may contact me at or by phone at 360-970-0338.


My adive to you is, if you are lucky enoough to have involving only about

Brian 8 years ago

Wow! Okay, I never even knew there was such a thing as a mangle until today. (I'm "only" 42 after all!) This looks great! As someone who HATES to iron (and consequently never does), I don't understand why people gave these things up. Never having used one, I guess I don't really know all the goods and bads, but it seems a lot more pleasant to use than a regular iron.

So what can you "vets" tell me about them? Do I want one?


- Brian

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Brian, if you are 42 and never iron, truly, you most likely don't want one unless you are fond of large home appliances. Usually, the people who like these behemoths DO iron and have a place tgo put it. And, as the hub is titled: Ironing is restful and relaxing!

Paul Moss 8 years ago

Hello Everyone, I am searching for a model 95 Ironrite in great shape. I live in Lincoln, NE and hope to find one close by with a days drive. Does anyone know of any available? thanks, Paul M. 402-474-3169

grace lebow 8 years ago

Thanks to those of you who offered help for my ironrite 85 and its burnt out heating element. The decision is that,sadly it has to go to the dump unless someone wants it for its parts. It is in beautiful condition- has a new cord and fairly new padding and cover that I made.

You can have it for the taking. I live in Chevy Chase , Maryland.


301 652 4026.

Judy VV 8 years ago

I am so excited! My Mother-In-Law just gave me a Ironrite Model 85. It looks to be in good condition, but needs a good cleaning, cord change & oil change etc. Reading through the previous postings, I think my husband & I can figure that out. We have a Service Manual being mailed to us, however is there a Users Manual available too? No documentation came with the mangle. If the User Manual is separate from the Service Manual, does anyone know where I can obtain one? Thanks for any help anyone can give me. My email address is :

Emma Kalmbach 8 years ago

I have an Ironrite Model 88 that I'm offering for sale in Fresno, CA. Please email me at or call at 559-341-4812 if interested. Thank you so much!

Patricia 8 years ago

FINALLY found an Ironrite on eBay close enough to home that I didn't have to pay shipping charges. It is like new and is GREAT! I have a big house with several guestrooms which are always in use. I always iron my sheets and other linens so this truly reduces a 2 hour job down to 20 minutes. Best thing I've ever owned.

Anybody know a good vintage regular handiron I could get to replace my expensive and worthless Communist China-made steam iron? Doesn't even make a good doorstop.

Saar Shem-Tov 8 years ago

I use my Model 85 3-4 times a week for ecerything from dish towels to dress shirts and slacks. The machine peforms as if it were new and never misses a beat. For amazing results, and I know this sounds crazy but it works, put your moistened goods into the freezer overnight, then iron! You'll get the most beautiful results, ever!

Penn 8 years ago

Patricia, I have used real professional irons with steam delivered under pressure, ancient sad irons (and they were), little funky travel irons, early steam numbers, etc. etc. and the one I love best for a great finish these days is made by Haier--cheapie company in China, I believe, but the irons are sweet. Detachable reservoir for the water, smooth operation, doesn't heat your hand up too much during long sessions. Weakness is the spritzer--better to use your own sprayer or bottle sprinkler. But they do a great job on linen, and they are CHEAP--list price about $20 to $25, and I've gotten 2 on eBay for under $10 each.

Penn  8 years ago

Ooops, I see I've recommended a Communist iron! My bad, but I really don't have respect for the vintage numbers. I've tried too many by the big makers, and they're just not as good.

ProfessorJWN 8 years ago

I have an IRONRITE, model 85 sn 230345 for sale

This machine has not been used very much if at all for the past few decades.

It is in relativerly excellent condition considering it's age.

It is electric, and does work well.

The roler does have a slight brownish discoloration which is normal (I think) based on the web photos I have seen.

The front"handle" is gold tinted chrome.

This includes the original manual.

We are in Northwestern Illinois, and would be willing to sell for fair market value.

This would be a "pick up only" sale due to the weight (unless the buyer would like to pay for shipping). I could meet the buyer in the Quad Cities area. (Moline, Rock Island, IL, or Davenport IA)

I think this machine would be great as is or for parts which based on the limited use are likely very good condition.

Michael J. Hanley 8 years ago

I am the youngest of nine and the seventh son. All of us attended Catholic grade and high school and my Mother was an expert using the Ironrite Mangle to iron the shirts and blouses (although my Father, a salesman) sent his to have done professionally. She would have a stack of shirts that would reach the ceiling (at least in the eyes of a little boy!) in virtually no time. I would like to be able to get one for ironing sheets, pillow cases and other flat articles.


Michael J. Hanley

Joan S. O. 8 years ago

OK new Ironrite owner here. My mother gave me hers which SHE got new in 1966, a model 95. I finally have a large enough laundry room, although when my husband found out how big & heavy they are he tried to talk me out of it! So far so good; all instructions, care manuals as well as a can of touch up paint made "expressly for Ironrite by Sprayon Products" Altough it seems to be full of paint I guess the pressurized gas isn't working anymore...oh well. The ironer works great and I'm getting adjusted to the knee pedal controls; I'd heard it takes some practise and I'm working on that. Nice to know you'all are here if I need some tips. Although I can still ask Mother for tips!

Joan S.O. 8 years ago

First problem: Just started using my 1966 Ironrite ironer, model 95 and it keeps blowing the electrical circuit in my laundry room. Checked the cord before we ever plugged it in. Clean and unfrayed like new. It is of course a 2-prong with no ground like modern ones. Yet no matter where I plug it in, it blows the circuit. Unplugged other matter. Is this something anyone else has come across? Shall I go ahead and call an electrician at $150 an hour? An appliance repair person?

gredmondson 8 years ago

Have you tried turning on just the heat alone? Does that blow the circuit? Somewhere above a poster detailed how to put a grounded plug/cord on an Ironrite.

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Joan S.O.My comment about changing the power cord is back about 17 months ago. Don't think this sounds like your problem. Sounds like a short circuit somewhere in the unit. They can be tricky to find. Essentially you have to follow every wire until you find the one that's shorting, then do what you have to to make is stop shorting. Most of the wiring is in the front of the unit, under the thermostat. Though it could be the motor. Does the circuit breaker blow when you turn on the motor? Does it blow as soon as you plug it it, before you turn anything on? Or does it only blow when you turn on the heating element? That could help you zero in on the source of the trouble. I'd start with the power cord, because it doesn't involve opening the unit up (except maybe a panel under the unit, so you can get to where the cord is connected to the unit). If that's not it, I can't tell you what to check next. I would make sure you are not touching the unit when you plug it in, because without that third ground wire (the one you'll have when you replace the two wire cord the unit came with), you might get quite a shock when it shorts.

An electrician won't be of much help -- better to find someone who has been repairing small household appliances for a long time, maybe that person will have some insight into how to trace a short in an antique like yours. It will help to have the wiring diagrams that are included in the owners manual.

jeff 8 years ago

I own a model 95 that runs like a champ. also has original manual included, plus 2 new replacement cloths I say new as still in the package new,they haven't been produced in a while :) Original light bulb works great, heating element works, all orignal partts. If anyone would be interested, if not for antique value alone, then for parts, please let me know. I can be reached, and check my email regularly, at jeffreybonner (@) gmail . com. You may also want to try my cell phone at 619/808/4566. please leave a message. Thanks, and God Bless. Will take anything for it, just don't want to have to move it.. Again. will deliver if local.

Jeff 8 years ago

Whoops! My local area is St. Louis, MO (west county to the east side) so again let me know if interested... THANKS!!!!!!

lynn Perenic 8 years ago

I had a similar problem with my 95 (blowing a circuit) I had our electrician come over to check it out. It seems that the problem was that the old plug which was 2 prong could only be plugged into a 3 prong plug in a certain direction if I didn't do that I blew a circuit. He fixed everything up and put a 3 prong plug on the cord and I am back in business!

Olivia 8 years ago

Professor JWN,

I might be interested in purchasing your machine. How can I reach you? I am in Northern IL, more easterly, but I would be willing to make the drive if it's the right machine for us.


Durango 8 years ago


Thank you for your site. It’s been enlightening as I’ve read the postings while watching the NFL playoff games.

I have an Ironrite Dufold, which I believe was the first Ironrite mangle (Machine #19257) delivered to the west coast, Seattle. I’ve decided to free up some space in the house and intend to put it up for sale but wanted to say thanks for sharing your interests.

gredmondson 8 years ago

Durango, you should leave your contact informaton.

grace lebow 8 years ago

Judy W : I have a manual for you and an extra one for anyone else who requests it. My Ironrite 85 has to go to the dump after 50 years of great ironing pleasure.


RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 8 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi Grace,

Before you take the venerable Model 85 to the dump, maybe you should check and see if anyone wants it for parts. Does it still heat? Where do you live?

gra2418 8 years ago

I live in the Houston area, have been looking for an Ironrite for a few years...if anyone out there knows of one close to south Texas i would appreciate it...thanks.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Houston is big enough to have quite a few Ironrites. Where to look? Try craigslist; right now they have an Ironrite for $100.00. It looks like a model 85:

Other places such as junk stores, thrift stores, estate sales, want ads. You'll find a good one! Keep us posted on your progress.

Kirstine 8 years ago

My mother used an ironrite mangle forever and she passed away several yrs ago. It has been in the garage collecting dust. Hard to think of getting rid of it because of all the fond memories attatched to it and its old and cool looking. However, I think the time has come. I haven't been able to find a model number on it. Do you know if there is one hidden in some obscure place on it? And do you know how the model number affects what the asking price should be in selling it?

lynn Perenic 8 years ago

You can look on the back of the machine. It is probably an 88 or a 95. Price will depend on a) the condition of the ironrite i.e. how it works and over all physical conditon. The secondary condiiton to price is your location. It will probably need to be a local pick up since shipping prices can be expensive. My advice is to check craigs list in your area and see what others are asking for the ones the have listed.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 8 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Seeing what someone is asking is not as telling as seeing what someone is paying for these machines. Ask $40.00, and be glad that someone wants it, and that it is not being melted down!

Dorota Stanczak 7 years ago

I am looking for a pad and covers for my model 85 Ironrite. I use it reguraly. Please contact me at 586-268-0728. thank you, Dorota.

Teena Andreoli 7 years ago

Interested in finding an Ironrite 95 in good working order in the Michigan area.

Please contact me at 313 278 2929.

Ric Faries 7 years ago

This site has a free Ironrite. I do not know the model. It is in Jackson, Missouri

jerry 7 years ago

we have a model 95 that we are trying to sell, it came from my mother in laws house and it looks like new, not a scratch or dent, can you give us an idea by the model how old it is and what we could expect to get for it

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Jerry, Where are you? Phone number? This has been discussed before, but you have the best Ironrite, and it looks like new. I'd say for that, $100.00, unless you have a bidding war. If you put it on craigslist, include a photo, and ask people to make you an offer. Keep us posted as to what you get for it.

Stan 7 years ago

I have a model 85 that the heat selector is broken on. It broke while transporting it. I think it can be epoxied back together, however I am not sure which side of the post the coiled springs lever should be on. I am assuming it sould be set up so that the "spring" gets tighter or looser, depending on heat setting. I was hoping that if you looked at the picture that I've linked, you could tell me if I have i set up the right way. Thanks!

Jon Osumi 7 years ago

I have a perfect condition Ironrite 95 with chair and instruction manual for sale here in california. A few cosmetic scratches on the exterior but it worked perfectly the last time my grandmother used it (back in the late 50's)

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Jon Osumi,

I hope you will identify how to contact you. There should be someone who wants your Ironrite 95. What city are you in?

Bruce 7 years ago

I just purchased a Model 25 Ironrite. Does anyone know when this was built? I see 75-85 and 95 models...but nothing on the Model 25. Also, does it have a thermostat? No controls for heat level on the switchplate like the 75-95 models.

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 7 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Model 25 was built between 1935 and 1936. No thermostat. First one with thermostat was model 50 in 1937, which was also first one with double knee conrols. That's all I have.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

RickyRob48, I am so impressed with your Ironrite knowledge, and would like to meet you. I am living n San Francisco now, and if you are still in Half Moon Bay, not far from you. How many Ironrites do you have? Do you have a collection of Ironrite literature? George (gredmonds(at)

RickyRob48 profile image

RickyRob48 7 years ago from Half Moon Bay

Hi George: Yep, still in HMB, still own Old Thyme Inn, and still have three Model 85's (two that work, one for parts). I do have some lit: Service Manual and Parts List (that's where I get the manufacturing dates), and some Ironrite advertising magazines (multi-page, larger than pamphlets) -- one that says "I have a BETTER way to iron" on the front (24 pages), and one that says "Woman's hands deserve this newer freedom" (22 pages). Love to meet you. Check out the web site -- -- and give me a call. All the best, Rick

Needs a home 7 years ago

Hey there... I have my mother's (She's now 89 yrs.) Ironrite Model 88. Is anyone in N. CA interested? Please advise (It's in excelent, hardly used condition. It was "Antiqued" forest green in the late 60's. It is Mahogoney underneeth if not mistaken. I'll take it to Craig's List if there isn't someone interested. Any suggestions will be appreciated... -Ivan

T-Bone 7 years ago

I have a brand new (1951) Conlon Mangle It looks as though it has never been used. do you know of naybody that may be interested in purchasing it? I can ship or it can be picked up (Erie PA. )

Brian Askew 7 years ago

Hi, I found a model 85 Ironrite on eBay a couple of years ago below Baton Rouge, LA. When I went to pick it up, the seller said "I have another one if you want it for the same price"! The price I paid, I'm almost ashamed to say, was 20.00 for each, and the other Ironrite was a model 95! It came with the original bill of sale. I changed the electrical cords on each one, and the oil, and they worked great until a few months ago, when the motor on the 95 began to smoke slightly when I turned it on. A friend took a look and told me that the copper coils in the motor are bad. He said that I could have them rewound, or just get a replacement motor. I've been searching on eBay for a motor with no luck. Does anyone have a model 95 motor for sale? My email is b_askew(at) Thanks a million! I love this site!

Janeen22 7 years ago

I live in Seven Hills, Ohio. I have an Ironrite Model 85 with a bit of rust and an slight upturned corner. As long as it does not go for scrap, I will sell it for $40.00. If interested, please reply. Thank you.

Kelli 7 years ago

I would like to buy an Ironrite Model 95 in good working order from someone in a position to arrange shipping or located in the Carolinas for pick up.

Kelli 7 years ago

Forgot to leave a phone contact when posting the search for the Ironrite 95 in good working order in the Carolinas or willing to ship. (919) 604-2188.

Sue Collins 7 years ago

Hi--Just bought an 85 model and transported it from Conneaut, OH to Asheville, NC--had to put it on it's side and the oil leaked out. I would like to have a service manual and users manual. The was not working. My email is Thanks! PS My family thinks I'm nuts!

Jamie 7 years ago

hope the oil didnt leak in the motor do you know how much oil too put in the gear box what kind of oil only put enough oil so the oil splashes on the gears use use hydraulic jack oil 90 weight oil if oil got in the motor clean the oil out you will burn out the motor

wendy 7 years ago

I have a model 85 and live in an itty bitty house, Charlotte, Michigan. I will part with it and make do with my much smaller portable mangle. The Ironrite is great because nothing gets in the way to the right. I bought it originall to use for finishing on hand hooked rugs, the final pressing, but it's too big for my house. wendy 517 543 2801

Janecf 7 years ago

I have an Ironrite model 88. Does anyone know where I can find a manual for it. I use it all of the time but it is starting to make a bit of a grinding noise. Sure would hate to have it quit on me. I have been using an ironrite since I was a kid oh so many years ago. Thanks for your help.

tngatorpwj 7 years ago

I just found an ironrite model 890. Does anyone know about these? email is



Rick Ellis 7 years ago

For tngatorpwj -- the model 890 (along with models 90, 95, and 98) were the last ones built by Ironright -- between 1953 and 1958. A model 890 with serial # starting with "P" is 1953-57, if it starts with "PA" it's 1958.

texaslynn 7 years ago from Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

I am so frustrated!!! Finally found a model 85 that appeared to be in decent shape, but needed a good cleaning. Opened the gear compartment to find it completely dry of oil, and there seemed to be a lot of oil residue in places I wouldn't expect to find oil, so my assumption was that someone had laid it on its' back -- a real no-no. After cleaning it up, putting a decent plug on the existing wiring (which all looked pretty good), and adding oil, with great anticipation we turned on the motor. Smoke, buzzing, but that's all.

Husband cleaned the motor (and had already lubricated it), and apparently it was just "stuck" from years of inactivity. Once he could turn it by hand, we reassembled it, and on the next try, it hummed along quite nicely! The drum turned, and the left knee control works, but the right knee control (at this point) does not make the drum move up and down.

Then we noticed there was oil dripping from the bottom of the Ironrite, just below the gear case. Not good. Our best guess is that it needs some new seals, but where in the world would one get them?! Any ideas? Can we fabricate some? Does anyone have photos, or a pattern?

I drained the oil out to keep it from leaking further, and am disheartened, to say the least.

Has anyone else had experience with fixing a leaking Ironrite? Any advice, anyone?? Thanks!

Kelli 7 years ago

Thanks to the lady who left me a message about the SC ironrite for sale - thought I'd placed a bid that nobody would want to beat for a "pick up only" model that might need some tweaking, but I was wrong. Based on the adds I've been watching around the country for the last several months, If it's in working condition, it seems to sell for more than $250 and if it has been reconditioned, it sells for more than $350 based on ebay and Craigslist. If it's another brand of ironer, there's a much larger price range but I'm a little reluctant to try on something I know even less about. I am now resigned to paying a higher price if I can find one within driving distance or willing to ship to North Carolina. Still looking for a model 95, but haven't seen one advertised at any price anywhere. This site has been really helpful in helping to evaluate what has come up for sale - I really appreciate all the information. If anyone is willing to part with their ironer, my phone number is (919) 604-2188.

texaslynn 7 years ago from Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Kelli, that was me. :) Drop me a note thru here, I do have some other leads for you. I wondered how that auction came out! I was pretty stunned at the ending price. Lynn

texaslynn 7 years ago from Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Yup, definitely need a set of S2105 oil seals to go on the clutch trigger rod and press trigger rod. Ideas, anyone? How successful would I be at removing these from a "parts-only" Ironrite? Has anyone had any luck at removing these 50+ year-old seals and moving them to another unit?

texaslynn 7 years ago from Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Update - Found another Model 85 yesterday in excellent working condition. Bought it for $100, cleaned it up (it had been in a garage for a number of years), changed the oil, lubed the motor, and spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon happily ironing everything in sight. Not sure what I'm going to do with the leaking Ironrite. It's bulky to store as-is for future parts. I hate to do it, but I think hubby and I will harvest usable parts (motor, gears, forming plate, hot shoe, knee controllers) and discard the cabinet. If anyone is in need of a particular part, NOW would be the time to contact me. :) Lynn 7 years ago

I have a 88 wood cabinet and am restoring. Been in my family since about 195? Could use seals and roller cover. Any ideas?

jamie 7 years ago

ebay has covers in search in ebay type ironrite easy too make your own covers

egoodell 7 years ago

Hi Lynn, or anyone taking a mangle apart -

We were given an Ironrite and it needs a new heating element I think - my husband has it working fine but it will not heat up and the porcelain piece is cracked. I'm told the heating element is shot. Is this something I can purchase from any of you and have it mailed to me?



texaslynn 7 years ago from Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Erika, I sent you an email through your Hub account. Parts available will depend on what model you're trying to refurbish. Not all parts from all models are interchangeable. The heating element for model 95 is different than the one for the 85.

If the iron is not heating up, there are other things to check. Make sure the WIRING is intact. The heater SWITCH could be bad. The THERMOSTAT could be faulty. And, of course, it could be a bad heating element.

Porcelain cracked? I'm not sure where that would be, my Ironrites don't seem to have any porcelain. They're pretty much just painted metal, cast iron, and Bakelite with a few snazzy pieces of chrome. :) If you can narrow down the piece for me, I'll see if I have one. Hope this helps, Lynn

Roberta Morrow 7 years ago

I need a black tip up forming board and 4 casters for a model 85 (plastic with 4 holes for screwing on) It says Ironrite on it. Part # C- 8344. where can I get these parts. please e mail me at Thank you

Lisa Moore 7 years ago

We were remodeling and found a Mother's Pal Ironer model#5 seriel 4667. It has a roller withe some type of cloth. a contrlo and a A_C motor and model on it is 3439. Does anyone have any information on this Ironer?

Lisa Moore 7 years ago

We were remodeling and found a Mother's Pal Ironer model#5 seriel 4667. It has a roller withe some type of cloth. a contrlo and a A_C motor and model on it is 3439. Does anyone have any information on this Ironer?

steve 7 years ago

I have a ironer model #70 perfect working order Id like to sell. anyone interested ? Im in longview WA.

andy 7 years ago

i found an ironrite model 95 in an old shop that i'm working on. It still has the original user manual inside. not sure if it works. It looks brand new except for the years of dust on it. i was going to throw it in the dumpster because i didn't know what it was at first. (i was born in 83) I decided to google it and found this site. Anybody interested??

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Andy, I think there will be people who are interested. Leave your email (write "at" instead of @)) and you may also leave your phone number. I could add a text area in which I list current offerings. Also, give as much information as you can about it.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 7 years ago

Hi to all. I have several ironers that I am going to have to part with. I do have a 95 that does not operate but feel that it is just a minor repair to have it up and running. I have an 85 that is beautiful. I also have 2 GE Flatplate ironers that work wonderfully and are very unsuual. I am in the Atlanta, GA area

steve 7 years ago

got a ironrite #70 very good condition very cheap like 50 bucks im in wa. state.

steve 7 years ago

oh my e-mail is .

Mary Ann 7 years ago

I have a mahogany case Ironrite that I love. I changed oil and cover when I first got it about 4 years ago and am having a leakage problem now. First, I forgot the best kind of oil to use; second, what should I do to repair the leak? I have the user manual somewhere but have not unpacked from my move but I remember I found the info on the oil and how to change it online. Would appreciate any help and/or advice. My email is . Thanks.

Mary Ann 7 years ago

I see the email did not print, here it is in words only. Thanks.

Mary Ann

Mary Ann  7 years ago

PPS: It is a model 88 and the motor is a GE model 5KH29GG1.

Thanks again.

Mary Ann


Mick McMahan 7 years ago

I'm looking for a heating shoe with or without a thermostat, or a thermostat for a Model 94. Also have a Model 85 available in the Albuquerque NM area (zip 87108)

John Hart 7 years ago

I have 2 ironrites, I use one every week for flat work- absolutly nothing like ironed sheets with a little starch. I don't know that I could live without my ironrite , such a luxury!

Bill Hein 7 years ago

Just finished ironing 14 shirts and decided it was time to replace my Ironrite cover. Found this site and amazed to find so may devoted fans of Ironrites. As a teenager in the Detroit area I helped with the ironing when mother bought a used model 55 in early 1940's. Mechanically, it's still working great and I cannot remember oil ever being added. I did replace a switch and had to open the heating plate and re-solder wiring. All in all, a great testament to fine engineering and manufacturing.

Am now in Florida is anyone needs instuction on ironing other that flatwork.

Martha K. 7 years ago

It would be great if you could categorize the comments; i.e., coils, replacing roller covers, castor replacement, for sale, wanted, etc.

Steve Drake 7 years ago

I have an Ironrite model 80 ser #9377 in working order, looks good too. It was my mother's, she used it for many years when I was growing up. We are downsizing getting ready to sell our house to go full time RVing so it needs to find a new home. I hate to take it to the scrap yard. I was amazed to see how many people are stll using them. Will someone give me $40 for it? I am in the Tulsa, Ok area.

Steve Drake 7 years ago

I have an Ironrite model 80 ser #9377 in working order, looks good too. It was my mother's, she used it for many years when I was growing up. We are downsizing getting ready to sell our house to go full time RVing so it needs to find a new home. I hate to take it to the scrap yard. I was amazed to see how many people are stll using them. Will someone give me $40 for it? I am in the Tulsa, Ok area.

McDonald 7 years ago

I just purchased a model 85 ironrite, got it home and noticed that the drum was up and it wont go down and stay down so that it rolls. the knee controls dont seem to be working either. I have turned and turned them. I cant ge the drum to stay down. Cant just hold it down and run the fabric through the whole time continuously. Can anyone tell me what the problem is. Everthing else seems to work fine. I got the manual for it but it is really old. Does not troubleshoot problems. I paid 30.00 on ebay and picked it up. I was told that it was in working order and its not. I could really use this because i sew and need to iron yards of fabric. Does anyone have one to sell in the Illinois area as i live in a south suburb of Chicago that actually works? My email is if anyone can help me with this i would greatly appreciate it. I was looking forward to using it.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 7 years ago

John Hart and Bill me..we all enjoy these machines and John, you are right there is NOTHING like a crisp, clean cool sheet....

steve 7 years ago

does anybody want to buy a ironrite ironer? I just found this in my garage pretty good shape? Las Vegas NV

702-523-0022 Steve

Steve Drake  7 years ago

I forgot to put contact info in my first post. I have a Model 80 Ironrite with book. It heats up and seems to work. I really don't know how to operate it. It was my mother's. I'm in the Tulsa, OK area. I hate to take it to the scrap yard, but if somebody doesn't come get it for $25 that's where it's going. Call Steve at 918-688-1203.

Steve Drake  7 years ago

I forgot to put contact info in my first post. I have a Model 80 Ironrite with book. It heats up and seems to work. I really don't know how to operate it. It was my mother's. I'm in the Tulsa, OK area. I hate to take it to the scrap yard, but if somebody doesn't come get it for $25 that's where it's going. Call Steve at 918-688-1203.

R. Knapp 7 years ago

Hello All! This is a wonderful website. I remember my Grandmother using her Ironrite in her basement washroom. Since they couldn't get the machine up the stairs, they left it when they sold their house a few years back. I have been looking for an Ironrite ever since! Does anyone in Michigan have one for sale? I am in Grand Rapids, and I don't think I could afford shipping from Oklahoma (sorry Steve!)

Shelly45 7 years ago from STOUGHTON, WISCONSIN

I have an Ironrite Model 80 - It needs a good Home. I would love for someone to use it. Make me an offer and I can also send pictures if you are interested - It does work!

I'm located in Stoughton Wisconsin

susan1058 7 years ago

I just moved into an old house in Florida and found an ironrite 85 in the attic. It works good but it does not have a cover on the roller. i have not a clue on how to make one. I saw some on ebay but they want to much money for them. Can anyone send me instructions on how to make one. Thank you for this website it has been most informative. My email is

cynthia 7 years ago

I am in St Clair Shores and have an Ironrite in excellent condition for rust, purchased in mid 50's.

Email for info.

CYNTHIA  7 years ago

That's St Clair Shores, MI to answer R. Knapp's inquiry.

Contact me at if still looking for ironrite in Michigan. Thx.

Tim 7 years ago

I have my mother's Ironrite that is in reasonable working condition. It says on the manual that it is a Model 880, which is apparently similar to a Model 85, but cased differently. It is a "wood" cabinet. The top lifts off, not hinged. It has black metal legs. It has set for a long time and is a bit musty smelling when first opening.

If anyone wants it that lives close enough to Cedar Rapids Iowa that they can pick it up, and they intend it for personal use, they may have it. Email me at and I can send pictures.

Linda 7 years ago

I am searching for a Manual Release Lever for a Model 85. I can be contacted at or at

chuck 7 years ago

just got one from guy next door. It is all wood model# 88 & machine # ad 12947 dont know much about these machines everything works a little info would help?

texaslynn 7 years ago from Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex

Chuck, if you need manuals, contact me through Hubpages. If you click on my username, you should see an envelope icon for email.

Teresa L 7 years ago


I just bought an ironrite mangle but the model Number is listed as 'XL'. No numbers. I haven't found anything about a model XL, just lots of numbered models. It looks really old and has spindly green metal legs and base. The roller is 24.5 inches wide. I got the model number off the plate on the back of the mangle and it definitely says 'Ironrite Model XL'. Any ideas? I think I've found a roller pad, cover and oil, not sure if the manual for one of the other models will work for the weird one I have. Any info appreciated.

john 7 years ago

i will have one for sale not shure what model have to dig my way to it.

john 7 years ago

forgot to say i will be digging it out tomarrow.If anyone is interested you can contact me at for more info.

Dottie 7 years ago


I just aquired a Ironrite and on the plate on the back says.

Ironmate Model 890 P-21751 115 volt 60 cycle Watts 1185. I cant find and information on line for this. Anyone have any idea how much its worth? It is a portable model. It is on a metal stand with 2 small wheels to tip it to move it around. It is in very good condition but I havent checked to see if it actually works. I have an instruction book and it says its for models 800-850-880-and 890. I am thinking it should have a cover of some sort. Is there anywhere to still get parts for this? Any info appreciated. Thanks.

joehoude 7 years ago

We have a Model 95 with a faulty heating element. Does anyone know of a source for a replacement element? Part number S41010. Please get in touch by via email: Thanks.

mallardONE 7 years ago

Hello, fellow Ironrite users:

16 months ago, I promised to post a link to a web site I am building which has info on Ironrite mangles (locating, inspecting, buying, repairing. Although the site is still in its infancy, here is the link:

The goal is to have step-by-step instructions and pictures for various maintenance procedures. That will happen someday!

mallardONE 7 years ago

Hello, fellow Ironrite users:

16 months ago, I promised to post a link to a web site I am building which has info on Ironrite mangles (locating, inspecting, buying, repairing. Although the site is still in its infancy, here is the link:

The goal is to have step-by-step instructions and pictures for various maintenance procedures. That will happen someday!

Caille 7 years ago

Hello, I am looking for a Model 95 Ironrite in excellent condition in Michigan (lower eastside preferred)....if close to me I will pick up promptly

House 7 years ago

If you had the option of a nice 880 for free or a nice 95 for $125, which would be the better choice? What would you get with the 95 that's not offered on the 880? I've been researching and can't decide which route to go.

Sondra 7 years ago

Anyone have info on Model 35? I see a lot about the 70s, 80s and 90s. Haven't found anything yet on 35. Thanks.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

House, the 95 is better, but the determining factor is condition. If the 95 is is better condition, runs quietly, I'd consider myself lucky that I found one.

Mike Sakowitz Twomey 7 years ago

George is right. The 95 is the newer of the two. If memory serves the 880 is a portable unit where the 95 is on casters but does require room to house it. I think the 880 is also a smaller roller pad.

House 7 years ago

Thanks so much for your input. I did go with the 95 and got it home today. I'm like a kid with a new toy! Hubby's gonna do the upgrades, wire and oil change but it is already running like a top. Now the dread of ironing is replaced with a bit of anticipation. I wouldn't have purchased something this old without reading through this great site and learning about the reputation of this machine first. Thanks for keeping it up and all the wonderful postings from people with great wisdom. It's very helpful.

SJR 7 years ago

Hello! I have my grandmother's IronRite to sell and not sure the best place to sell it. It's in great shape. She used it until she passed away (about 3 years ago) so I assume it still works. Still has the chair with it and the original manual. Any advice?



SJR 7 years ago

Also, it's a model 95 and it is located in SanDiego.

Jim L. 7 years ago

I'm in central Ohio and have a Model 95 with a burned out heating element. I'd like to find a replacement heater, or "hot shoe". We've used the 95t for almost 50 years. I also used an earlier model when i was in college. Any help will be appreciated.

Jim L.

Guy G 7 years ago

I'm looking for an ironrite 85 or 95 in NJ. If any body has it I am willing to buy and pick it up.

Nancy S. 7 years ago

I have an Ironrite 30 (so the plate on the back says). Anyone how how old this thing is? It still works. I made a new roller cover for it and I still use it.

RickyRob48 7 years ago


Model 30 was built in 1935-36. Damn, these things are built to last!

Eric 7 years ago

Does anyone collect these, I have an Iron Rite, that was Greatgrandma's. Or is it just scrape, it has all the manuals. It still works, I guess I mean I havn't used to Iron. If you want the model I can get it. Just want to see if it is wroth the time to try and sell.


gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author


Absolutely look for someone to buy this -- even if it only $20.00. These were amazingly well-built appliances, and there are a few people looking for them. Put it on craigslist and ebay

Kevin 7 years ago

Does anyone have an estimate as to what year a Model 75 was made in?

Eric 7 years ago

Thanks for the fast respone. I will try and see if their are any interest out there for it.

Thanks Again

RickyRob48 7 years ago


Model 75 was manufactured from 1939 to 1947.

caroniaguy 7 years ago

Hi Everybody,

Haven't posted in a while but was at an estate sale yesterday and ran across a several Ironrite rollcovers. Naturally I am keeping a couple for myself but I'd like to offer the other 4 for sale here if anyone needs one. They are NOT Ironrite brand but they are Hudson's Department Store brand made for Ironrite and 1 made by Blind Craftsmen for Ironrite. They are off-white muslin, in thier original envelopes. They are dusty, so I'd recommend they be laundered before using. I'll offer them at $10 each plus postage (I can send these out in manila envelopes since there is nothing breakable so postage should be very reasonable...$1 or $1.50 I'd think). PLEASE, limit one to a person. Just shoot me an email! Thanks.

They are 25-26inch rollcovers.

Marilyn Peters 7 years ago

I have a toy Mangle. Old old, but in great condition...Original sleeve is on it. Metal and fabric - plate on the bottom says KIDDIE MANGLE Educational Toy Detroit Standard Products - Detroit Michigan. I was going to put it on ebay but have no idea of the value...can you help?

Chiyo 7 years ago


I have toyed with the thought of getting a mangle iron for years... there is one produced by Miele that is just impossible to afford when you're working with a budget. Thanks to all of you, I'm certain that what I really want is not the Miele, but an Ironrite mangle! I didn't know there were still any of the old machines around. Does anyone in the Grand Rapids, Michigan area have one for me?

mrjaymetz31 7 years ago

need help pricing a model 88 in great condition.It is wood, not metal,and is much more appealing.All original papers,booklet and guarantee,and even the survey mailed out on company letterhead.It also has extra cloth and roller cover.Still works great.Just not sure how much to ask for it

Cokiwa 7 years ago

I have a Ironrite 85 in great condition available for sale. It is my mother's, and she used to use it when my dad was on the fire department and still had uniform shirts that needed pressing. She was able to iron a shirt in three minutes with this press, and after the department went to permanent press shirts, she continued to use it for table cloths for many years, but now we just need the floor space. I've posted it on Craig's List, and you can look here if you're interested: (appliances)

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Mr. Jay Metz31,

I recommend you ask $50.00. Generally, the metal Ironrites are worth more than the wood models in similar shape. I must say that the wood Ironrites I have seen have been rough, and if yours is a more modern style, like Mid-Century, and light color, it may be worth more to someone who is into that style.

Shane 7 years ago

Hi Greg. I'm acquiring a model 88 in near perfect condition and believe I can transport it upright in my SUV. In the event it doesn't have clearance, I've read about the need to drain the oil as it will leak everywhere. I don't have a manual (yet), but hope you may be able to advise as to where/how the draining of the oil can be done on the machine. Similar to draining the oil in a car, is there a bolt underneath that you just unscrew and drain? Thanks!

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Shane, there is a bolt at the bottom of the gear case. Unscrew that bolt, and the oil will drain out. Refill with six ounces of 40 weight non detergent motor oil. There has been a lot of discussion about the oil in previous posts.

Sharon 7 years ago

We have an Ironrite Model 88 that belonged to my inlaws and would like to have an idea what it would be worth. The copyright date on the manual says 1948. It is in excellent condition. We live in Connecticut if anyone is interested in it.

joehoude 7 years ago

I have a Model 95 that needs a heating element. Does anyone have a 95 for sale in Texas? Please contact me though the hub by clicking on my name above. Thanks.

weaver50 7 years ago

What a mine of information-thank you! I am already enchanted with the idea of "mangling" my textiles (I'm a weaver) and old cotton bedsheets. Does anyone have or know of an ironrite (95, 85 in exc working order) located in southern Illinois? Thanks, Melody

Sharon 7 years ago

I left the comment regarding the Ironrite 88 that we have that belonged to my inlaws that is in excellent condition. We live in Connecticut. I neglected to leave my email address in case someone is interested in contacting me regarding purchasing it. My email address is

Saar 7 years ago

I use my Model 85 several times weekly for everything from dress shirts and slacks to all the flat goods in the house, even the shower curtain! OK, so the thermostat isn't so perfect but one learns where the "sweetspot" is and how to work around the inconsistencies in temp. Go ahead, momma, take my Kodachrome but leave my Ironrite alone!

Nancy 7 years ago

I hope to purchase one. I really enjoyed your info. in the west where all jeans are pressed with crease down front. Irons I find are too light weight. Professionals are spendy. I would look for the 95 after reading your info.

Nancy 7 years ago

I just left request, should have left email and location. I am in southern Oregon. I also have to agree not ALL jeans are pressed with crease but ours are. Looking for good working ironrite, close to us.

bert33 7 years ago


I am from the Lexington Kentucky area, and am looking for an ironrite, prefer 85 or 95. Anyone have one close to me, at a reasonable price? Also, have found one a model 88. He said you have to push down on the roller when you engage the lever. Is that fixable, or should I avoid it? Am I better off with the 85 or 95?

I remember using one...or probably bothering my Mother as she used hers in the early 50's.

Please help me if you can?


bert33 7 years ago

Oh pooh. I forgot to include my email,



GREDMONDSON 7 years ago

I would look for one that runs perfectly.

bert33 7 years ago


Thanks for your help. If anyone has one near Kentucky, please let me know?



Dobea 7 years ago

I have a Ironrite Ironer nodel 88 - wood for sale. It is in good working order. I cannot ship it it would have to be picked up. I live in Port Huorn, Michigan. If interested contact me with a bid.

Diane 7 years ago

I'm having trouble with my Ironrite yellowing my whites. I clean the cover quite frequently but it's a pain to get back on and I wipe down the shoe before I begin each ironing session. Any suggestions? It seems like it's coming from the shoe.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Are you using spray on starch? If so, use a lower heat setting. Make sure that the shoe is completely clean. I use S. O. S. pads (steel wool with soap), and once the shoe is clean, it should stay that way a long time. When you are washing your whites, are getting the detergent rinsed out of the clothes completely? Is the shoe too hot for the material, and the yellowing is really scorching?

Diane 7 years ago

I don't think it is scorching. I will try cleaning it with an SOS pad and see if that helps. I am not using starch, but have contemplated it to get that nice crisp look. But, it seems like it just flakes off. I have the iron set to 7 1/2 and the shirts are mostly cotton but some are blends. Is that too high of a setting for dress shirts? Any lower, sets a crease okay, but doesn't seem to make the rest of the shirt look like it's pressed. Thanks for your help.

Sheryl 7 years ago

My grandfather owned a furniture and appliance store in the 50's and 60's; he used to sell 2 or 3 of these a year, and I grew up with this one residing in the back porch of our house--which was a great location, because in the wintertime, it kept the porch warm, and in the summer, you could iron with all the windows open! Before the invention of "perma press", my mother pressed everything we wore on the Ironrite, even clothes that had just come in off the line in summer.

I was ALLOWED to learn to run the Ironrite when I was 10--and to earn a nickel per article of clothing pressed. I earned substantial cash for about 10 years, ironing the neighborhood's shirts, dress pants, etc.

After leaving home post-college, I avoided cotton shirts and other clothing that required pressing for decades--because the Ironrite was a thousand miles away, and I just couldn't bear the tedium of the ironing board. There's nothing worse than an ironing board, after you've mastered the Ironrite!

Since moving back to Utah, I now indulge myself in cotton shirts--because I can take whole loads of them to my mother's and press then on the Ironrite.

You would be amazed at how quickly the old skill comes back. :)

7/12 is WAY too high for poly-cotton shirts on MY machine. 6, at max. And use plain water to press them, not starch. You'll get a much better result, in my experience.

JeannineD 7 years ago

I'm looking for a sensibly priced model 85 Ironrite or the appropriate heating element for the 85. Can pick up in the Northern California or Reno areas. Hopefully, JeannineD.

bert33 7 years ago

Has anyone heard of a pink Ironrite? That would be awesome. Would love to have one of those, or any Ironrite!


gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Yes, Ironrite made pink Ironrites in the late 50's, and I suppose early 60's. Some people took their white Ironrites to auto painters who painted them pink.

Darlene 7 years ago

I have an Ironrite Model 75 in wonderful working condition for sale in Woodburn, Oregon. Nancy, from southern Oregon, if you are interested let me know. I also have an older lady that is looking for information on an Ironrite model 45. Does anyone have information on a Ironrite Model 45.

Darlene 7 years ago

I have an Ironrite Model 75 in wonderful working condition for sale in Woodburn, Oregon. Nancy, from southern Oregon, if you are interested let me know. I also have an older lady that is looking for information on an Ironrite model 45. Does anyone have information on a Ironrite Model 45.

robin 7 years ago

My ironrite seems to heat and turn but the roller doesn't make contact with the foot. Is the burlap too flattened? Does anyone know what the correct dimension of the roller should be?

RickyRob48 7 years ago

Model 45 was manufactured between 1938 and 1940. Had a cast iron shoe, no thermostat, double knee control, and belt drive.

gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 7 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

RickyRob48, I still want to meet you because you know so much about Ironrites!

Robyn 6 years ago

Ironrite 85: free to good home! I hate to give it up, but since I also have an 88, I really need the space. The 85 works quite well. It is missing 1 utility pocket cover, and I replaced the cover handle. But it's available for the low, low price of free. I'm in Oklahoma City.

If interested, please send an e:mail to robyn.mcmillin [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks!


gredmondson profile image

gredmondson 6 years ago from San Francisco, California Author

Robyn, I am so glad that you are willing to give it away FREE. I have done the same thing. This is better than storing it in a garage or basement -- or hanging on to it just because no one would pay what you thought it was worth, and down the road a relative has to dispose of it.

Shirley 6 years ago

I have an Ironrite 85. I am bit dismayed when ironing shirts/blouses as the buttons split often. Do I need new padding? If so any info. on where to purchase it would be appreciaed I am in MI., north of Detroit. I just bought a new cover which I have yet to install so now would be the time to add the padding. Thanks for all input.

dewayne 6 years ago

i have a model 85 ironrite.if there is anyone near the texas panhandle that is interested hit me up at

Liz 6 years ago

I have an Ironrite Model 85 Ironer in Pittsburgh, PA

Serial Number: AB284447

It appears to be in good condition (may be very good: I didn't plug it in although the cord looks to be in very good shape); manual, but no chair. FREE. Email me at lizdesign at yahoo dot com.

bert33 6 years ago


I sent you an email about your Model 85. I am VERY interested. Can you email me? mtnriver3 at aol dot com.

I would be excited to hear from you.



Chris Thompson 6 years ago

I am currently looking for an ironrite machine in the St. Louis area if anyone knows where I can buy one preferably the 95, I would be most grateful if you would please let me know. My email is

2Susan 6 years ago

I have a Beatty ironer (1953). These were made in Canada. I'd like to find an Ironrite - but have yet to find one in the Calgary area. Does anyone have a manual for the Beatty? I'm sure there is some care I should be giving it after 50+ years!

One thing I noticed here is the lack of mention of wax. Comercial ironers and some old home irons are supposed to use wax (parafin) on the shoe. You put on a tiny amount with the cleaned shoe hot, rub it in and then run an old sheet through to take off the excess. The wax prevents build up of starch and other contaminants (like exceses laundry soap, hard water stains etc.). In a commercial operation you're supposed to apply the wax at least once a day at the start of the day. The technique there is to lay a full width flannel cloth with wax granules sprinkled on the inside, fold over and run through (fold first). Wax sellers claim that the ironers use less electricity because there is less drag on the linens as well as a nicer finish.

Some of the old starch products for home use had added wax - same purpose.

Dianne 6 years ago

I have a working Ironrite Model 88 Ironer Machine # AD18926 for sale in the coastal area of North Carolina. Anyone interested in purchasing please e-mail me at

Lucille Carlson 6 years ago

Love this website. I have used the Ironite for the past 45 years. I am on my third one. People look at me like I am crazy ironing sheets, pillowcases, tableclothes, napkines, my husbands shirts. It is an art and I wouldn't be without one. Any idea where I can get a classic design chair?

gredmondson 6 years ago

The Ironite Health Chair shows up on ebay often.

Lou 6 years ago

I have noticed the roller is closer to the metal shoe on the right side compared to the left side which causes uneven pressing. I have checked the pading and cover and they are snug but the space is quite noticeable. I have no manuel and wonder is there is some adjustment to the roller or the shoe? I bought this 95 model used, and they knew nothing about the machine.

mitch55 6 years ago

Great comments...I have an Ironrite 85 in Erie PA looking for new home. Works well. One owner for 50 plus years. Free. If interested send email to mitch.willis(at)gmail(dot)com

Mark Neil 6 years ago

Looking for a PRIMO condition Model 95 w/ chair. Prefer white housing but will consider other options too. I would like to get one that was near the end of the manufacturing run in 1960 or 1961 if possible. Reason? Had one for years and mom stored it in her garage. One day I went to look for it and found it had been stolen. Just gone! It was something her mother bought late in her life and my mother is now in her 80's and misses the thing terribly. Will pay for shipping and top dollar for late model/chair/etc. ONLY want one that is running, please. I'm in Arizona and will arrange crating and shipping from anywhere in the US at my expense. (yes, I'm desperate to get one for her as you can tell My view on it is this: when I'm 85, I hope I can find something this simple that will make me happy for a while, too!) email: - thanks...

PS: anyone know what years they made the gas powered units? I'd like to have one of those for my own home, too. They are very rare I'm told and I don't even know what models they were made as. Would be grateful for any info on them that anyone may have!

mallardONE 6 years ago

This message is for "Lou" who has the misaligned roller. You didn't mention which model you have, but if it's a 65/75/85/95, there is a pretty easy adjustment. You can try my web site, and click on the link for "Maintenance and Repair" then the link for "Heating Shoe Problems," then scroll about halfway down the page to the link that says, "Replace the shoe/thermostat" and then (whew!) scroll down to the last topic in bold that says, Aligning the shoe."

I believe the old Ironrite service manual has a verbal description of a similar procedure and if you need one of those, contact me.

I've got some pictures of how this should look but they are not yet on the web site. Questions? Contact me at Hope this helps,


mallardONE 6 years ago

To all Ironrite users:

I am writing because there might be a favor you can do for me. I am looking for an intact but inoperative Model 85 Heating Shoe Assembly. Would also like to do the same for a Model 95. If you end up with one of these, I would be willing to pay to have it packed up and shipped to me.

Why, you ask, would I want a shoe assembly that does not heat? The answer is, I want to disassemble it down to the bare shoe and its electric heating element. I want to see what the heating element is made of, and then see if I can engineer a new element.

My goal is to create a replacement heating element for Ironrite Model 85 users whose heating element has failed, and who can't find an existing, operational replacement shoe assembly. You don't know how many times I have been asked, "Can the heating element be repaired or replaced?"

And, finally, because the heating element is notoriously brittle and fragile, I do not want to mess around with the three good heating elements I already have!

If you can help me, or know of anyone who can, please contact me at Thanks.

mallardONE 6 years ago

This is for "dewayne" with the Model 85 near Texas panhandle:

Do you still have the Model 85? If so, contact me at:


Bert33 6 years ago

Chris Thompson says:

3 weeks ago

I am currently looking for an ironrite machine in the St. Louis area if anyone knows where I can buy one preferably the 95, I would be most grateful if you would please let me know. My email is


There is a man who is on Ebay, and he sells Ironrite muslin covers. He is always listed on Ebay. He is from Missouri I think, and he may be able to find you one, and he has some for sale too. Check out Ebay.


frieda 6 years ago

I am interested in getting an ironrite, preferrably the 95 or 85. I am in the portland Oregon area. Does anyone out there have one they would like to sell me?

frieda 6 years ago

I forgot to include my phone number (503) 556-2671- if anyone knows of an Ironrite in the Portland OR. area.

frieda 6 years ago

I went to look at an 85. A few minutes after turning on the heat, the cord started getting hot at the plug end. Is this normal? Can this be fixed? Also the motor runs, but after about 5 minutes it started get hot as well. Is this normal? The paint is flaking off the end of the motor like it got too hot at one time. The oil had just be changed. Don't know what is normal and what I should be aware of. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Mark 6 years ago

I have a conlon r-200 automatic ironer.

seems to run smoothly in fair shape with a guide.

"so simple a child can iron with a conlon automatic ironer!"

Is this a good ironer? I was thinking about learning to use it or sell it.

Frieda 6 years ago

I meant to say I am looking at a model 35, not 85. Does anyone have any info on when this was made?

Theresa 6 years ago

I have a Ironrite Model 88 that was left by previous owners of the house. I do not know if it works or not so I need a manual that I can follow and see if it works. Can someone email me a copy. email me at

Thanks, because if it does work then the flat ironing board is gone.

Lynn 6 years ago

Theresa, the email address you posted is invalid. Tried to send you an Owner's Manual in PDF format, it bounced right back.

Penny 6 years ago

F.Y.I. My vintage cover was deteriorating and yellowed from age and I did not know how flat the pad was until I removed my cover. YUCK! I just bought a cover and pad off ebay and it works GREAT! I did not even have to re-apply the burlap.

They are new custom Ironer covers (special sizes may be ordered), Pads And Oil are available in Michigan and may be purchased on Ironrite cover. The covers are listed but if you want a pad and cover too just email them and they will list a set of the three items for one price with free shipping. I saw that the same people sold a beautiful ironer recently and may have parts too! I am so delighted to have my ironer looking and operating its best now.

Paoqui 6 years ago

I live in Tulsa, Oklahoma and am looking for a 95 or 88 model in good conditions. Ideally with manuals. If you know of anyone interested in selling one in the Oklahoma, Springfield,MO area please email me at Thanks.

Gary 6 years ago

I have a Ironrite Dufold Ironer serial number 8285. I would like to know when it was made and any info available. Everything works. It folds up into a 17 x 19 inch box 29 inches high and unfolds into a working ironer. As far as I can tell it opens into the same size as the model 85 more or less.


Cindy 6 years ago

I am looking for an iron-rite. ANy suggestions on knowing if the one I look at is in good shape or not? I just saw on eay an estate sale w/chair, but no clue what model. the cord is in need of replacing and I am not sure if the knee peddles work. The left one starts and stops the rolling motion but I could not tell if the right one does anything. Do you know what it is supposed to do? They have a new cover with it. There is a spill of paint on the outside of the cover. Perhaps I can get it off.

Rick Ellis 6 years ago

This is for Gary,

Ironrite Dufold was manufactured from 1926 to 1940 - it's one of the first and potentially oldest models.

Barbara 6 years ago

Do you know how I can get my ironrite repaired? I live in Salt Lake and would like to repair it before buying one from ebay. Thanks for your help.

Jaime  6 years ago

I have an 85 Ironrite model that I want to get rid of. I think it still may be in working order but the electrical cord should probably be replaced. No chair included. I am looking for someone in the Los Angeles Area. It was my great grandmothers and in fairly good shape with some rust on the outer housing cover and maybe a couple exterior dents. I can email pictures if needed.

bert33 6 years ago


Found my ironrite, a model 85. I am also interested in finding a model 88, with the wood cabinet. I prefer the mahogany (darker one) over the oak, but would look at either. I am in Kentucky. email me at Thanks Bert33

Cindy 6 years ago

The Right knee lever turns the roller on and lowers theroller onto the pad. The left lever stops the roller while ironing to heat a more damp area of sheet,shirt or pillowcase. Release and the roller rolls again.

tonya 6 years ago

i have an ironrite model 88 would like to know what it's worth in good condition i'm in Virginia and if the price is right i wolud like to sell to the right buyer contact me @

Jamie2 6 years ago

Well about $50.00 Too $150.00 but some people will pay moreif they are willing too pay check this website out lots of info there. If people have ones that are in bad shape sell the parts there getting rare and hard too find

Jamie2 6 years ago

Hows everyone doing with there ironrites hope everyones working fine

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