Is Faucet Water From Your Home Clean Enough For Your Child To Drink?

Faucet Water Is Potable, But Is It Healthy?

In a biological sense, the water that is provided to you through your faucet is potable. This means that it is, at the very least, safe enough to drink without being exposed to dangerous illnesses or other problems.

Many American visitors to Mexico, especially in the late 1990’s, will recall being warned not to drink Mexican faucet water for risk of exposure to unpleasant infection. The same risk does not exist for American citizens drinking faucet water, but there are still reasons for them to want to purify faucet water to a greater extent.

Clean water

Purifying Your Home Water Supply

If you would like to remove hard mineral compounds and contaminants from your home water supply, water filters are widely available in retail outlets. These vary in their sophistication from simple sieve filters to reverse osmosis systems.

Drinking from a purified water source can help reduce the “hardness” of the water. Hardness refers to the amount of dissolved minerals present in the water itself. Faucet water is considerably harder than bottled water, although bottled water also contains minerals - each particular combination coming from the unique source of the aquifer.

Drinking Hard Water

Studies do not show an immediate correlation between hard water and health problems, although it is possible that a lifetime of mineral water consumption can lead to complications such as kidney stones later in life. In general, American children can safely drink from faucets, especially in rural areas, with lower chances of contamination.

Options For Clean Water, Ranked In Order Of Preference:

• Bottled Water - If you purchase bottled water, either at the store or through a home-delivery service, you can be sure that you are receiving the highest level of purity. Bottled water companies are highly regulated and their products must pass stringent Federal health requirements.

• Purified Tap Water - Using a local purifier on your faucet can provide very clean water. The level of purification depends on the type of product used, but can generally provide highly beneficial results.

• Untreated Tap Water - While state regulation ensures that tap water is safe to drink, it is nevertheless recommended that a purifier of some kind is used. In general, highly developed urban areas present a greater chance of water supply contamination.

Even though highly developed metropolitan cities can afford to use the latest filtration and purification technologies, the sheer size of the population they need to support prevents them from being able to catch 100% of the pollutants present.

If you are a parent concerned about the state of your specific water supply, you are advised to contact the local Department of Water and Power. Information regarding the specific conditions of your water supply will be available from them.

Dont Drink Such Kind of water

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