January is National Get Organized Month


With January being National Get Organized Month I thought what better way to start out a new year and a new business than by getting things in order.

I have always been a “ducks in a row” kind of person. It was not unusual to see filing cabinets as part of my home décor. Important documents could always be found as quickly as a finger snap. Bath towels were even arranged by size. Canned goods were categorized by what they were and expiration date. It was like Isabella Mary Betton knew me personally when she wrote, “A place for everything and everything in its place.”

Now that I have decided to start a work at home business my organization skills will indeed come in handy. I do know from personal experience that having order in my life makes me feel more energetic and productive. It also keeps stress levels down.

Here are a few suggestions for those thinking of starting a home business.

Where to Set Up

A spare room would be the best scenario when setting up a place for your home business. Maybe you have an unused space in your basement or an extra-large closet. For most people however extra space at home is non-existent. What I had to do is rearrange my bedroom so that half of the bedroom looks like, well a bedroom. While the other half is set up as my office with desk, filing cabinets, and all the accessories. There have been people who have started a business from their kitchen table so don’t let limited space stop you from starting your own home business.

Do Not Disturb!

Why is it that there are some people who think just because you work at home you are always available? It is important to let family and friends know a certain time frame when you will be working and not to disturb you, except in case of emergency.

Creature of Habit

As I mentioned before I have a place for everything and it needs to be in that place so I can find it easily when need be. Buy desk drawer organizers and use them for storing such things as staplers, paper clips, thumb tacks and all small items you will be using. Stackable letter trays can be used for paper and stacked on a desk or individually put on a wall. Horizontal organizers can be used for binders. Every tool you use for your home business must have a place of its own!

Organize Documents

There is such a wide variety of items you can use to organize just about anything that I simply could not list them all. What I would recommend is either visiting stores or searching online for places that sell organizing accessories that you could use for you specific home business.

There are many ways to organize documents. You can use files and place them in a filing cabinet or use sheet protectors and put them in a binder. They can be arranged alphabetically, by category, by date, or by customer. You may even have your own personal way to organize. No matter which you decide on always keeps that theme throughout your file system. To file some by date and some by customer may make things confusing.

To do lists, date books, address/phone books are all important to have when it comes to organizing. Keeping copies of all important documents such as checks written to you for services may come in handy if there is ever a dispute. Document everything and make sure it is put in its assigned place.

Be on Top of Tax Write-offs

It also would not be a bad idea to call and get information from a tax service such as H&R Block in regard to what you will be able to claim on your income taxes. This way you have a heads up about what receipts you should keep and have available at tax time. And always keep your records updated.

Utilizing good organizational skills will definitely help your home business run smoothly and be successful. It will also give you more time to spend with the ones you love.

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carolina muscle profile image

carolina muscle 3 years ago from Charlotte, North Carolina

nicely put together !

Ms57Classic profile image

Ms57Classic 3 years ago from Massachusetts Author

Thank you carolina muscle : )

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