Kelly Swallow's Patchwork Chairs and Couches

One of Kelly Swallow's favorite creations of mine:) love the cheerful bright colors in this couch.
One of Kelly Swallow's favorite creations of mine:) love the cheerful bright colors in this couch. | Source

Kelly Swallows patchwork Chairs

These big extra comfortable chairs are full of color. The artist Kelly Swallow's Patchwork chairs are a unique and wonderful work of art. Kelly Swallows creates quilt-covered couches and chairs, each chair is created in a unique and one of a kind. What is really awesome about these chairs is Kelly uses vintage pieces to decorate the couches and chairs in a more artsy way. What is also a plus about the pieces used in these furnitures is that the vintage pieces have been well preserved and are then modernized with upholstory.

Kelly's couches have become most famous for it's upholstory . Swallow's covers the pieces in patches of different giving the couches and chairs a quilted look. What is so eye-catching about this furniture collection is that it contains varying bright colors and pattern that are completely worth watching. This unique furniture will certainly add color and fun to your home.


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livelonger profile image

livelonger 5 years ago from San Francisco

What inventive, beautiful designs! I would have never heard of this furniture maker had it not been for your Hub, so thank you for publishing it. :)

moonlake profile image

moonlake 5 years ago from America

I love this furniture. I have a hub about mix and match pretty much the same type of thing for furniture. You did a great job on this hub. voted up

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