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Keter Sheds-Convenient Storage Solutions

If you are in need of some extra storage, Keter Sheds is the company that may have the solution you're looking for. If what you want is a long-lasting, easy to set up, and easily maintained storage area, Keter offers a wide variety of sizes for nearly any situation.

Their sheds are made of easy to clean, and mostly recyclable polypropylene, which are very durable plastic materials. You can be assured they will stand up well to snow falls since the roofs are rated to hold up to 16 pounds per square foot. Not only are they waterproof, they're treated to withstand fading from UV rays and are mold and bug resistant. You can easily anchor these units to keep them stable and secure against high winds because the plastic floors have pre-drilled holes. They are so confident of their product line that most have 10-year warranties.

So whether your goal is to clean out the garage or basement, the extra bedroom, or just get all of your tools and gardening equipment organized and in one place, Keter Sheds has a size that will fit your needs. They offer smaller sizes, the Compact, Mini, Midi and their larger-sized models include the Horizon, Fortis, Summit, Orion, or the Apollo. For future needs, you will be able to obtain extension kits or you could go with the extra-large or higher sheds.


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    Plastic Storage Sheds or Traditional Wooden Sheds?

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    Why Keter Plastic Sheds?

    You can count on the larger sheds standing up to heavy-duty service since they have reinforced steel construction added. The larger models will include your choice of different access doors and double doors so to get your lawn tractor in and out easily. Some feature working windows, skylights, rain gutters, and you can purchase kits for shelving and brackets.

    One thing that can make the difference is the level of customer service you can expect to receive. With Keter Sheds, you'll find instruction manuals and catalogs online, as well as contact forms. Keter sheds is a leader in outdoor storage solutions and will fit in most areas, look good, and give you long-lasting, maintenance-free solutions.

    How To Assemble A Keter Shed

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