How To Choose The Best Kids Furniture For Your Childs' Room

When we decorate our kids room we never fail to include the regular kids furniture such as the bed, dresser, and night stand. We do however tend to over look other types of furniture that are just as important to a kid’s room.

This article is aimed at helping you select the best furniture for your child. This article will also help you buy the furniture your kids will actually use time and time again and keep you from wasting your money. Finally, this article will help to incorporate learning and creativity into your ideas for your child’s space.


Kids Furniture: Sturdy & Safe

When deciding on what kids room furniture you should use to decorate it’s important to concentrate on furniture that is both sturdy and safe.

Many times parents buy their child’s bed according to how it looks, but a good mattress can help your child get a good night’s rest so she can have a less cranky day. When we buy beds for ourselves we generally take the mattress into account and we should also do that for our little ones. Besides, who really wants to deal with a cranky little one, especially if it can be prevented?

Safety should also be on the top of our list when selecting furniture for kids. The government has many standards for kids bedroom furniture, but in the end it’s up to us to keep our kids safety in mind. Selecting pieces that have rounded edges, have no loose pieces, and have stability adds safety to their room and ensures that when they are playing they will not be hurt.

Another important thing to note here: if your child is climbing out of their crib, it’s time to replace it. If your child can already get out of their crib they are at an increased risk of falling and a toddler bed should be placed in their room. This new bed lets them know they aren’t babies anymore, encourages independence, and keeps them safe from a nasty fall.


Kids Furniture: Buying furniture they will use.

Nothing is worse than finding what you think is a great piece of furniture for your kid only to see them totally ignore it after a few minutes. Buying furniture they will actually use saves you money and adds to their room.

Rocking chairs are a great addition to any child’s room. Kids love the rocking motion whether they are watching their favorite show or rocking their babies to sleep. If your little one is old enough to read having a rocking chair in their room can encourage them to take more time for reading.

Standing art centers are also a big hit for children. All children like to draw, color, or doodle, so these types of furniture are always beneficial. Art centers come in hard plastics and wooden framed. As with everything you put in your child's room, consider what's safest before buying.

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Kids Furniture: Storage is a must

As kids get older they acquire a lot of things; clothes, books, and toys being collected the most. If your child has a small bedroom it’s important to set up plenty of storage space. If there is plenty of room for clothes, books, and toys your child will have an easier time keeping their room clean.

Platform beds are a great way to get lots of storage space without taking up any of the play room in your child’s space. Some platform beds come with storage underneath, but if it doesn’t it, you can easily add your own storage containers or baskets. The storage under the bed can be used for clothes, so you won’t have to take up space in the small room with a big and bulky dresser that will be used as an unsafe jungle gym.

If your child has many books consider getting a child size book display. This piece is considered modern kids furniture and encourages reading at a very young age. Book cases tend to be a safety hazard, but book displays are more stable. Instead of seeing only the spine of the book, your child can see the front of the book which makes it easier for them to pick out their favorite books and it’s easier clean up too.

Another much needed kid accessory is the stuffed animal organizer. This little gadget isn’t considered furniture, but I added it in anyway because many times kids accumulate many stuffed animals that get stuffed and thrown around without a “real” home. Many of the animal organizers are hard plastic chains that hang from the ceiling and you just clip the stuffed animals on the chain. This keeps them out of the way, but still on display.

Kids Furniture: Bookshelves


Kids Furniture: Learning & Creativity

Keeping your kids’ learning and creativity in mind while decorating can add more than just a new look to the room. Outside of the regular bed, dresser, and night stand it’s important to have additional pieces of kid furniture to stimulate and encourage learning and creativity. Here are a few items you can include to get your kid learning in no time.

Kid sized tables in a little girls’ room for tea parties with her stuffed friends encourages her to use her creativity and imagination. It’s also a good way to nurture her thinking and language skills.

A “my size” desk for your child’s room is an excellent way to get your child excited for the future of being a big kid. For the time being your child will have a spot that is good for coloring, reading, or playing school. Having a desk that is just their size lets them look forward to their school days and encourages them to embrace change, like starting school. If your child is already old enough for school a desk that is their size give your child a place to do homework each day. Being comfortable while doing homework can help with concentration and may help your child retain more of what they learn.

Another great addition for learning is a puzzle holder. It’s proven that kids that do puzzles are better with eye/hand coordination and have advanced thinking skills. Having a puzzle holder for all those puzzles is an excellent way to teach your child organization skills, responsibility, and independence. These holders usually hold at least 5 puzzles and come in either a coated wire frame or various wood finishes to match whatever theme you are going for in your child’s room.

Kid Bedroom Themes

It’s important to take many things in mind when decorating or redecorating your child’s room. Incorporating sturdy and safe kids furniture as well as items that encourage learning and imagination can ensure that your child can safely play and learn in their brand new room.

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