Kitchen Blackboards

Kitchen Blackboards For The Home

Kitchen blackboards solve that age old problem of remembering something you need to do / buy / tell someone -  needing to write it down immediately, and being unable to find pen and paper anywhere.

It's always the same, you're in the middle of doing something when a thought pops into your head and you have to write it down or you'll forget it ~ and it's likely to be something crucial such as you're out of milk or the kids football practice time has changed.

You can spend time hunting around for pen and paper and write yourself a note, which you them put down somewhere and forget about and put yourself back to square one ... or you can write it on a kitchen blackboard in big bold letters for all to see.

Wallies Peel and Stick Cup and Saucer Chalkboard Accent by Wallies
Wallies Peel and Stick Cup and Saucer Chalkboard Accent by Wallies

Kitchen Blackboard Notice Board

A kitchen blackboard makes a great notice board which you can use to leave messages for your kids / husband / cat / yourself to make sure everyone knows where they need to be and what they need to be doing.

In today's busy lives we sometimes see each other for only moments each day, and trying to cram everything you need to tell someone into that sort of timeframe is difficult ~ but write it on a kitchen chalkboard and the message is there to be read at leisure ~ even if it's just reminding someone to take a pie out of the freezer for dinner.

However get a bit more creative and you could use it to remind people of birthdays coming up that they need to buy cards / gifts for, whose turn it is to do the chores, or just to say 'I love you' to someone that you're not going to see that day.

Peel and Stick Chalkboard For Kitchen Walls

If DIY isn't your thing, or you like to move things around a lot then a peel and stick kitchen blackboard may be the thing for you.

With a peel and stick chalkboard there is no need to hang hooks, or bang nails into walls. All you need is a clean smooth surface to stick your chalkboard too.

From a durability point of view they probably won't last as long as a study hardboard chalkboard, but just think of the fun you can have just by having a new kitchen blackboard design every 6 months or so.

Traditional Kitchen Blackboards

 Strong, sturdy and attractive, these kitchen blackboards should stand up to all the messages you can throw at them.

Choose from wood framed chalkboards, fun characters, free standing chalkboards with a ledge to keep the chalk on in the shape of animals or kitchen paraphernalia such as teapots, or elegant wall hanging chalkboards with traditional inset pictures.  

Make Your Own Kitchen Blackboard

If you can't find a design you like, there is one final option open to you, which is to make your own kitchen chalkboard.

Blackboard paint is widely available so it's just a case of working out where you want your chalkboard, what size and shape you want it, then marking it out and painting it up. A downside to this method is possibly that you can't move it in the future, but on the plus side you could have a chalkboard the size of a whole kitchen wall.

Whichever way you look at it, kitchen blackboards seem to be a sensible solution to keeping track of things in the kitchen, be that ingredients for the shopping list, or social lives of the kids. 

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