Kitchen Countertops in Asheville to Last a Lifetime

More homeowners are moving away from wood and laminated countertops to both spruce up their kitchens as well as provide durability. Laminate materials are subject to stains and abrasions and despite recent improvements to the materials, usually can’t stand up to a lot of use by an active family. Since the kitchen is the most actively used room of your home, having the right countertop material for your family’s lifestyle will add years of enjoyment to the kitchen.

For many homeowners in Ashville, kitchen countertops made of natural stone are a popular choice. Natural materials like marble, limestone and soapstone present a vision of quality and are quite durable, although not as strong as granite. The price difference may be enough to steer homeowners towards these materials, but caution is advised as many of these natural stones are more susceptible to damage.

These materials will require more gentle use and continued care for them to maintain their appearance and are better suited for families with a less active kitchen lifestyle. However, because of their nature they can more easily be trimmed and shaped allowing them to be used on countertops with many more different shapes than granite.

If your family is into baking, marble may be the right choice as kneading dough on the cold material is easy and allows for a smooth finish to the dough. However, since it is a softer stone it is more susceptible to chips and stains easily.

Soapstone will not crack as easy as some of the other natural stone materials but it will be dented if hit with something hard. Some designers see this as a plus as the dented surface can add character to the countertop. Another material also used for countertops - Jerusalem stone, which as the name implies comes from Jerusalem, is a much harder stone. It bears a close resemblance to limestone but is nearly as durable as granite.

Natural stone countertops will require some special care to keep them in top condition. All natural stones should be cleaned with liquid soap and water only, with absolutely no abrasive cleaners or brushes. These cleaners can scratch the surfaces of the stone. With soapstone countertops, mineral oil should be applied regularly, especially for the first year to help it maintain a uniform appearance.

One aspect of natural stone countertops is that some homeowners believe they are able to wipe them down and forget about them. In reality, they will need to be sealed occasionally, at least once per year, to keep them from being stained. With the proper care and use natural stone countertops can last for many years without the top-tier cost.

Ashville Kitchen Countertops - Installation Process

Installation of kitchen countertops is not something that many do-it-yourselfers should attempt. Special tools will be required for cutting, trimming and smoothing the stone and if done incorrectly, could cause permanent damage to the material. If done right, natural stones countertops will provide the durability and lasting beauty you are looking for in your active kitchen.

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ducktoes 4 years ago from Calgary, Alberta

We're doing new countertops. Thanks for the information.

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Great, hope you enjoy your new countertops once they are in! Glad the info was helpful!

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