Kitchen Shopping Ought To Be Fun And It Is!

Decorating Is Fun

You are moving into a new house or condo and that is great! you are finally getting out of the dreary world of apartment living. Man! I did that for so long I can't even tell you. The best part of having a place of your own is that it is YOURS! You can do with it whatever you want to! The most fun there is to finally having a place of your own is that you get to finally have more than just a futon and some bookshelves. You finally get to decorate and make a statement of who you really are inside! I never knew how fun it was to decorate until I bought my first house this year. I have always been a macho kind of guy and now guess what? I have found a whole other side of myself in this home decorating thing. I am sure that you will find this out for yourself as well.

So what kind of decorating do you have in mind? Modern? Southwest? Metropolitan? There are so many ways to go it is mind boggling! Well, no matter what style of decor you choose I am sure it will come out fine. I know this because I just got to do it this year and I am loving it! I just finished decorating my first home with no help from anyone and it came out great. I have always loved to cook and was limited, but not anymore. My favorite place to decorate is my kitchen!

The Kitchen Is My Favorite Room To Decorate

As I said my favorite room to decorate was the kitchen cause I just love to cook! I mean I have a water bed in my bedroom,(I am sure that this tells you how old I am) But for me the kitchen was the bomb! I love cooking and my girlfriend calls me the guy who can take over a pound of food and reduce it to four tablespoons in the middle of the plate. I love to cook and I love to eat! Alright the fact of the matter is that I live to eat and I eat to live! I am not bashful! I am a closet gourmet home chef as I am sure many of your are! I don't have a TV show, yet! Maybe one day and then you can tell your kids that you read my hub before I became someone famous. I the lights of Hollywood! Oh! The pain of it all!

So Many Kitchen Gadgets So Little Time

When it comes to decorating your kitchen I must say that it does take some self control. You can go hog wild and buy everything under the sun and not have enough room in your kitchen to cut a pea in half! It is a whirlwind of fun. Where do you start? So many gadgets so little time. I just purchased a really nice set of Corelle White China dishes, a set for four. It is beautiful. Along with that I bought a set of Rodgers and Son's silver plated flatware. I wanted sterling, but have you seen the price of silver these days? Sheesh!

I love my coffee and espresso in the morning and when folks come over I love to serve espresso with biscotti so I got me a Krups XP 1500 espresso/coffee maker combo unit that totally rocks my kitchens world. Man, I wish I did not have to work I would just stay home and cook and drink espresso! My friends come over and we drink espresso and then we sit around and listen to music or something and wait to see who's teeth start clicking together from the caffeine jolt. Man, it is a wonderful life!

Shopping On Payday

This weekend I got a ten piece set of All Clad Stainless Steel cookware. I got it off of the net on an auction site. I got a smoking deal. The set is usually a grand or more and I got it for $325.00 gently used. I was expecting to spend the grand, but I am glad that I did not have to!

I think that this payday I am going to by a John Boos cutting board made out of northern hard rock maple. This is the considered to be the best type of wood for a kitchen cutting board. The John Boos cutting board is the best in the business and is used by all the TV chefs out there for a reason, they rock! They are built to last a lifetime and will make my kitchen complete and beautiful to look at. If you need a cutting board and are looking for one that is quality I would take a serious look at a John Boos cutting board!

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