Kitchen Sink Plumbing - What You Should Know


About Kitchen Sink Plumbing

There are a number of components that are used in the plumbing of a kitchen sink drain. An understanding of these components and how they are used is important to knowing what you need to do, and the plumbing supplies you need if you have a problem with your sink drain plumbing.

The Sink Strainer: Any sink you have,whether it is the kitchen sink or the bathroom sink, will have a strainer as part of the sink to allow the water to flow out of the sink in one direction. There will also be a removable strainer that fits into this strainer which serves the purpose of trapping food items that can potentially clog your kitchen sink plumbing. The strainer body is fitted into the sink hole and secured with plumber’s putty.

Gasket and Washer: The sink strainer basket comes with the a rubber gasket and washer. Plumbing fixtures like the gasket and washer are connected to the strainer body and is secured by the Lock nut and the Tailpiece.

The Trap: The trap is the portion of plumbing that holds water always and its function is to seal the pipe so it blocks sewer gasses from coming into the home. It is J, U or S shaped pipe that is part of a part of the plumbing fixture.

Slip-Joint couplings are used to connect the tailpiece to the trap as well as to connect the drainpipe to the trap. The slip joint coupling is made up of two pieces. Each piece has a pipe mounting section and at one end and a coupling mating portion the other end.

If you plan to install or repair your sink plumbing there are some handy tools you may wish to have close by: Clear Silicone, Thread compound, Large channel-lock nut pliers and a basket wrench. While this is not a complete list of what you will need they do make your job a lot easier.

You may never want to install a kitchen sink or fix your kitchen sink plumbing and may prefer to hire a plumber but it is good to know something about your kitchen sink plumbing and required plumbing supplies so that you can understand when the plumber talks to you about slip joints and traps, and other plumbing supplies and plumbing fixtures.

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