KitchenAid Chef's Chopper: One Year Review

Chef's Chopper KFC100OB - After One Year...

This is still a great small food processor!  It has been through medium to heavy use all throughout the last twelve months and still performs well.  There have been a few small issues, but it still performs its job great.  

Read on for the full review.

In The Box

This a no-nonsense small food processor.  Included in the box is the base, cup, lid, blade and instructions.

The assembly is the same as it is every time the food processor is going to be used.  You secure the base, drop the blade in, and secure the lid on.

The instructions may have been overkill, since Chef's Chopper is so easy to use.

Main Uses

The Chef's Chopper is only a three cup food processor, so using it to prepare veggies or hummus for a large group will take a considerable amount of time.  I use it in tandem with a full size 14-cup processor for larger jobs.

The best use I have found for this food processor are for making salad dressings and sauces.  There is a small hole on the lid that allows oil to easily be emulsified into the ingredients in the cup.  The hole is placed slightly off center for all the oil to fall directly in to the mix, rather than onto the center of the blade like other food processors.

Another great use is making bread crumbs.  This was a more recent discovery that I've made.  The speed that the blade starts and stops makes getting your desired size of crumbs very easy.

The Chef's Chopper also minces veggies, whips cream cheese, and grinds nuts with ease.

Clean up is a snap.  Rinse everything off, throw it into the dishwasher, and wipe the base down with a sponge.


After a full year of use, a few minor issues have arisen.

The cup loosely mounts to the base now.  When it was new, it fit very snug.  I believe this is from repeated use.

The blade wobbles.  I don't think this is dangerous, or inhibits the food processor's effectiveness, but it makes a mess when mixing sauce.  This is probably from grinding nuts.

Neither of these issues directly affect the Chef's Chopper performance, but probably will in another year or so.

Overall 8 Out Of 10

After serious use in the past 12 months, this little guy still rocks!  In another year or so, when it gives out, I'll probably buy another one.

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