Annual Lawn Calender

Finding an annual lawn calender that fits your lawns specific needs can be tough. Timing is an important part of weed prevention and fertilizing. For areas on the East Coast and Mid-West, try the Green Thumb annual lawn calender for amazing results. This lawn calender comprises of 4 main products: Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer, Dimension Crabgrass Preventer, Portrait Weed Preventer, and Turf Sense Grass Seeds


Apply Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer

Apply Portrait Weed Preventer


Apply Dimension Crabgrass Preventer

Apply when forsythia bush blooms, usually between last week of

March-April 14th.

If seeding, don't apply Dimension - Use Tupersan Crabgrass Control

Apply Grub Killer

Apply in mid-April


Apply Speed Zone Liquid Weed Killer

Apply Turf Trust (3/4 Rate Application)


Apply SedgeHammer (if there is a nutsedge problem in lawn)


Apply Dylox Grub Killer


Apply Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer

Overseed lawn with Turf Sense Grass Seed


Apply Weed Preventer w/ Dimension

(If seeding, wait until grass germinates and has been cut twice before applying Dimension)


Apply Turf Trust Lawn Fertilizer

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