Light up your night with solar light


Add magic to your night....

As the warm weather approaches the night beckons us outside. Adding solar lighting to your deck, patio, walkways and gardens turns ordinary into enchanting. Turn your walkways into a luminous pathway by lining them with solar powered lights that are easily spiked into the ground! They come in a variety of colors and a variety of shapes and sizes and no matter what you choose, you'll create a beautifully inviting entrance to your yard and your home. Spinkle your garden with tiny orbs of solar lights so that you can enjoy them even after night falls and add them to your water feature and fountains to add magic!

If you're like me, your deck or patio becomes an extension of your home in the warm months. Why not treat it the same by adding solar lights? Imagine strings of glowing light draped among tree branches, or draped around the railings of your deck or patio! They're versatile enough so that you can get creative with them: you can hang them in a straight line, hang them over your outdoor bar, or anywhere you want to add a splash of light. Tiny orbs of light can be put into garden planters or even in fountains. Place them high and low and everywhere in between to give your outdoor space an ethereal feel!

They come in all shapes, sizes and colors to personalize the look, so turn your outdoor space into someplace that glows in the night!

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dreamseeker2 3 years ago

Cool! I love solar lighting. Just wish I had a place of my own to call home. I like your ideas...for future reference. : ) Voted it up and useful!

moonfairy profile image

moonfairy 3 years ago Author

dreamseeker2...even if you have a small deck or balcony and have potted plants on it, you can stick a solar light in it and it will glow beautifully after dark!!! Thanks for reading and for your comment =)

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