Locksmith Tools

If you've ever had to call a locksmith to unlock a door to your car or house, you've probably wondered what tools they use to do that.  Can just anyone get the tools needed to do that?  The answer is:  yes, anyone can buy and use locksmith tools to open up locks.  There is one catch though, lock picking should only be done by trained and licensed locksmiths.  In order to use locksmith's tools, an individual needs to get a permit from the government

So how do locksmith tools help locksmiths?  The main principle a given locksmith tool utilize is leverage.  Locks basically work through pins and plugs which keep the locking mechanism in one place.  When you normally put a key into a lock, it pushes those pins into the exact place needed to unlock the mechanism.  A great example of this mechanism would be a cylinder lock pin-and-tumbler where the pins act as a dam that only moves with the right key in the lock.

Locksmith Tools to Open a Car

Common Locksmithing Tools

There are a number of tools used by locksmiths to get doors and locks unlocked. Here is a list of the most common tools.

Plug Spinners. A plug spinner is used when you pick a lock in the wrong direction and need to move the plug to the other side of the shear line without picking it again.

Tension Wrenches. Tension wrenches are used to put pressure on the side of the cylinder lock key slot to allow the pins to get into the correct position. Tension wrenches are one of the "keys" for lock picking are required in many situations.

Electric Pick Guns. Electric lock picking tools are useful for many different scenarios. How the work is you insert the lock pick tip into the lock and have it hit the pins. This will make the pins move into their slots. If all the pins get passed the shear line at the same time, the lock can be unlocked.

Can Anyone Pick a Lock?

If you know what you're doing and have the right tools on hand, yes, anyone can pick a lock. While you've probably heard of people using make-shift lock picks from things lying around their homes, before you start using paperclips there are some things you should think about. If you use the wrong techniques or use a lock pick wrong, you can end up doing some serious damage to the door or lock. To avoid any troubles including having to replace an entire lock or door, you should attempt to contact a locksmith.


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