Looking for Something Different for Your Kitchen? Consider These Countertop Options.

If you are looking for new kitchen countertop ideas you have probably already looked at all the "popular" options available right now like granite and laminate. These are great options but they are pretty common right now and the chances are that a lot of the houses right on your block have one or the other installed in the kitchen. Some people don't mind following the crowd but there are those who like to be a little different and that includes the way they choose to furnish their home. Keeping up with the Joneses is not important, being different from the Joneses is instead. If you are one of those kinds of people then here are a few slightly more unusual kitchen countertop options you might want to consider:

Butcher Block Countertops: There is nothing new about a butcher block countertop they have been around in one form or another for centuries. Newer, more convenient materials have pushed them into the background when it comes to kitchen design though and there are many people who love the rustic wooden look that a butcher block countertop conveys that think the decline in their use is a real shame.

Butcher blocks were originally created so that the butchers of the early 19th century had an easy to clean, sanitary surface to work on and those are the advantages that are still available to homeowners. Available in a number of different hardwoods (my personal favorite is a nice dark cherry but lighter colored woods are more common) a butcher block countertop can match almost any decor and tend to be far more affordable than natural stone.

Recycled Glass - Going green around the home is a growing trend and one of the most environmentally friendly countertop choices available is recycled glass. However it is also one the most beautiful options you can opt for right now as well. Recycled glass from a number of different sources is combined with resin to create strong, durable slabs that can be found in every color of the rainbow and because of the unique way they are created each one of them is unique!

In terms of durability recycled glass countertops stack up as well as any other options and they are exceptionally easy to clean. They are not the cheapest countertop option available right now - they cost about as much as a natural stone like soapstone - but they are an exceptionally beautiful and socially conscious choice!

Metal - You may think that metal countertops are things that are reserved for commercial kitchens only but actually they work very well in residential settings as well. Rather than opting for stainless steel though which can be rather cold and characterless consider options like copper and zinc that change color and gain a gorgeous patina as they age, creating a unique look that will truly be your own. They do take a little bit more effort to care for than many other counter top options but most people who own them feel that the little bit of extra work is really worthwhile.


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