Lowering your utilities

Living in a small town has its advantages, except when it comes down to utilities. Prices have skyrocketed, making it harder for the working people to get ahead. When I recently opened a bill and saw a $200.00 light bill, I knew it was time to take action. And below are steps on how you can do this as well.

1.       Replace all light bulbs with the compact fluorescent bulbs or LED.

2.       When you don’t need the light turn it off

3.       If you are only using the ceiling fan and not needing the light to it, keep it off.

4.       If you don’t plan on being home for a while, setting your thermostat to come on a little while before you plan on being there keeps it from running the heat or air conditioning all day. If you use window units this can be done by buying timer switches. Just plug the timer in to the outlet, the unit into the timer, set it and go.

5.       Keeping blind down or curtains drawn can help keep the sun from heating your house during summer months. For those that love to see the sun shine through, there are clear curtains that block it from heating the home but allow you to see out.

6.       When not in use, unplug everything that has a clock in it. Computer, televisions, and cable boxes. They stayed plugged in and always feed from the outlet to keep the clock going.

7.       When it comes to water, only washing clothes when you have a full load keeps from washing several small loads and doesn’t use as much water, same for dishes.

8.       Taking showers instead of baths helps to cut down on water consumption as well.

9.       Turning the water heater down a few degrees can also help cut down on electricity.

Using these steps can help to lower your cost each month and help save for other things. If you know of more drop a comment and tell me what you do to help save on your


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