Lubricating your garage door

 Your garage door is the largest moving part in your home, and believe it or not, most people do not ever lubricate it.  You would not drive your car for three or four years without changing the motor oil would you? 

I have been out to repair broken springs that were only a few years old. A spring should last a homeowner eight to ten years. This also depends on the number of cycles that are placed on the springs. A cycle is going from the closed position to the open position, then back to the closed position. If you use the garage for the main entry into your home, you will find that the lifespan of your springs will be greatly reduced. Lubrication at least twice a year, will get a few more years life out of your springs.

The best lubrication i have found to use, is the silicone based spray. You can find this at most of the large auto parts stores in the United States. It is much cheaper to spend a couple of dollars on silicone spray, than to pay to have your springs replaced. It can cost a couple hundred dollars to replace your springs.

While we are talking about your need two springs on your garage door if it is a two car garage door. The reason for this is, if one spring breaks, you have another spring to hold the door up, and to keep it from acting like a guillotine. The doors are heavy and can cause DEATH. Also, DO NOT  attempt to change, or, adjust the springs unless you are experienced in their operation. I have seen some nasty wounds, and amputations from people that have attempted it. Some of the wounds, and amputations were on experienced garage door installers.

Most people like to use WD-40 on their doors. It will stop the squeeks, but, WD-40 is a water based lubricant, and will cause the springs to rust after it evaporates. Spend the money and use the silicone. Make sure you spray the rollers, tracks, springs, and the chain if you have a chain drive garage door opener. Also, spray the hinges...the hinges are the cause of most of the squeeks on your door.  Do this twice a year, more if it is a rainy year. Hope this makes your life easier......Sweeps Luck to you!

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MindField profile image

MindField 7 years ago from Portland, Oregon

Great hub, Sweeps Luck! I really think it is useful and important to get information like this out to homeowners. It saves them money and could very well save them from injury as well. I liked the way you said even professionals can get hurt adjusting the springs on garage doors so only do it if you have experience.

More, more of these important and informative hubs, please.

Sweeps Luck profile image

Sweeps Luck 7 years ago from Fountain Inn Author

Thank you. I have many more. Keep checking back. :-)

Portable garage 6 years ago

I was reading your article on garage doors and never noticed that WD40 is a water based lubricant. THanks for the information. I will work for other ways of keeping my garage doors lubricated.

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