A Look at Luxury in Home Decorating


High End Game

The secret to a high-end upscale designer-style look in your home is: you have to mimic the feel of the interior. You do not have to break the bank by purchasing a lot of high-end, expensive furniture and accessories from exclusive, luxury design furniture stores. Mimic the feel of a professionally designed interior space by selecting the colors the designer uses. Notice the textures and types of materials that look luxurious.

By adjusting the lighting in a room, you can also change the feel of the mood. A piece of modern or classic artwork will give you great inspiration for the types of color and theme you want to introduce into a space.

Two areas to pick up on the vibe of an upscale space include: window treatment fabric or styling and furniture arrangement. Other things to notice in a luxurious interior design space are the sense of warmth, coziness, soft fabrics or the minimal use of fabrics.

A beautiful, unique room scheme has an unfolding drama. It has elegant shapes and finishes throughout such as: glass, mirror, metals, wood and quality upholstered furniture. Shop and look for design possibilities. If you have a budget that is low, lean and limited, do not despair. The sky is the limit for your big ideas. It is still possible to play the high-end game of decorating. For an affordable version of a designer space, pick up home furnishings at furniture clearance sales and do some great bargain shopping at big department stores.

Make a splurge on decorative accessories that give a high-end look. Get affordable elegant lamps, contemporary throw pillows and rugs and mix them with your current furniture. Finding a high-end style look that you love in a magazine, on television, on the internet or in a furniture showroom is easy. Use your designer eye to update your home with determination and creativity. The prize is yours when you play to win the high-end game in decorating.

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