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Courtesy of orcmid
Courtesy of orcmid

For The Refrigerator

Magnetic boards are used by many individuals and companies on a daily basis for organization. They come in a variety of different sizes and styles, some that attach to a refrigerator, with a dry erase surface, so when you run out of something like milk or eggs, you can write it down so you don't forget later. Larger ones can be mounted or hung on a wall. Some of them have generic calendar markings, all you have to do is fill in the blanks with the days of the month. These can easily organize daily projects, important appointments, or special occasions, and can be erased as the day passes and you have done what you need.

courtesy of knitgirl63
courtesy of knitgirl63

Not Just For Refrigerators

Companies often use these boards at meetings to illustrate things like graphs and charts, daily agendas, and many other uses at meetings. There are boards that are magnetized, and are used in daily scheduling. For example, some organizations have a wall mounted magnetic board, showing the work week, are divided so each employee has there own area with in, and out areas, lunch times etc. Each day when they come in, all they have to do is take their little magnetic name tag, and place it in the 'in' spot. If they need to leave for any reason, they would put their name in the out slot. This makes it much easier to see if someone is available, out sick, or even on vacation.

courtesy of bark
courtesy of bark

Several Choices To Select From

Size is not really a factor for these organizers. You can purchase ones as small as a note pad, or huge 4'X8' models, and everything in between. There are magnetized boards, dry erase, or a combination of the two. You really have to sit down and think about your needs, and then purchase the one, or even more than one if you need it. You can use a small one on the refrigerator, to keep track of things you run out of, and a calendar board for daily activities. If you forget a lot, or have a multitasking day, these can be vital to make sure you get to all your appointments on time.

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Where To Purchase

With so many to choose from, prices vary greatly. If you just want something really cheap, then you might consider starting at one of the dollar or discount stores in your area. Mass marketing retailers often have many offerings available, including all the magnetized accessories you may need. There are also many different companies on the internet, devoted to selling these boards, and you will find many larger sizes available. Check closely with each company, since prices may vary, and you also have to consider shipping. If you need to, you may want to check with your local office supply retailer, because this could save you hundreds on shipping charges.

With the versatility of magnetic boards, you can organize your week, month or even up to a year in advance. You can use it to give visual images to your employees, or get them organized as well. If you want to keep on top of your game plan, then you should have at least one in your home or office.

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