How to Properly Maintain Your Stone Vessel Sinks

A stone vessel sink is a very beautiful addition to your bathroom. It will add an air of sophistication, a sense of class and a very rich style to your bathroom that you just cannot get with any other type of material. The choice of a marble vessel sink is one of the most elegant choices you can make. This type of stone is a very supple choice that does require special care to ensure it retains its beautiful look.

Marble is one of the most prominent stone vessel sink varieties
Marble is one of the most prominent stone vessel sink varieties

Characteristics of Marble

Marble is one of the softer stones. That means that it adds warmth to a room verses the more hard and sleek look of a stone like granite. Marble is also less expensive than harder stone options, which makes it a perfect choice for someone trying to save a little money. However, when it comes to care, marble vessel sinks require a bit more attention than a harder stone, like a granite vessel sink.

Typical Problems with Marble

A marble vessel sink modern vanity is prone to discoloring. The particles that make up marble often have odd interactions with chemicals that come into contact with it. This is why when cleaning a marble vessel sink you must be very careful about the types of cleaners you use. It is essential to use only cleaners that are specified for use on marble.

Another common issue with a stone vessel sink vanities of marble is etching. This is a scratching or chipping like effect that can occur as a result of prolonged exposure to liquid. In order to avoid problems with etching you must keep the marble vessel sink surface dry. You should make use of cloths, mats or other barriers to avoid exposing the sink top to water.

Marble is also prone to scorching or taking on burn marks. In the bathroom, the use of curling irons, flat irons or other heating styling tools becomes an issue when you have a marble stone vessel sink. It is important to not put a hot item on the surface of the sink. You must use a trivet or mat to avoid scorch marks.

General scratches are another concern on your stone vessel sink. You should, again, use mats or other items to act as a barrier between the surface and items that could cause scratches.

With proper daily care, your stone vessel sink will surely last a lifetime
With proper daily care, your stone vessel sink will surely last a lifetime

Daily Maintenance

Besides taking care to prevent damage to your stone vessel bathroom sink, you should also do regular maintenance to ensure it stays looking beautiful. This would include wiping up liquids as soon as possible. Avoid using a rubbing motion and instead blot the spill away. You should wipe it down daily with a dry cloth or use a stone cleaner.

Special Care

To help add protection and prolong the life of your stone vessel bathroom sink you should consider sealing it. Sealing is done with a sealer. What it does it fills in the pores in the stone. The pores in the stone are what soak up liquids and cause staining. Marble is a very porous stone, so when you seal it you will help to reduce the absorbency of the surface. Sealing the marble vessel sink will not make it indestructible. Spills still need to be cleaned up as soon as possible, but sealing will cut down on how quickly the liquid absorbs into the surface.

A marble stone vessel sink is a wonderful look for your bathroom. However, you must be willing to provide the necessary care if you want to keep it looking good. For this reason, marble is not going to be the right choice for everyone. With the right care it will be looking great for many years.

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