Maintaining Your Bathroom Vanity Lights

a modern bathroom lighting fixture
a modern bathroom lighting fixture

Bathroom lighting is very important to the overall look and atmosphere of your bathroom. You probably will spend quite a bit of time deciding what bathroom fixtures to use and how to hang them. Bathroom vanity lighting serves a very important purpose, too. It is not only important to choose your lighting carefully, but also to maintain the light fixtures to ensure they can do their job.

The Job of Bathroom Lighting

Bathroom lighting serves a very functional purpose as well as being part of the decor. Bathroom lighting can change the look of the whole bathroom. It aids in allowing you to perform bathroom tasks and is important to safety in the bathroom.

For these reasons it is important to ensure that your bathroom vanity lights are kept in good working order. Badly maintained lights or lights that do not work cannot serve their intended purpose and may even pose a safety risk.

Bathroom Vanity Lighting Maintenance

Each area of your bathroom should have specific lighting. You may choose to use different types of lighting for the different areas. Recessed lighting is often common for the shower area and light strips are popular for over the vanity area. You need to understand how to care for each type of lighting since there are different things you will need to do depending on the lighting source.

You should dust recessed lighting often. Dust can easily gather in the light fixture and cause shadows or compromise the lighting. You should also make sure you note the exact size and type of bulb required because the wrong bulb size or type will not fit in the fixture.

It is important to check often for blow out bulbs. Be sure to keep bulbs on hand for each type of lighting in your bathroom. A blow out bulb can cause safety issues since the bathroom area may not be lit as it should be when a bulb is burnt out.

some bathroom lights are built directly into a mirror frame
some bathroom lights are built directly into a mirror frame

You should also be careful about any electrical wires that are exposed. They should be checked often for wear or fraying. It is important that any damaged wire is replaced or repaired immediately. The bathroom is a very wet area and water and electricity - as I'm sure you know - do not mix with good results.

If you notice that a certain light keeps burning out you might want to have it checked to ensure that there is not a problem with the electrical wiring. Again, you can never be too careful when it comes to worn out wiring since worn out wires can pose a fire risk.

Another consideration about your bathroom lighting is the metal parts of the fixture. You should make sure that you know the specific materials so that you can know how to properly clean it. Some materials require specific cleaners, while others can be wiped with a regular cleaner. It is always smart to wipe fixtures daily to prevent water spots and to keep them shiny.

With proper care, your carefully chosen bathroom lighting fixtures should stay looking great and serve their purpose for years to come. You just have to stay up on care and keep alert about possible problems or damage.

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