Major factors to consider in selecting an adequate house


Major factors to consider in selecting an adequate house

The kind of house you will select is a personal decision. The adequate house that you will choose should complement your personal well-being and your   . needs according to your life-style. In selecting an adequate house there are three major factors to take into consideration namely;

1.   Location

2.                     Kind of house

3.                     Budget

When you are searching for a house, it is a good idea to decide first upon the most desirable location. The selection of a place to live should be made with the thought of what it means to members of the family in terms of daily living such as:

a.Distance to daily activities is very important for ease and convenience. People try to live near their place of work to be able to save time, energy and money. Basically families choose a place that is accessible to schools, church, hospital, transportation, police and fire depart­ments. People are commonly attracted to a place that offers them the facilities and life-style they desire. For example, a family likes the quiet and outdoor living so they will choose to live in a rural area or in an exclusive housing subdivision.

b.    Desirable size of the lot that will provide enough space for all members of the family and their needs like enough space where children can play, a garage for their car, or a big garden.

c.     Drainage of the area is important to avoid living in a place that is flooded every time it rains.

d.    Suitability of soil for planting flowering plants, ornamental shrubs and trees in order to make your home attractive, cool, and healthy.

e.    Location for health and safety from pollution, availability of safe and sufficient water and electricity.

f.    Desirable neighborhood is essential for harmonious living.

g.    Fairly reasonable estimate of the total cost of investment in bringing water, electricity, sewer lines, telephone lines into the house, taxes which will be imposed on the property and expenses on the title search. Be sure to insist upon a clear title to your property if you buy it.

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