Make Sure You Leave Nothing Behind in Your Move


Cities with a higher than average ratio of rental to available properties tend to be very heavily weighted toward younger residents, and also tend to involve a higher than average number of relocations per capita. With all of this shuffling about by residents and students in the area, it is highly possible that things will get left behind during moves. If you are relocating within the area, here are a few tips from local Winston-Salem movers on how to avoid leaving things behind.

  • Have an inventory of your valuables - While it may not be possible to have an inventory of everything that you own, this is specifically applicable to valuables. Small items like jewelry that carry great value are easy to lose during a move. It is a good idea to pack these first, and rather than transporting them in a standard box, use a fireproof box or a briefcase to carry them back and forth, and keep these items with you during transit.
  • Keep records handy - If you are new to the area, and especially if you are from out of state, make sure you can put your hands on medical, dental, and school records. If your moving date is very close to the start date of school, you may need these to register in college or to register a child in their new school. You also want to have insurance and driver’s license documents at the ready because if the relocation is permanent, you will need to get a new driver’s license.
  • Spare keys - You may have left spare keys with friends or neighbors if they have ever watched your old residence while you were away. Be sure to collect these before you relocate to hand over to the new tenant or owner.
  • Leave out cleaning supplies - You will of course want to tidy the old property after vacating, but often people make the mistake of packing all the cleaning supplies. If the movers have gone ahead of you, this can be a big hassle. Be sure that this is the last box you load so that you can leave the old residence in good order for new owners or tenants.

  • Shred old documents - Don’t leave any trash behind on the property that may contain private information, such as banking records or credit card statements. People are bound to see that you moved, and this gives ample opportunity for aspiring identity thieves to rummage through your garbage to find personal information. Collect all of these documents and shred them or take them to a shredding facility personally, and double check the house to make sure that no documents are lingering.
  • Check built-in storage - Many homes have shelves, drawers, and cabinets built into the walls. Be sure to take a last look through all of these to be sure that nothing was left behind. It is easy to forget bathroom medicine cabinets and the drawer under the stove.
  • Most importantly, leave a forwarding address - Be sure to tell the post office where you are headed, so any mail that trickles in later will be redirected. It is nearly impossible to keep track of all the bills, magazines, and statements that come in the mail and so it is fairly likely that you will miss at least one when changing your address. Once you get forwarded mail, be sure to contact the sender and let them know of your new address.

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