Make Your Own Laundry Soap and Save Money


Prices are going up

In this economy, finding ways to save money is important. Prices are up and likely to go up even more. It only takes a trip to the grocery store to confirm what most of us already know. Inflation is hanging over our budgets like a vulture.

You can make your own laundry soap

One way to save money is to make your own laundry soap. There are a lot of sites with recipes for doing this, and I am including a few in this article. My own recipe for homemade laundry soap is thus:

1 cup grated soap such as Fels Naptha or Ivory

½ cup Borax

1 cup baking soda

Mix well and use 2 tablespoons per load of laundry. Use ½ cup of white vinegar in your rinse cycle to remove soap film.

Most recipes call for washing soda rather than baking soda. However, I was unable to find it the first time I tried making my own laundry soap, so I substituted regular baking soda. I found it works quite well. I also found the soap was easy to grate using a cheese grater. It has a clean fresh scent and costs very little to use. I keep regular liquid laundry soap on hand for tough jobs, but I don’t know that I would need to. My homemade soap seems to work just fine and it saves a lot of money.

I am of the belief that it is the agitation of the washing machine, more than the soap used, that is responsible for the cleaning action. Therefore, much of the laundry soap used in the washing process is wasted anyway.

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Fawn 6 years ago

Great idea! My only problem is that I would never get back around to adding vinegar in the rinse cycle. I barely get around to doing laundry as it is!

angellove24 profile image

angellove24 6 years ago from United States, somewhere where the winters are nice and the summers are hot

cool idea I knew about making homemade soap but never heard of making homemade laundry soap

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