Make Your Vase Flowers Live Longer

Flowers, flowers, flowers, and more flowers.

We've all gotten flowers at some point, whether we put one, or a dozen in a vase, they died after just a couple of days or so. 

Flowers depends on photosynthesis to make food, so they need both water and sunshine. 

The following tips are guaranteed to help extend your flowers' "vase-life" by at least a week.  

Step 1: Sunlight

Make sure that your indoor flowers are near a window. Make sure that they get sunlight. 

This is probably the simplest and most common method to extend your flower's life. This should extend the flower's life by at least one day. 

Step 2: Make nutritious water

Here's the most vital part of this hub.

Make a solution out of the following common household ingredients:

In a quart of warm water add (1) teaspoon of sugar, (1) teaspoon of bleach, and (2) tablespoons of lemon juice. 

This solution is guaranteed to extend your flower's life by at least a week, if not more.


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