Want A Fun, New Kids' Craft? Make a "Memory Foam Mattress"!

Kids love crafts! And with the winter months there is nothing better to keep the little energy bunnies busy than a new craft. All kids love to mimic the adults in their lives by playing house, drinking pretend coffee, and driving cars. They will be enchanted with the prospect of making their very own doll-sized memory foam mattress bed!

Before you start there are a few supplies to make sure you have handy.

    * Plastic Cover for Table Top
    * Food Coloring - Not Mandatory, but Kids Like It
    * 1-3 Large Blocks of Packing Foam - The Type with Compressed Foam Balls
    * Large Mixing Bowl
    * Small Mixing Bowl
    * Glue - Regular Kid Glue is Perfect
    * Decide What to Use Memory Foam For!
    * Travel Pillow Cases - One for Each Memory Foam Bed
    * Disposable Pans with Sides One for Each Foam Bed - Get the Size You Want to Make the Foam Beds

One last thing before creating the memory foam, decide what to use it for. If you are working with little girls, they may like to make a bed for their baby dolls. Or boys may like to use it for a floor seat cushion. What seems to work best is to first plan the size, and then create the foam. This way you can mold and shape it to the foam bed size you need. Now get ready for fun!

1.       After laying down the floor or table cover, break apart the packing foam into chunks. Give each child a chunk to work on. The idea is to rub them apart to loosen the individual small foam balls. As they collect the balls, have them put them into the large mixing bowl. Kids love this part.

2.      Have the group decide on a color for the foam. You won't really see this unless you found see-through pillow cases, but its fun for the kids. Mix glue with the food color in the small bowl. You just have to eyeball the glue amount. You can always add more as you go along.

3.      Pour the glue mixture into the large bowl with the small foam balls. The less glue you add, the firmer the memory foam will be. Once you decide on a firm or soft mixture, let the thing sit for 30 min. at room temperature.

Once the memory foam mixture has set - give each child a disposable baking pan to mold their foam bed into. Once the desired shape is achieved you can then slide it into the travel pillowcases. One note: if this is used as a seat cushion, the shape will not hold. Decorate pillow cases before hand as an extra step if you want to make this a two-parter.

After the memory foam beds are made this is a perfect time to talk about the substance, and how it feels. Yes, the glue makes it a bit sticky, but have them notice how it mimics a big memory foam bed. Show them how it contours to the shape of their hands, feet or heads.

This is exactly why those of us who own a memory foam mattress love them. No springs poking into our tired backs. No lumps from the mattress. It's just pure, angelic foam that gently molds to the shape of our bodies. What makes the foam mold is our body heat, just as in the craft. As our body relaxes throughout the night, the foam bed continues to move and change with us, not fighting against us. Memory foam mattress beds are a true miracle for those with chronic back pain or sleep problems. It is well worth the time to test out a foam bed to see the difference for yourself.

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