Making the Most of Climate Controlled Storage

When you use a storage unit for your valuable goods, you can rest assured that they are safe from vandalism and theft. Keep in mind, however, that these are not the only threats your valuable goods face, whether in storage or not. Some items are particularly prone to the kind of damage that weather can cause; pictures and clothes are susceptible to moisture damage, while electronic items and musical instruments can be harmed in temperature shifts.

Many storage facilities offer options to overcome environmental problems. In particular, electing to use a climate controlled unit will mean your goods are safe from the elements. Air conditioning and heating systems allow for a constant temperature which preserves your valuable items from damage caused by temperature fluctuations.

Also aiding in the quest for constant temperature is the positioning of the unit. Ideally, your unit will be contained in a building that is totally finished. The double walls of both the individual unit and the building itself provide great protection against dust, pests, and offer further protection against unwanted human intruders.

All in all, using a climate controlled storage unit is a great option for anyone with items to store. You can further enhance your experience by using some of the tips we offer below.


The last thing you want is to have to drive for a long time in order to get to your belongings. Whether you are using your storage unit for office or home storage, make sure it’s easy to get to and easy to access.

Decide what you are storing

Obviously, not all stored goods will require climate controlled units. If you just want to put garden tools, seasonal equipment, bikes, and so on, away for the winter, they will store well. Items made from wood (pianos, guitars, and furniture) as well as electronics, however, need the advantages offered by climate control. Electronic data storage items including CDs and DVDs should also be stored in climate controlled units, as well as anything recorded on paper (including photographs and art).

Facility amenities

It’s important to remember to ask where your unit will be located. Unless your unit is on the first floor of the facilities, you will want to make sure the company has the equipment to aid you in loading stuff into the unit. Elevators, dollies, and lifts will all come in handy, and will save wear and tear on your back and feet!


Even the most secure, effectively controlled units can’t protect your goods from everything. Every once in a while, a storage facility will find itself having problems caused by excess rain or snow melt. Storing your boxes off the floor, on pallets made of wood or plastic, can keep both them and the items they contain safe from water damage. This will also help the functioning of the climate control systems, as circulation throughout the unit and around your goods becomes more efficient.

You should also make sure that your heavier items and boxes are stored below your lighter things. Should an earthquake occur, or if you haven’t packed the boxes exactly right, this will keep heavier items from causing damage to lighter ones if they fall.

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