Making the Right Choice In Bathroom Accessories

Why making the right choice is so important

You finally paid out a lot  of your hard-won dollars on an extremely stylish bathroom at last. That unsightly old suite is in the landfill siteand you’ll never have to never have to use that terrible mirror again. Life couldn’t be any sweeter in your new suite. But for all its elegantly sculpted lines and gorgeous taps, it might still feel  that something in the details is wrong. If so, it’s probably because you haven’t thought about your bathroom accessories.
But what do we mean by bathroom accessories?

Well, this is the catch-all term for the little things which perform practical bathroom functions. Soap dishes. Places to hang your robe. Shaving mirrors. Toothbrush holders. All distinctly unglamourous but necessary articles that you need to do those little thing like clean your teeth. Because of their humble nature, these are often forgotten when people are choosing the big-ticket items for their bathroom. Seduced by the cost of the bathroom suite, it’s difficult to get excited about a dressing gown hook.

However, the bathroom's overall look is greatly affected by these things. That expensive sink won’t look quite so expensive and luxurious with a shoddy soap basket and a cheap toothbrush holder balanced on it. And if your taps are beautiful retro designs, they won’t look as nice if your soap dispenser is as ugly as sin.

Some stylish modern bathroom accessories

A general holder for toothbrushes and the like is a very necessary part of any bathroom set up
A general holder for toothbrushes and the like is a very necessary part of any bathroom set up
This shaving mirror is simple and cool
This shaving mirror is simple and cool
A simple and elegant toilet brush holder would offset any modern setting
A simple and elegant toilet brush holder would offset any modern setting
This unusual hairdryer holder would suit a moden, design-conscious style
This unusual hairdryer holder would suit a moden, design-conscious style

Colour, Style and Functionality

So what things are you on the look-out for when picking out those all-important bathroom accessories? Perhaps the obvious defining factor is the colour. A lot of people don't think about it , but the bath manufacturers don’t get involved in the whole accessories side of the business. So unless you’re buying pure white, you might find it hard to get a colour that matches exactly. This is even more critical when it comes to the metal. Chrome fittings go with chrome accessories. I’ve lost track of the times that I’ve happened across a lovely bathroom with gold taps, where the whole look has been rendered pointless with the needless addition of brushed aluminium toothbrush holder.

After colour, there’s the actual aesthetic appearance of the bathroom accessories you’re buying. If your bathroom suite is very modern, with understated design elements, then don’t buy older, period fitting such as elaborately ornate shaving mirrors. These things don't sit well together and will spoil the overall effect you are trying to achieve.

Finally, your bathroom accessories are primarily there to perform a role. You might be tempted to skimp on a something to put your bars of soap on , remember that if it isn't up to scratch you’ll find yourself with unsightly smears everywhere. Your toilet brush isn’t just an object you put there to convince people that you are a demi-god of interior decor while they sit on the toilet – it has practical purpose, so don’t just think about its appearance. Durability is also an important factor. If you buy a lovely matching set of accessories, only to find that your towel rail breaks after a couple of months then you might have to buy a whole different set.
In the final analysis, buying bathroom accessories is something to treat more lightly than the care you took choosing your bathroom suite. By making a good decision, you’ll end up with the perfect bathroom.

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