Marble Floor Tiles and Natural Sandstones- Making Life with Lifeless Stones

Making Life with Lifeless Stones

The Earth has been boon on us in its own natural way Below the loose layer of sand, soil as well as broken rocks found on Earth are bedrock. Here we find minerals, rocks, stones, sand, crystal, soil, dirt etc. The geologists have come up with variety of rocks and stones which are formed inside the riverbed or by soil erosion. Few of them are natural sandstone, granite, slate, marbles, etc. They are widely used to create flooring materials; marble stone,sandstones are special flooring items. If you are looking for good flooring option, you can choose from among the list of elegant marble floor designs.

There are numerous of alternatives available to you to give your house or office a gorgeous look.

We have few listed for you convenience:

· Marble Stone

· Natural Sandstone

· Granite

· Natural slate stone

· Limestone

· Quartzite

Marble, Marble Patterns, Marble Floor Tiles:

Marble refers to a metamorphic rock containing carbonate minerals which are recrystallized, most commonly calcite. Marble refers to metamorphosed limestone. Marble is used commonly for flooring purpose and is very famous in the construction field. Marble floor tiles used in drawing rooms, bedrooms , living rooms etc. are comparatively economical than other flooring materials.

Marble tile flooring comes with a various options in terms of marble floor designs and are open to the customers to make their correct and feasible choice with respect to the color of marble stone.

Natural Sandstone:

Natural Sandstone is a sedimentary rock mainly composed of minerals or rock grains. Sandstone may be of any color, but commonly they come tan, brown, yellow, red, gray and pink, white. Sandstones are resistant to weathering.

Granite and Granite Floor Tiles:

Granite is a common and widely occurring igneous rock. Granites usually have a medium- to coarse-grained texture. Granites come in various colors, depending on their chemistry and mineralogy. With granite one can make granite tiles, granite floor tiles, granite countertop tiles, cut to size slabs, granite kitchen countertops, table tops, etc. Granites are hard and tough, and therefore it has gained widespread use as a construction stone.

Slate stone and Natural Slate Floorings:

Slate refers to a metamorphic rock derived from sedimentary rock composed of clay or volcanic ash Slate stone can be used for roofing and making natural slate floorings, tiles and other purposes. Slate is frequently grey in color. It can be found in many shades of grey, from pale to dark, and may also be purple, green or cyan. Natural Slate floorings are durable in nature hence can be used both in houses and for commercial purposes.

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