Maximizing Your Space with Storage


Extra space can seem to be hard to come by in many homes, which leads many people to explore budget self storage options. But generally, most homes contain little-used or poorly-used spaces that can actually provide a great boost to storage options. The key to finding storage solutions is not somehow finding more space, but using the space you already have more efficiently. By just adding a few pieces of furniture and thinking vertically, even smaller homes can store everything quite efficiently.

One often overlooked place that can provide a great amount of storage is the entryway or hallway of a home. A few pieces of furniture that fit very well in hallways are benches and buffets. These often function not only decoratively, but also contain storage space. Decorative coat racks or armoires can also fit into more open hallways and can free up closet space.

Another way to add budget self storage is to find sleeping options that do not function permanently as beds. There are essentially four kinds of beds that fit into this category: futons, daybeds, sleeper sofas or hide-aways, and Murphy beds. All of these options allow homeowners to have multi-functional rooms. Any of them are excellent options for a room that needs to be used as dual office and bedroom space. They also fit quite well into apartments that are one large room, or into loft-style homes. Game rooms and basements are also great for these pieces of furniture, as they can sleep guests when they need too but turn back into family rooms or sitting rooms later when the guests are awake. All of these options, though not directly related to storage, provide room for other pieces of furniture like entertainments centers and armoires that can provide storage options, and in general also make rooms feel more spacious.

Large bay windows can also provide an area for additional storage. Many homeowners already have a seating space built into the window and usually it opens up to provide storage underneath the seating. If you have a bay window without the seating/storage function, you can always inexpensively build and add a bench when the need for more storage arises.

In kitchens in particular, the key is to think vertically. Try to find as many options as you can that remove items from cabinets and put them somewhere else. Many homeowners install racks for pots and pans either in the center of the kitchen above an island or along the walls. This frees up space for more unsightly items like crockpots and toasters to be removed from countertops when not in use. Hanging wine glasses or dishtowels can also free up extra space in the cabinets. The same principle applies in the garage. Install a rack along the wall on which you can hang all of your long-handled tools like rakes and brooms, and thus leave space on the garage ledge for an extra refrigerator or a shelving unit.

Maximizing a small space

These are just a few ways to maximize storage space, creating function and staying cost effective. Learning how to recognize an available space that can be utilized is half of the battle in the war of gaining storage space.

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