McKenna Writing Desks

McKenna Writing Desks

McKenna writing desks are beautifully constructed writing desks finished in dark cherry. These desks are simple and lightweight. The shipping weight of these desks is less than 100 pounds. Though some assembly is required they are reasonably easy to assemble. Because they are small, lightweight, shippable and able to be taken apart they make good choices for children’s desks, dorm room desks, or office desks where space is at a premium and a simple writing desk will meet the requirements.

The McKenna writing desk measures about 46” in length, 22” in depth, and stands at a height of about 30 inches. It offers three drawers underneath the writing surface and four tapered legs. The finish of this desk is stained cherry. This desk is available from but is not available in Target retail stores. The price is $270 and it ships to all fifty states. It does not ship to Puerto Rico or APO boxes.

The only review for this item available at the time of this article did not bode favorable for the McKenna writing desk. According to the review the desk was damaged during shipping not once, not twice, but three times when the customer tried to buy this desk. Though Target has an excellent return policy and the desk is returnable to most Target stores, the fact that shipping damaged occurred three times does not bode well either for the durability of the desk or the quality of Target’s delivery service.

The McKenna brand might also be used in reference to a furniture company, McKenna’s Furniture Inc. McKenna’s is located in Orangeville, Ontario in Canada. According to their websites they are importers and distributors of antique reproductions, furniture, glassware, and cast iron home furnishings. New items are added to their inventory periodically.

It would be difficult to judge the quality of the McKenna writing desk on the strength of one review. For certain cherry wood makes for a beautiful desk. The desk weighs about 87 lbs making it very maneuverable and manageable. The desk size makes it ideal for a child’s desk or for a dorm room desk, and the price of the McKenna writing desk ($270) makes it affordable for anyone shopping for a desk on a tight budget.

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Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for your hub and they are beautiful.

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Hello, hello, 6 years ago from London, UK

Thank you for drawing our attention to it. They are beautiful.

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