Memory Foam Mattress Maneuverability

If you have heard a lot about the foam mattress trends out there and if you are thinking about picking up a foam bed or a foam topper, there are a number of things that you have to think about. Setting aside the concerns about cost and space, you should also think about how a foam mattress is going to affect the way that you sleep. Many people will turn to foam mattresses because they are sleeping poorly, but they do not think about how it is going to help them. If you are interested in purchasing a foam mattress, you are going to need to look at how it affects the way that you move.

In the first place, a foam mattress works through being responsive to your body heat. When you put heat and pressure on the foam, you will find that the foam sinks away from the pressure and compacts. The more pressure you put on it, the more it compresses. This leaves you lying in a depression that is suited to your body and that will hold you in a cradle that is shaped to your body and the way that you sleep. What this means is that your body is going to be better supported than it would on a normal spring mattress, and that it is going to lessen your need to turn around and to turn over.

source: ebay
source: ebay

When people turn over in their sleep, they are usually looking for a more comfortable position, or they are trying to find a way to sleep that does not make their body ache. Some people turn over all night long and find that in the morning, they are not well rested. A foam mattress can limit this activity or eliminate it entirely, but what if you are someone who is simply a naturally restless sleeper? If you are someone who finds that they do not like the idea of a bed that conforms to their body, there are still going to be some options open to you.

For instance, remember that the amount compacting and "cling" that you will get from memory foam mattress is going to be determined by the density of the memory foam and the quality of the foam itself. For instance, if you have a standard four pound memory foam mattress, you will find that it can cave under more pressure. The denser the foam is, the less likely it is that you will sink into it completely. In this fashion, you can decide what kind of mattress you want and what kind of sleep you want.

Remember that you should always try out a memory foam mattress before purchasing it. Wear shoes that you can slip out of when you go to the mattress store and lie down on the mattress in the way that you would when you go to bed. Testing the mattress is imperative, and when you love the idea of moving forward and making sure that you can get a good night's sleep, take the time to learn more about the way that memory foam works!

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Nirbahadur 23 months ago

Hi Lindsay and Amy,I really hope you reply even tohugh it has been 2 years since you\’ve posted on here… I\’m so glad to have found this site. My name is Nichole and I am almost 23 years old, I have suffered with NDPH since I was 16. I was a Sophomore in high school, it was near the end of 2006 when I got sick with bronchitis and the flu and coughed and coughed and noticed I had a really terrible headache with it. Once the sickness went away I noticed that the migraine, that pain in my head that had been so foreign to me prior to this, had not gone away, and still has not to this day… I had to be home schooled and quit all of my sports I was a part of… My \”friends\” went on with their lives and forgot about me while I had a constant 24/7 pain that I could not get rid of no matter how hard I tried or how much it killed me, physically and mentally. We began with Chiropractors, decompression machines, adjustments, etc. I traveled hours to probably 20 different Chiropractors that all said that they knew what I had and exactly how to treat it. I\’ve tried natural supplements, over the counter medications, 6 Occipital nerve blocks in the back of my head, massage, diets of no wheat, no gluten, no sugar, vegan only, all with no progress. My family understands the pain and how I can be \”ok\” one minute but then pick up something slightly too heavy, walk a little too fast, sit down a little too hard and I will have to be in my room with blankets over my windows and absolutely no sound because the pain is so unbearable. It is so frustrating because I too feel like a burden, like ok you have a headache so what? Why can\’t you stay out late or get up early or work long shifts or run around and be active? But it is so much more than a headache… It\’s become a way of life and although I think I handle it well I know that deep down I am depressed and deeply saddened by it because anytime I stop to think about it or talk to anyone about it I cry instantly. Lindsay, I too have tried the things you have with no help and at Cleveland Clinic where they did my nerve blocks they told me about the program where you stay there for an amount of time. My option they told me about when staying there was a few weeks, they would put me on all these medications and steroid medications, have physical therapy and counseling as well. They also said the FDA would soon be approving the Botox injections, I\’m sorry those did not help you either… NDPH has altered my life drastically, I can\’t work as much, I can\’t run around and just be free, I can\’t take a full load of classes at a time… Basically I just want to thank you for having this site Amy, it is really more helpful than you know, just knowing that I\’m not the only one to suffer from this and that I\’m not the only one that has this pain to think about every single second of every day…Bless you and bless all your readers, may you all find relief from the pain -Nichole

Jorja 23 months ago

You've got to be kidding me-it's so tranpsarently clear now!

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